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Negative #: 2002.5977.5-8

Location: Pentagon
Source: Transfer from the U.S. Department of Defense

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Pentagon locator map
Description: This Pentagon corridor map hung on the second floor of the innermost A ring, close to where the hijacked airplane hit the building.

Had the fuselage of American Airlines flight 77 penetrated further into the Pentagon, it would have hit the wall where this locator map was hanging.

Context: The distinctive shape of the Pentagonóthe largest office building in the worldówith its five sides and five concentric rings is plainly visible on this corridor locator map. Completed in 1943 under the urgencies of World War II, the Pentagon was built to provide a central headquarters for an expanded U.S. military. Maps such as this are familiar sights to Pentagon employees and visitors.

The airplane that terrorists hijacked and crashed into the building slid through the E, D, and C rings, and fire spread throughout much of the entire wedge.

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An aerial view of the Pentagon taken shortly after the attack.
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Locator map in museum storage
Curator William Yeingst examines the locator map in the museum storage area.

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