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Exploring the Sky

The sky’s the limit! Maria Mitchell was the first American woman to become a professional astronomer, back in the mid-1800s. Find out more about her story, the sky today, and the ways we explore the sky above us. Read more »

Summer Family Field Trips

Keep learning alive and get outside by taking a field trip in your community. The Field Trips page includes suggestions for finding educational adventures all around the country as well as tips for turning everyday locations into learning opportunities. Where will you go this summer? Find more »

Summer Family Field Trips

The Pueblo Indians of New Mexico have been living in the upper region of the Rio Grande River for more than 600 years. During that time, their way of life has been challenged many times, but they have managed to maintain their most basic beliefs and traditions. Learn more »

Make Your Own Summer Reading List

Pick a book from the OurStory bibliography to keep on learning throughout the summer. The books range from PreKindergarten to adult, so there is a book in the bibliography for every reader. Explore more »

OurStory is Going Strong!

OurStory and History Explorer are alive and well! The Thinkfinity Community is closing June 30, 2014, but History Explorer and OurStory will continue to offer FREE standards-based K-12 resources right here. Join our new conversation on Edmodo! Join now »

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