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Never Again? found 30 stories, showing stories 11-15

I think that the Japanese Americans were sent to concentration camps because the Americans were scared they were going to come and kill us. So, our goverment came and locked them up. Then we put them in Consentration camp were they were locked up. We thought it was better but the Japanese didn’t. So after they did all this about 40 years later we acknowledge what we did and that it was wrong. So now the Japenese people and have their freedom.

Gretchen W.
I think Japanese Americans were put into concentration camps because people were scared and being small minded. To round up an entire race is almost as bad as what Hitler did to the Jewish people. Many of the ‘evacuees’ were american citizens, but they still had everything taken away from them. Only just recently people have gotten things back that they lost during the war. Living conditions were very bad and I do not think it was right for the president to have them put into camps. He had then Japanese Americans put in concentration camps because of the war and the bombs.

Dennis S.
Japanese Americans were put in concentration camps during WW2 because other Americans and the government didn’t trust them. They were afraid of them. The Japanese were Americans and it was evil to look at them any differently. And after 40 years the government finally acknowledged during the war that it was wrong.

Nathan A.
I think the Japanese Americans were forced into concentration camps because the Govenment thought that they were contacting the Japanese about when the right time it is to attack. Also they could be shipping bombs into America. Some of them could be spies. Some of them could be Japanese troops. Some of them could be traitors.

This material was frightening to say the least.

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