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Old Jack in the Last Agony and the Fox Caught in a Rat Trap.

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Date made: 1837
Maker: Robinson, Henry R.; Clay, Edward Williams
Place: New York, New York
Image size: Image: 10 5/8 x 16 5/8 in.; 26.9875 x 42.2275 cm
ID number: DL*60.3405
Negative number: 2003-19857


Black and white print; caricature of Andrew Jackson as a donkey, lying down, stretched out under a copy of "The Globe." A priest holds a crucifix and a candle above him and is performing the Last Rites. There are candles burning at both his head and feet, and an upside down flag flies in the left background. An image of a demon is in the clouds in the upper right. Chained to his left foot is a caricature of Martin Van Buren, in the form of a fox, howling that he has been trapped, while his tail is caught in a large animal trap (not a rat trap as the title suggests.) In the trap is a parcel labeled "Whig Bait." Dialog and additional phrases appear on the print.