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Security vs. Liberty found 24 stories, showing stories 11-15

What is the point in living if we have no rights? I mean, once the government feels it is nessassary, it will take away all rights and greatly d[i]minish the American quality of life. What is the use in living if you can't enjoy life? If you are no longer free?

The thing is, if national security doesn't take presidence over individual rights, then there will be no rights. If the United States doesn't look to national security first, then sure, for a very brief period there will be unlimited rights and such, but there will be even more dangerous things once that period is over that will threaten out society. Once the government is no longer protecting us as much as they can, then we become an open target for any terrorist out there that wants to bite a huge chunk out of the US. There really no choice to make, if given the choice between safety adn a few luxuries, which do you choose? The only just thing to choose would be safety, not to mention moral. And, to add to it, once the immediate threat on national security is gone, then the rights will be returned.

The attacks on September 11, 2001 did much more than just destroy the World Trade Center and end many American lives. It turned this country back into a paranoid nation willing to sacrifice individual rights to make themselves feel better about living in this country. The Red Scare during the Cold War put more than 200 Americans on the stand and branded them as Communists and subversionists. Although Bush did not initiate those "witch hunts" again, he has stepped over and sometimes ignored the constitutional rights given to us by our founding fathers. The internet has been watched by the FBI's Carnivore program, and massive airport searches have been made to attempt to prevent terror acts once again from our nation's airports. This has spent massive amounts of money and has apparantly stopped all terrorist acts from being made. But I can also claim that a common rock can repel tigers; obviously the rock cannot do such a thing but do you see any tigers around LA or New York? The US has recieved many threats since Sept. 11 but none of these acts have been carried out. These are just empty threats that we are reacting to like it was a nucleur bomb threat. So the US should not sacrifice constitutional rights that have been given to us to further our national security. If a group is bound and determined to harm or in any way damage the US, then they will find a way. We should focus on being the nation we were before these terrorist attacks; people oriented, just, and focused on personal rights and freedoms of the people.

would you rather we left things as they were and kept ourselves vulnerable to attack

Our country is the easiest country to get into as an immigrant. Even people from other countries are telling us this. Almost anyone is allowed to enter, as long as they have a passport. If we, as a country, want to be safe, we need to increase security on immigrants, and I don't mean security as in some security guard flashing you over with a metal detector at the airport...I mean we need to have more security for people that come to visit or to live here in the U.S. More reliable background checks would be a good start. We need to stop letting just anyone come into our country and do as they please. When our government doesn't know if persons coming from foreign countries are planning to bomb us, or if they're just here to live a decent life, it shows that there is a serious loop hole in our nation's security, which needs to be filled. Although it's not necessary to ban everyone coming in and out of our country, it would be a relief to everyone if the U.S. government would be more strict on who they allow to enter our country. This should not effect current U.S. citizens that have lived in this country their entire life, however, because most terrorists come from other countries who hate, or strongly dislike, our country for various reasons. Since there were a few people that had lived in the U.S. their entire life and turned around and suddenly became terrorists, we also need more security on the inside of our country. If we want to be safe, we all need to give a little to get what is important to continue living under our nation- security. It's a good idea to have programs that would more strictly monitor any suspicious actions from U.S. citizens, but we also need to realize that these programs should not be abused. If people are not doing anything that will incriminate them, they should not mind the government monitoring them slightly as a security precaution.

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