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very moving.

Mat Philips
The distressing injustice done to the Japanese people during WWII reminds me, yet again, to what extraordinary 'length's' politicians (or others)
will go to for -power.

Sabiha Ahmed
It is very sad when we react out of fear without thinking of the consequences for the vast majority who is totally innocent and as horrified, or even more so fearing a retalliation of a similar kind. Of course the first response is great fear and a deep sense of panic and insecurity, but, this is the time when the substance we are made of is put to the test. I am an American, this is my home, it is not perfect, but show me a place on earth that is. We are all trying to make this country the best home it can be for all of us. In our diverse heritage and our common loyalty to America lies our strength and our richness. Let us join hands and celebrate this.

Forgive the cross posting, but reading some of the postings amaze me at the fact of how ignorant some people are even 60 years later... Fact number one, about 2/3 of the individuals interned in to the camps were AMERICANS BORN HERE IN THE USA! Please don't use the "J" word... it is about as demeaning as the "N" word. And as for the other 1/3... they were barred by US laws preventing them from becoming US Citizens.
Calling them "Jxxs" is a mindset that states that because they look different and practice different customs, they must be foreigners! Wrong, they were predominantly AMERICAN BORN Citizen's who had their Constitutional and Civil Rights stripped away from them due to War Hysteria.... that is what this web site is for... to educate you into realizing what dangers Racism and hysteria can cause when we wholesale blame an ethnic group for events.

Amber Parish
This website is very helpful about learning about pearl harber. If someone wanted to learn about the attack then they would be able to find out alot about it. It shows alot about what happened and what it did to people and there families.

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