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Ashley H.
I didn't really know much about Pearl Harbor besides the bombing and everything. I didn't know about what happened to the Japanese. I think that it is very sad about what happened to them. I didn't realize what they went through. I think that this website was a great place to learn about everything that happened and I learned a lot from here.

Shawna Norman
This web site is a great one to learn about the WWII, and about what we did the Japanese Americans. It was wrong, because I think that they did not know what was going on. Altought some of the Japs live in the United States for a long period of time and some for a short time, doesn't mean that they knew that Japan was going to bomb Pearl Harbor.

This site is very helpful in understanding that the Japs were taken from their rights and also the fourth, and fourteenth amendments which I see unfair. It also showed the racsim against the Japs in America which reminded me of how the blacks were treated during slavery times.

This site was very helpful for me to understand more of what went on after the attack of Pearl Harbor. I see how the[y] ... actually felt in this time of being treated poorly. I'm thankful to see this site and to just see some of the things that happened and what the people had to say.

I really liked this website compared to all the other boring ones. This one had more than just a big story to read and expect to us to realize how the[y]... actually felt. It's really helpful to hear actual people that experienced it talk about what happened. This website covers facts [...] that I've never seen or heard before. This is a great site.

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