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Never Again? found 30 stories, showing stories 21-25

Dani Maloy
Yes it can happen again and it did. It happened after the September 11th attack. This time instead of Japanese, it was Muslims. We feared for the safety of our country. It happened because we had open borders and our agencies were not effective managing who enters this country. Perhaps if improvements are made it will not happen again.

Michael Freyvogel
it is shocking at the similarities within the government of the US at the time of WWII and the Nazi regime in Germany, how both used propaganda and the publics own views of safety to lure their subject (Jews or Japanese -Americans) into a realm that prevented them from "interfering with policy or peace in the area. The united states used the same tactics in many manners yet we decided to not take it as far as the Germans (thank the lord!). What would have happened if instead of the germans being crushed in the war it was the US being dominated by the Japanese. Would the Jews have been spared in Europe and would their be no japanese americans left to tell their story of internment. It is shocking also to realize how this subject has had the tendency to be swept under the carpet in recent schooling i have received.

Linda Hernandez
I believe that the Japanese internment happened because of our ignorance and hysteria. After the terrorist attack on Sept. 11th the hysteria is back but against muslims. My grandson is part Japanese and his grandmother on his mothers side was born in an interrment camp in 1943. They were at Santa Anita racetrack living for awhile then sent elsewhere. Even if a person had a small percent of Japanese they were interned. It could have been my grandson.

8th Grade Student from Texas
This whole Internment Camp is really sad that we could ever have done such a thing. I was never taught about the Internment Camps of the Japanese... and no wonder why. America is ashamed. But, you can be ashamed of something you did, and yet still do it again. I wouldn't doubt that in 1,000 years or 3 years it WILL happen again. Once again we will be ashamed of what we did, but we did it, and we'll do it again. I can't remember where I heard this but someone said that a disaster will strike and we will be pained and another disaster will strike once we forget the pain. The U.S. isn't teaching students about anything but what the German's did, and so, the disaster of the internment camps will strike again.

April Bass
It could happen again. The philosphy upon which our nation is founded is all well and good, but the fact is that our nation is run by people. Humans all too often let their fears and/or bigotry control their actions. We have a history of being nastier to those we can point to and say you look different. To think that the right "fear invoker" would not produce another knee jerk response is to ignore human fraility. Having said that, I will admit that we do try harder not to give in to fear. But I still keep one eye open.

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