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pat mumford
This information has been very useful in helping my students study history. We hope that on the brink of war, it will help us know how to react in the future. I admire those who are willing to share their stories. Thank you!

The information given from this website is very interesting.I never knew I can learn so much.

Maurice and Stephen - 7th graders
We thought that putting the Japanese American people in the internment camps was for a good cause and we had to do it, but now we see it differently.

Latoyia and Destiny - 7th graders
We thought it was fascinating that at the internment camps they educated the children.

Allicia, Ting, Rebecca - 7th graders
What happened to the Japanese Americans after Pearl Harbor was a terrible misjudgement on the part of the US government. There is nothing that can be done now to change the past, except making sure it never happens again. America stands for freedom and when that happened, everything America stood for was broken.

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