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Never Again? found 30 stories, showing stories 16-20

I think it is already happening again, there is hate within our own country after September 11th. What will determine whether or not it will happen again is if we speak up for each other and stay together as a nation. I think we need to in order for it to not happen again, because we are living in fear that anyone with a beard and a turban is a terrorist and not realizing that they too are Americans and have the same rights as anyone else. We are mistreating them the same as we did to the Japanese-Americans when the Pearl Harbor attacks occurred, it is not fair to hate someone because of their own believes. America is known for being so diverse; everybody is so different so why should we discriminate against a certain group of people or anyone for that matter? History does repeat itself I think in most cases we do learn from it though, so more people are aware that it was a mistake to put them in internment camps so something that serious probably will not happen to people who might suspect to be terrorists.

American living in Britain
It's ironic that the U.S. comprises of people of diverse ethnic origins, and yet, its citizens fear 'outsiders' as much as the people who would hate their country. It seems that the government would prefer to encourage discord rather than understanding of it's so called enemies. Oh yes, it could happen again.

I'm sorry to say that it has already happened, and pretty much by the book. I feel that by making a list of names of people that could be possible terrorists has copied what they did to the japanese. They also collected people and held them with out trial and could still be holding them with out using our justice system to rightly investigate each person. Another thing is that everyone is scared and worried just like after pearl harbor. there are definite relationships between feelings and responses of September 11 and the internment camps and the decisions leading up to them.

desmond johnswood
The american people are so isolated from the rest of the world that they don't realise what other nations think of them. So when something happens it comes as a big surprise. I think they need a better understanding of world feeling to stop this happening again.

M. Renee
I believe that internment happens when one believes they have reason to believe that the other is not trustworthy enough. They may feel afraid of what the other may do. Fear can push people to do crazy things.

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