Letter of support from Pennsylvania student
Transcript: Dear Friends,

Hello, How are you?? I hope you all are well! You are all very nice. You are the nicest people! Your hearts must be enormous! My name is (name has been omitted) and Iím in the 5th grade! I hope that you all can get done soon so you can go home to your families and get love in return for how much love your giving. Everyone is thinking about you. I am too. I just canít stop thinking about how much your giving. Thank you!! Weíre from PA in West Sunberry, Dassa McKinny Elementary School. I just wanted to say hi! You donít know how much it means to me that your all reading my letter. You guys (girls) donít know how much of a hero you are! I donít expect you to write to me because I know your busy but I do wish you could but you guys probably want to go home!

(drawing of American flag) Iím sorry a messy flag!

God Bless You! America Rocks!