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Money Makers

Meet Pauline and John-John, two kids who decide to spend a snowy winter's day setting up a lemonade stand. As they spend and make money, you will learn how to count coins into dollars and think about how businesses can attract customers – even when it's cold outside! Check out some of the additional activities to learn more about the history of money and business in the United States. Start counting »

Students Sit for Civil Rights

How would you feel if laws decided where you could eat or go to school based only on the color of your skin? Just over 50 years ago, four African American college students challenged racial segregation by sitting down at a "whites only" counter lunch counter at Woolworth’s in Greensboro, N.C.  Find out about their story and explore fun family activities. Learn more »

A Letter to Abraham Lincoln

Have you ever thought about writing to the President? Well 11-year-old Grace Bedell did. She wrote to Abraham Lincoln and asked him to make a change.  Read Mr. Lincoln’s Whiskers and explore her actual letter to find out what happened. Read more »

Life in a Sod House

Before the 1860s, most of the people living on the Great Plains were Native Americans. In 1862, Congress passed the Homestead Act, allowing men or women who were 21 years old or older to "stake a claim" to 160 acres of land. Homesteaders agreed to build a home within six months and then live there for the next five years. Learn more »

Get Cozy with a Good Book

When the weather outside is frightful, a book can be delightful! Find historical fiction and nonfiction book recommendations from our staff on the Find Books page. We have over 200 books listed for all reading levels. Start reading »

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