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July 1942: United We Stand
Ladies' Home Journal
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U.S. Treasury Department poster based on Al Parker’s illustration for the May 1942 cover of Ladies’ Home Journal
From the NMAH Political History Collection
The Covers
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Artist Alfred Parker (1906–1985) developed a very successful mother-and-daughter cover series for the Ladies’ Home Journal beginning in 1939. The pair shown raising the flag on the July 1942 issue also promoted wartime patriotism on the May 1942 cover, which depicted them pasting defense stamps into albums. That cover illustration was later reproduced as a poster for the U.S. Treasury Department’s war-bond sales campaign.

Parker’s mother-and-daughter figures also appeared canning vegetables on a U.S. Office of War Information poster. Their popularity was said to have inspired the fashion trend of matching mother-daughter dresses.



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