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Security vs. Liberty found 24 stories, showing stories 21-24

Our founding fathers demanded certain freedoms be guaranteed within the articles of the bill of rights These days the government insists we check our civil liberties at the door of every airport and public place in America. Police and the military remind us that if we don't like it and we protest then we will be ejected or even jailed. Sounds more like a police state instead of the free country America used to be.

It is of concern that no longer can we consider citizens as being "safe" members of our society - global society that is - I am not from America nor do I live there. It is a fact these days, as has been in the past, that individuals can and have opted to align themselves with opposing philosophy, doctrine, social perspective and religious beliefs commonly held in their own countries. Citizens are compromised by their own thought processes, greed, jealousies, insecurities, ideological arguments. Why then should we limit ourselves to only a racially determined segments of the population, when we are discussing security?? Think about the politicians who take bribes, the policemen who are bribable, doctors who take the odd back handers...people, yes who can live with them? Who can exist without them?

I am 100% in agreement with nishi. anyone(race, color, religion ,ethnicity) can compromise our national security and it would be a narrow view to racially profile a segment of the population, when in fact there are
anti-government militias, sepratists, individuals or orginizations who would cause harm to our country, wether foriegn or domestic

If civil liberties of American citizens are to be compromised for national security, each citizen should be compromised, not just some racially profiled segment of the population.

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