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July 1942: United We Stand
The Flag In World War II
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Objects from the National Museum of American History Collections

The United We Stand campaign of July 1942 is just one example of how the American flag served to rally and inspire the nation during World War II. In a variety of forms, on the battlefield and the home front, the flag expressed ideas about what it meant to be American during a time of war. It symbolized the ideals the nation was fighting for, and it called on Americans to support those ideals through service and sacrifice.

This virtual gallery features a selection of Museum objects that illustrate the use and meaning of the flag in World War II. Curators are researching these and other objects for a new exhibition that will accompany the original Star-Spangled Banner, For Which It Stands: The American Flag in American Life. For more information and to see additional flag objects, please visit the Star-Spangled Banner website.


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Pennant, circa 1940 Poster, Remember Dec. 7th!, 1942 War bond poster, 1942 Flag set, 1942 Milk bottle collar, World War II Home front quilt, World War II Souvenir pillow top, 1944 Jacket patch, 1944-45 U.S. flag made from captured German flag, 1945 First U.S. flag to enter Berlin, 1945