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With the events that occurred on September 11th and along with the attack on Pearl Harbor, I would have to say that these were both inhuman, cruel acts. The fact that we didn't know this was coming makes it scary to think that national security is being done tightly. My opinion on this topic stands very strong. Through the tragic attack on Pearl Harbor, its hard to believe that we did not learn anything and something like this has happened again. Are we not paying any attention? Although we may have not had any control over this, I feel that we should have seen it coming. Many countries are threatened by the United States and feel that we bully them. In this case how come we didn't see that these attacks were coming? When it comes to war, countries talk to each other giving warnings and demands. However with the attacks on Pearl Harbor there were no warnings or demands, just a jealous country with hatred on their minds. They felt that what we had was to good, and they couldn't be a part of it So instead of talking they simply decided to try to take us off the map. They were overcome by ignorance. Ignorance of, taking what they have for granted. Greed can play a lot on people or a country. It is obvious due to the outcome that these attacks came with much planning and thought. With this, they never tried compromise. Only plan death of innocent lives due to hatred.

W. Page
At times I'm extremely proud to be an American. But at other times, I'm very ashamed. We need to be the best citizens we can, let our representative in government represent our views. We are all responsible for whatever happens to us as a nation. Our history is like life, with to be learned from it. We are less than animals if we do not.

M. D.
We all hear about the tragic lives of the past such as Pearl Harbor, the catholic violence in England/ Ireland, the ... murders in Middle Eastern countries. September 11 showed us a brief imagine of what those diminutive disputes have become. I grieve for all the people killed in September as the people grieved after Pearl Harbor. The actions of our country almost mirror those of 1941, tis a pity we haven‘t learned anything since then. For various people fail to comprehend that we as a nation are not ideal or without its plights. Whenever we may stand in security we will always have those who would rather pillage than look upon in awe. In this aspect we must recoil in impugning all that may come from that country or race/ethic group. If we attack those who have done nothing then we are no better then the ones who attacked us. For being an American means to have freedom, respect, and the right to stand up to terrorism. To capture the terrorist and keeping face; we must keep within our first law and precedence. To insure all that we come to take for granted such as speech or religion. America a country so young; has already made hasty mistakes those they later regret. Why not learn from the past and find the true treasure. Justice is something that is painstakingly hard to find and even harder to keep. But we must keep sight of it or what are fighting for then?

I don't necessarily compare the two events as much as I compare the general feelings towards Arab Americans and Asian Americans after both events. My daughter told me how her friends teased and ridiculed a fellow student in her school because he wore a turban, and that some of the kids were picking on him. I immediately got upset at her and made sure she knew that it was wrong, and that I wouldn't put up with it. I explained that her grandparents were subjected to the same teasing and terrible people who had the audacity to say we weren't American. This is the only time I feel ashamed to call myself American, and associate myself with those that inflicted pain on innocent people who had NOTHING to do with what happened on 9/11. Haven't we learned anything from history?

6th Grade Student in Ohio
In our school, we are learning about Japanese Internment.
I never knew that they were actually concentration camps in U.S. When we did the researches on the Japanese Internment, there weren't many books and it was really hard. I think we Americans don't understand the fact that what we did in the past is wrong. I think the most important thing we learned from the WW2 is when the terrorists attacked us on Sep. 11, we didn't put all people from middle east into a shelter surrounded by the barbed wires. That is why we learn history, not to make same mistakes in the past.

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