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Internment Stories found 18 stories, showing stories 6-10

Patrice McCoy
I am glad to see that children are using this Web site for information. I am the Great Niece of Mary Tsukamoto. I am speaking at our local Middle school on this subject.

Jessie and Megan - 7th graders
We liked this website because it showed people's lives in the camps and included a lot of things you might not have known. We truly recommend this site for research.

Suzanah and Evie - 7th graders
We think it was unfair that 110,000 people went into the camps when the US government wasn't even sure who had helped the Japanese bomb Pearl Harbor. It was frightening the conditions they lived in when they were innocent.

Xin and Jessica - 7th graders
We thought it was unfair that the Japanese Americans had to live behind barbed wire and be watched by armed guards like criminals. America should be ashamed of the stupid idea of putting them in internment camps when some of them had been living here 30 years!

Kevin and Dimitri - 7th graders
We admired the Japanese Americans for making the best out of a bad situation - like playing sports and having dances. They were strong people to do what they did.

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