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This website is an excellent way of spreading racial awareness. I am glad to see that even today, our society's youth are learning more and more about past mistakes and how we can prevent things such as war. The internment camps are one of the saddest things to learn about, but it is mandatory that we acknowledge them and mourn for all those that died because of this.

Tis website is great. I believe this website demostrates exactly how it was for them back then and what they went through. i especially enjoy the pictures because it makes you see in their faces how they felt during that time and at the camp. This website should be looked at by everyone and learned from by everyone.

I am a Junior and in Japanese Class. I think that it is so horrible that families had to leave precious heirlooms and sometimes animals that were very important to them, had to be left behind. It is a shame that such a thing had to happen, to degrade and tear apart human beings like this. Hopefully this will never happen again.

This is a great website covering many different topics about this touchy subject of American History. Most people know what happened during this time, but most don't know the stories of the people who went through this experience.

Japanese oppression is one of the less-renowned occurrances during World War II. I believe that it was a very depressing and degrating action towards the Japanese people, and the passage of Exclusion Orders was very ethnocentric. Overall, this was a very inspiring website...

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