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Japanese Americans were rounded up after Peral Harbor and held without a jury trial, one man until 1949! Japanese Banks were closed and many Japanese bank accounts were frozen. Muslin Americans were picked up and are still held without a jury trial. Some Muslin American bank account were frozen. C-9 LA,CA viewers responded to a question, "Should Muslin Americans be incarcerated like Japanese Americans during WW II? 60% no and 40% yes. We have not learned musch in 60 years. What a pity for anyone different!

There is a major diff. in 9/11, we were attacked by a group of people who deserve what they got in full swing. but in world war 2, were were attacked by a nation, that was deceived, but the cursed Al-Qaeda, weren't deceived.they knew what they were doing.

Maj. Gen. Howell
I have no real sympathy for those [whose lives] were ruined during the time of war, except for those American lives. We as American people and citizens should not reflect upon the past with sympathetic feelings. But yet feel proud that there are men and women serving our country with a sense of urgency and tenacity. If everyone could understand what really happend on that tragic day of Sept. 11 then no one would be let down. Our country has endured through great losses but yet we are still the Greatest nation in the world. Don't be let down by foolish pride, but be proud of our country the United States of America.

Tiffany Coomer
Before this lesson I didn;t know much about Pearl Harbor besides alot of people were killed in the bombing. I can;t imagine anything like that happening again. September 11 was bad enough. I feel Pearl Harbor should have never happened. I know we had problems with the Japenese but we could of worked them out and prevented all this from happening. It probable just the same amount of fault toward us and them. Both were in fault and we need to remember that and end discrimination in all. I know people think we have gotten over it. But its not. As far as us keeping them in "relocation camps". We were no better that the Germans when something similar to the Jews. I believe that Americans got that idea from the Germans and we should be ashamed.

I think that these events were different because we didn't intern Asians after September 11. I am glad of that

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