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Photo Album

“I don’t think that my disability really changed anything as far as my relationship with my wife and children…. [When] our daughter Louisie was in school (she must’ve been really little), the teacher said to her, ‘Your dad is Bob Gurney. He’s the one who is handicapped.’ Well, Louisie told her, ‘No he’s not. He’s my daddy!’”
—Robert Gurney, 1996

Left photo. A group of people holding opened presents at a party. At the center is a middle aged woman in a wheelchair with a young boy
Right photo. Three people in wheelchairs wearing fun masks and hats
Left: From Rehabilitation Gazette, party and presents
Right: Party time
Photo of people in wheelchairs and others sitting outside on a lawn for a picnic
Newsletter mailing picnic for the Gazette, 1959

“‘What happened to your leg?’ he asks me as he’s loading the groceries into the trunk of my Volvo. ‘I had polio.’ ‘What’s that?’ I feel like an aging movie star who’s been asked her name by a restaurant maitre d’. Polio was as famous as AIDS. Those of us who had it were figures.”
—Anne Finger, 2004

Left photo. A man in a motor boat
Right photo. A woman in a wheelchair with her husband and son standing by her
Left: Dick Anton out fishing
Right: Joan Sands and her family
Photo of a young man and woman sitting on a motorcycle
From Rehabilitation Gazette, motorcycling
Left photo. A young boy in a wheel chair next to a tank
Man in a suit with crutches standing
Left: Race with tank
Right: Lorenzo
Left photo. Two boys and a girl in halloween costumes standing next to another child laying in bed
Right photo. Man standing next to a woman in a wheelchair
Left: Trick-or-treating, Halloween kids with mom
Right: Adele and Chuck Mockbbee

Photographs courtesy of Post-Polio Health International, Dan and Carol Wilson, Yoshiko Dart, Lorenzo Milam, Laura Nell Obaugh and Felix Oppenheim-Wedgewood, Joy Weeber and Ron Mace, Laura Kreiss and Ben Minowitz, Marc Shell, John Britt, Jack Warner, Richard J. Castiello, Dick and Barbara Eckhardt, Jean-Marc Giboux, and Rotary International

Photo of man in a wheelchair with his wife, young son, young daughter and infant in his lap infront of the family car

Family snapshot

Photo of of a man in a wheelchair with his wife and two sons standing behind him

Family snapshot

Photo of a bride standing between the groom and best man

Richard and Kathleen Castiello’s wedding

Photo of a mother standing next to her son who has crutches

John Britt and his mother

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