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Danielle B
To be an American you have to have pride in your country. You donít go against the president or what he says. If your country is in war you should support it. You donít get mad at what your country does because you donít like everything itís doing. if your country is fighting then you should be trying to help, not trying to discourage the troops. To be an American you have to be kind to one another. You should not steal or murder but help each other.

s yasutake
I find the "Reflection" part very interesting. When I read the "citizenship" part, I thought that this part of the web site needs an explanation about citizenship. People do not think about citizenship or what citizenship means unless they live outside of the country. Citizenship is a legal matter. It is not a romantic notion. I will be happy to see a little explanation about how people become Americans.

To be an American means giving up your "freedom" and to succumb to American propaganda, as a brainwashed fool.

To be an American means giving you your "Freedom" to do what ever you want within the laws of this land.

I think to be an American Citezen means to be Loyal to this Country and be a good friend to America. Thats what I think it means to be an American Citizen.

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