Statement from Beatriz Susana Genoves
I worked for Windows on the World as a Greeter. On September 11, I was stationed on the 78th floor. An elevator would bring guests from the lobby, and I would meet them and lead them to another elevator to the 106th floor.

I had been working since 7 o'clock. Everything was fine. Then I felt a big explosion. Smoke filled the air. I saw a woman come out of the smoke. She said, "Oh my God, I'm burned, I'm burned."

A man told me, "Here are the stairs, take the stairs. " and I went down. It was so hot in there. So many people were trying to get down, it was really slow. Somebody said, "Stay against the wall. Just one line down, so the firemen can go up."

I had my walkie-talkie in my hand. I hear a man, upstairs on the 106th floor say, "Please help us." I heard his voice, but there was nothing I could do.

Later, after I got out of the building, someone said, "Run, the building is going to collapse," so we crouched behind a car. There was a roar like an airplane, and then the white smoke went all over us. I couldn't breathe. If I opened my mouth, it would fill with dust. I said, "Oh my God, I'm dying." When I saw myself in the mirror, I was all white. I said, "It's not me."

For so many nights, I couldn't sleep. I would remember the faces of everyone going up the elevator that morning, and I cried. I cried. This is my problem. I remember the people.