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An American Story in Song and Dance

Stretch out your body and tune your violin! Learn about how a dancer/choreographer, composer, and sculptor worked together to tell a beautiful story about American history! In 1943, Martha Graham, Aaron Copland, and Isamu Noguchi created Appalachian Spring, a ballet that told the story of an American pioneer community. Start Dancing »

Life on the Water

How are you connected to the water? The toys you play with, the food you eat, and the way you have fun depends on the men and women who work on America's waterways. Learn the story of a brave girl who worked in a lighthouse and explore the water near you. Learn More »

First Lady for the Environment

Think warm thoughts of spring with the story of Lady Bird Johnson, wife of former president, Lyndon B. Johnson. As first lady, Lady Bird Johnson encouraged Americans to protect the environment and beautify their communities. Read Lady Bird’s story, then explore ways you can continue her legacy! Read more »

Winning the Vote for Women

Who gets to vote in elections? The answer to this question has changed over the course of American history. Explore the story behind the 19th Amendment, which guaranteed the right to vote for women in America. Exercise Your Rights »

Books About Women

March is Women’s History Month! OurStory’s Find Books tab includes 81 recommended books about women’s history. Whether you’re looking for a book for your kindergartener, middle schooler, or for your own reading, check out the search results for “Women’s history.” Find books »

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