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Medallion given to families of Pentagon September 11 victims.

Location: Pentagon
Source: Gift of C. Forbes, Inc.

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Description: This collection of material commemorating the victims of the Pentagon terrorist attack includes a cased medallion and two plaques.

Context: The U.S. military has a long tradition of creating commemorative coins and medallions honoring those who have given exemplary service or have fallen in the line of duty. The Secretary of Defense commissioned C. Forbes, Inc., to design and produce this medallion to give to the family members of those killed in the terrorist attack at the Pentagon. In a break from tradition, the medallion is being awarded to the passengers and crew on board the hijacked airplane and civilian employees of the Pentagon, as well as members of the military. Each medallion has an American flag on the front; the reverse will be engraved with the name of a victim. The plaque is engraved with the names of the 125 civilian and military personnel who died on the ground and fifty-three passengers and six crew members who were on board the airplane.

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Reverse side of medallion
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This large plaque contains the names of all 184 victims of the Pentagon attack. The seals across the bottom represent the Department of Defense, Joint Chiefs of Staff, Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, and Coast Guard. A copy of this plaque hangs [...]


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