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The images on this site speak volume where words cannot, and remind us that we can never, ever let something so horrible happen again.

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I think that this was a horrible act. It was quite racist and against God's good will. Only if they would have been worried on concentrating on the world instead of the Japs in our country this wouldn't have happend. It just makes you realize what they went through.

THIS IS HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have been very moved and inspired by this site. I am teaching English with the JET program at 3 different Japanese high schools in Yokohama, Japan. I plan on using what I have learned from this site for a lesson plan about Japanese Americans for my students. I am a white American and I will marry a Japanses man in a few months. My experience in Japan has been overwhelmingly positive, but not everyone has been thrilled about my choice to marry a Japanese. Most people have been, but I still face a lot of stares and prejudice. Chinese and Korean residents of Japan also face prejudice. I love Japan and have learned so much from many people's love, strong work ethic, family loyalty and spirit here in Japan. I want to teach my students about Japanese-Americans' struggle to instill a sense in them that racism is wrong and hurtful under any circumstances. I recently taught a lesson plan about Martin Luther King, Jr. and almost none of the students knew who he was. Well, at least I am here to tell them. It excites me to improve the future by allowing my students to learn from the mistakes in history.

This website is an excellent representation of what really went on during WWII. When you look throught the eyes of American history they glorified what happened, when it should have been seen for what it actually was... pure ignorance and hatred. Lately I have almost all loss of hope towards the human race... and some of these people posting give me the slightest bit of hope for a better tomorrow. Thank you

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