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Duke Ellington and Jazz

April is Jazz Appreciation Month! Meet Edward "Duke" Ellington, one of America's most famous jazz musicians. Get acquainted by reading Duke Ellington: The Piano Prince and His Orchestra, then explore jazz history through crafts, video, and music clips. Start the Music»

A Letter to Abraham Lincoln

Have you ever thought about writing to the President? Well 11-year-old Grace Bedell did. She wrote to Abraham Lincoln and asked him to make a change.  Read Mr. Lincoln’s Whiskers and explore her actual letter to find out what happened. Learn More »

Great Women of Our Pasts

Explore the women in your family this spring.  Have you ever thought about the women who shaped your life today? The sacrifices they’ve made, the obstacles they overcame, or the memorable times in history they lived through? Explore the women in your family or community who have made an impact on who you are today. Read more »

Discover and Protect Nature

Are you green? Many experts say today’s environmental movement might never have started without the work of one scientist and writer—Rachel Carson. Find out more about her story by reading Rachel Carson and Her Book That Changed the World, and explore nature near you. Read Outside »

Pueblo Pots

The Pueblo Indians of New Mexico have been living in the upper region of the Rio Grande River for more than 600 years. During that time, their way of life has been challenged many times, but they have managed to maintain their most basic beliefs and traditions. Read More »

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