Statement from David Thomas at Smithsonian press conference, May 2002
You fight for the people you work with. And that was the most amazing thing, to see everybody rushing down to the area to look for possible survivors…

I didn’t rip this [nametag] off so I would always remember him [Tarantino], although that was a happy outcome, because I will never truly forget him or what he did that day. I ripped this off because I had seen him crawl past me, and I was as far in as I figured I could go and not become another casualty. I saw him crawl in past me, slithering along live electrical equipment that was covered in water and popping and smoking, get on his back, and leg-lift up this tremendous amount of debris that was pinning Jerry Henson to his desk just mere feet from a blazing and increasingly intense fire in a smoke-filled -- I can’t even describe the atmosphere. It was horrific.

Dave got in there, did this tremendously heroic act…I went over and introduced myself to Dave, and the first thing I did was rip his nametag off and put it in my pocket, certain that, having seen him in action, he might not make it through the day, and I wanted to be able to identify who that brave man was.