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Jennifer H.
I think it is commendable of the Smithsonian to create this web version of their museum exhibit. I have seen the exhibit in DC and am very impressed with it--it's powerful and important and it encourages me to think that perhaps we will educate ourselves in order NOT to repeat the mistakes of our past.

I'm a little upset by how the first person responded. Michael said that the japanese american internment was "a perfectly reasonable reaction to a cowardly and evil attack. Remember Pearl Harbor!"

First of all, the internment of Japanese Americans was an equally cowardly and evil attack. We did not similarly intern anyone with German heritage.

Did we intern anyon from the British Empire during the Revolutionary War? Who would there have been to fight! One must remember that the United States is a nation of immigrants. All of us horrible in some small part for perpetrations against the race of men, i.e. indians, africans, and minorities of every kind.

There was an ecnomic component in the relocation of the Japanese Americans which you seemed to have ignored and I wonder why. It is well documented. Calculated greed was a motivatior for some California politians, businesses and individuals who were urging the relocation. It would be interesting if the profiteers who bought Japanese American farms, businesses, houses, and land for pennies on the dollar, had to return them to their owners.

A perfectly reasonable reaction to a cowardly and evil attack. Remember Pearl Harbor!

This is more proof that America is not all it is cracked up to be.

Many ethnic groups have faced discriination in America - not only the Japanese. This is because of fear and hysteria. This is happening today.

We, the people of America must work together to keep this from happening ever again.

I enjoyed this exhibit, thanks : )

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