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Transcript: Dear Fellow Rider

The events of September 11th have caused Americans everywhere to question their safety and security. People wonder whether they are safe in places that they previously took for granted. Since the terrorist more...

Object #: 2002.0175

Washington subway safety brochure
Description: This brochure, titled “Dear Fellow Rider,” was distributed by the Washington Metro Area Transit Authority to make riders feel more secure while traveling on the subway system.

Context: Terrorists often target civilians rather than combatants in an effort to create a climate of fear. Following September 11, governmental agencies tried to calm citizen concerns by distributing safety information brochures.

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Transcript: ON A METROBUS, follow the bus operator's instructions. Emergency exit procedures are listed on windows, ceiling escape hatches and on doors. Fire extinguishers are inside the front door under the passenger side seat or behind or beneath [...]

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