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New Edition of Macbeth. Bank-Oh 's! Ghost.

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Date made: n.d.
Maker: Robinson, Henry R.; Clay, Edward Williams
Place: New York, New York
Image size: Image: 9 1/2 x 16 in.; 24.13 x 40.64 cm
ID number: DL*60.3427
Negative number: 2003-19874


Black and white print. Caricature of Andrew Jackson dressed like an old lady in stars and stripes standing with a large bowie knife at his waist and his arm around Martin Van Buren. Van Buren is pulling away from Jackson but also backing up from a figure labeled "the ghost of commerce" on the far right, who is being strangled by specie circular and holds notes indicating several failed banks. On the other side of the table, seated, are two gentlemen; the one with the mint julep in his hand, tall white hat, and cigar is his mouth is suppose to represent the cotton planters. The other holds a glass of gin, has a clay pipe in front of him, is toasting "Down with the Bank" and is suppose to represent Tammany Hall. Dialog and additional phrases appear on the print.