Michelle Delaney
Collections Manager, Photographic History Collection

"...his I.D. got him very close to the building right after the crash..."
Michael Garcia is a photographer, an amateur photographer I'm collecting related to the Pentagon. He works for the Department of Protective Services, and is investigating different events every day of his life, and he carries a digital camera. And he had his camera with him on September 11, was away from the Pentagon but got right back there immediately with a few of his colleagues, and has developed an archive of about 1600 images. And his clearances, his I.D., theyíve gotten him very close to the building right after the crash had occurred.

He helped the wounded, got people out of the building--put his camera down, helped the people--and then picked his camera up and started shooting again, more frames. Itís an incredible body of work. The work represents the rescue, the evacuation, this very calm and orderly evacuation that you would expect from the military, very different from the kinds of images that you see in New York City. Michael's been very willing to share his work, and thatís been a very positive experience.