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America on the Move
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For Families
Family Guide for children under eight    English pdf  English pdf |  Spanish pdf  Spanish pdf

If visiting the exhibition, print out this guide to help your child learn new skills of observation, reasoning, and creativity. These documents are in PDF format and require Adobe Acrobat Reader.

For Visiting School Groups

The Museum invites students to connect with people, ideas, and events of the past through an exciting array of standards-based programs. Visit the School Visits page for more information.

Self-Guide Activity Sheet for your class

If visiting the exhibition with your class, print out these self-guided tours that offer a game-like approach to exploring the exhibit. Students develop skills of map reading, observation, and analysis of primary-source materials to discover the role of transportation in the development of American communities, commerce, migrations, and immigrations. These documents are in PDF format and require Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Foods on the Move (elementary school)
explores the way we get what we eat
People on the Move (middle school)
explores immigration and migration
Businesses on the Move (middle school)
explores the relationship of transportation to the development of communities and commerce

For In-Classroom Learning

Classroom Activity Guide: A Transportation Journey through America
Download historical primary resource materials for your classroom accompanied by activities and projects. Adaptable for grades 4-11.

Electronic Field Trips

In two 30-minute shows designed for grades 4–8 and broadcast in the spring and fall of 2004, curators and students look at how immigration and migration impacted American history and at the role of various forms of transportation.

In the first show, “Migrations, Immigrations, and How We Got Here,” curators give a tour of the exhibition. In the second, “Creating Stories,” the curators share secrets of how they develop the individual stories presented in exhibitions. Then they help students who are creating their own family stories by analyzing objects, documents, and other resources.

After watching the field trips, all students will be able to research and create their own stories and images and e-mail them to the curators at Selected stories will appear in the Guest Curators area of this website’s Themes section.

Criteria for stories and images

Stories should be composed in Microsoft Word and should not exceed 500 words. Images of family objects and documents should be in JPEG format, approximately 800 pixels, and at 72 dpi. Image file size should be around 300k. By e-mailing images, permission is granted to publish them on this website.


Reading List

Consult the reading list for a bibliography of reading material related to the America on the Move exhibition.

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Visit the web links page for a list of related web sites and their related sections.

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