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Robby W.
I think to be an American citizen means having the right to be free. To be free means not to be a slave. America is a place where we have the right to vote for our President. Americans are treated right. We also have religous freedom. I like to be an American.

Chelsea D.
We have rights that other countries donít. For example, we have the right of living where we want to live. Unlike in other countries we can do things we want to do without somebody telling us we canít, unless of course itís your parents. We can go to school and other countries canít. We can vote and elect our leaders but other countries have to deal with the leader they are given. You see we all like our freedom and other countries want freedom. Some countries infact are very jealous of our freedom. That is why September 11th happened. We are very proud of our freedom and we want to keep it that way. That is what being an American means to me and it is very important. It was not fair to the Japanese because of the way we treated them. Think about it, we put them in camps and no matter how old you were our soldiers would shoot them if they tried to get out of the fence. We were very mean to them and IĒm sure the American soldiers who fought in WWII that are still alive feel very bad about it.

Cody S.
To be an American means to have freedom of speech, free rights, and The rest of the rights in the Bill of Rights to do what you want in side the rule. Americans should not get locked away without a chance to prove their innocence. You can marry whom ever you ever you choose as long as they want to marry you. Noone can run your life because it is your life. The government doesnít have that much power.

Jayme A
I think being an american citizen means that you need bravery, confidence, pride, and be proud of your self and your country that you are fighting for! You have to be confident just like our american troops. They had to be confident, but what made them brave was the great american people that we have today. We cheered and yelled for our troops. We didnít have to hang those yellow bows but we did because we were supporting troops and loses that people had! That is what being a good citizen means!

Caitlyn P
Being an American means many things to me. It means freedom to do things while some people donít. While in World War II, many people couldnít do many things. It makes me wonder if I were born during that time. What could I do then? Nothing much, just in case the war was in the area I was in. Now, I can do many other things than what people did in World War II. Now what we all need is World Peace, which could only take a miracle to have. Another things being an America means is being able to GO places while some canít. So, being an American is basically an honor to be able to do things. Other things include liberty and not having to worry about what anyone thinks...

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