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Let Every One Take Care of Himself

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Date made: n.d.
Maker: Imbert and Company
Place: New York, New York
Image size: Image: 10 x 15 1/2 in.; 25.4 x 39.37 cm
ID number: DL*60.3411
Negative number: 2003-19897


Black and white print, caricature of Andrew Jackson as an ass or donkey, kicking up his heels in a barnyard around 14 little chicks. In the left foreground, Francis Preston Blair, as a dog lies stretched out over a copy of "The Globe. A caricature of Martin Van Buren, in the form of a fox, appears to be stalking the mother hen which is labeled "U.S. Bank." In the left background five dogs, each representing a different Democaratic newspaper in the "collar presses," are chained together. Major Jack Downing, in the form of a rooster, sits on the fence in the background. Dialog and additional phrases appear on the print.