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Never Again? found 30 stories, showing stories 6-10

Great job!Thank you. Did you know that Justice White said his vote on the Supreme Court case which allowed this violation of the Bill or Rights for American Citizens, based on 'the war powers act' was a "mistake" and he regreted it?

I think that the Japanese Americans were forced into concentration camps because they were a part of Japanese ancestry. The American Government thought that Japanese would try to bomb the Americans again. The American Government had to force the Japanese Americans into concentration camps. Maybe the American Government sent them their because they thought it would be safer.

Robby S.
I think that being an American citizen means that you can speak your mind and talk about what you think is wrong with freedom of speech. Being an American also gives you the right to vote. We have the right to worship and chose our own religion or beliefs. The right to publish magazines, newspapers, and books is the freedom of the press. Being free is also a privilege we have being an American.

Patrick S.
Some comparisons have been made from September 11th and Pearl Harbor. One comparison is that each one brought us into a war. Another comparison is that both events we lost about as many lives. But there are some differences like one war was against terror but the other war was between many nations. Another difference is that September 11th we didnít know who it was but Pearl Harbor we knew it was the Japanese. Those are some comparisons and differences of Pearl Harbor and September 11th, 2001.

Dale E.
I think we forced the Japanese Americans into concentration camps because we thought they were also going to attack us. After the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor the Americans probably thought Japanese Americans were going to help their ancestors. The Americans probably decided to take no chances with the Japanese Americans and put them in concentration camps. The Americans gave Japanese American men a chance to go to the U.S army or go back to the camps. A lot of the Japanese American men wanted to go to war instead of staying in the camps and a lot of the men wanted to stay in the camps rather then going to war and maybe die. Finally the Japanese Americans were aloud to go home and be free again.

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