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(42.5 cubic feet: 428 16mm black and white motion picture film reels, 1 DB)

by: Susan B. Strange and Wendy Shay, 2001


The INDUSTRY ON PARADE FILM COLLECTION, 1950-1960, was created by the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) from 1950-1960. In 1950, Johnny Johnstone, NAM's radio and television director, developed the idea for a television program highlighting American manufacturing and business. Working with Frank McCall, an NBC News Department Manager, Johnstone created and presented a sample reel to NAM's board of directors. Based on this sample, the board supported and financed the production and distribution of an NAM-sponsored series, intended... to show the marvels of American industrial technology in operation and show how the industrial process results in higher living standards, to show new developments in the fields of science, invention, and research, particularly as they contribute to health, welfare, and national defense, to show the integral part that industry plays in the civic, religious, and social life of American communities as well as the economic, to show people who work in industry and the attention industry pays to their well-being, and to show some of the difficult problems that have been faced and solved by American industry. (From: Industry on Parade Fact Sheet, October 15, 1955)

The series, titled Industry On Parade, was first broadcast during the week of October 15, 1950.

Each Industry On Parade episode was 13.5 minutes long and, for most of the series, contained three to four stories examining some aspect of American manufacturing and business. Towards the end of the 1950s, episodes were arranged thematically, featuring a single type of product, industry, or American consumer. Most episodes also included "public service announcements" from NAM. These announcements were placed between story segments or at the end of the episodes and generally promoted capitalism, the American way, and the rewards of a free economy and society. NAM provided the weekly episodes to one television station in each market throughout the country, at no charge, for broadcast, usually in non-prime time slots.

During the first few years, the series was co-produced with NBC, although not necessarily broadcast through NBC affiliates. In 1953, NBC decided to work exclusively on its own productions for broadcast on NBC stations. Arthur Lodge, the NBC producer who had been working on the series, left NBC, formed his own production company, and produced Industry On Parade for NAM from October 1, 1953 until the series ended. In addition to producing the series, Arthur Lodge wrote, directed, and narrated each episode.

By 1957, Industry On Parade was broadcast on 270 stations nationally and on foreign stations in 33 countries. NAM also made each episode available for screening by schools and community and business groups. Industry on Parade won the Peabody Award for National Public Service Programming in 1955. The series ended its run in 1960, although NAM continued to distribute the films for educational screening throughout the early 1960s.

Scope and Content

The INDUSTRY ON PARADE FILM COLLECTION, 1950-1960, is comprised of 428 reels of 16mm black and white composite optical track (sound) motion picture film prints and one document box of episode descriptions. The films have been organized chronologically in the order they were produced and broadcast by the National Association of Manufacturers. The episode descriptions, which accompanied the film reels as they were sent to stations for broadcast and other venues for screening, are organized in the same manner. It should be noted that each film reel does not have a corresponding episode description.

This collection covers thousands of topics, providing a comprehensive portrait of American business and manufacturing during the 1950s. The films portray work processes, community life, recreation, and reveal through narration the ideology of American business during this era.

Access and Rights

Approximately 120 episodes are available for research viewing on " VHS reference copies: reference copies are marked "RV" after the reel numbers.  The remaining episodes are still in their archival original format. The Archives Center will produce video reference copies on an "as needed" basis. When necessary, Archives Center staff will provide screening access to the archival original film, providing the film is in good condition and staff and equipment are available.

The INDUSTRY ON PARADE FILM COLLECTION, 1950-1960 is available for research viewing at the Archives Center as well as for all other standard museum and archival uses. Duplication is restricted because of complex rights issues. All duplication requests must be reviewed by the Archives Center's audio-visual archivist.


The INDUSTRY ON PARADE FILM COLLECTION, 1950-1960 was donated to the Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources, National Museum of American History, Smithsonian Institution by the National Association of Manufacturers in 1974. The Collection was transferred to the Archives Center in 1994.

Original catalogue compiled and edited by Francis Gadson, Gayle Gibson, Sarah Reenders, Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources, 1978.

Container List

(Note: all INDUSTRY ON PARADE images were taken from the films)

No Reel #1 (10/15/50)

Reel #2 ( /50)

Half Century of Service! General Electric laboratory and research. General Electric Co., Schenectady, NY.

Printing Trades Show Stuff! The Sixth International Graphics Arts Exposition. International Amphitheater, Chicago, IL.

Boats Pressed While U Wait! Manufacturing fiberglass and plastic boats (molding).

Sidewalk Supers Move Indoors! Open house at Westinghouse Plant showing manufacturing of parts.

The Caddie's Delight! A golf club with an interchangeable head. Miami, FL.

Reel #3 ( /50)

Exploring Underground! Oil prospecting in Canada. Standard Oil of New Jersey.

Europe Views U.S. Products! Marshall Plan. Viewing American products in Turin, Italy.

A Man's World? Uh-uh! Women in industry (manufacturing company).

Shooting for Safety! Safe operation of a gun; safe hunting habits. Bridgeport, CT.

Need Dough? See Herman! Herman Seiden's company prints stage money for use in theaters. Minerva Printing Corp., New York, NY.

No Reel #4 ( /50)

Reel #5 ( /50)

Haul on High! Transporting goods and cargo by air. New air freight industry.

Riding the Lionel Line! Manufacturing Lionel model trains. Hillside, NJ.

Fairest Customer's Man On Wall Street! Woman stock broker. Dreyfus and Co., New York, NY.

Oldest Pharmacy Going Strong! Colonial apothecary. Williamsburg, VA.

Thousands Jam Business Show! Innovations in office equipment and machinery.

Reel #6 (11/16/50) [RV 507.6]

Glass Home for U.N.! Manufacturing glass for the U.N. building. Libbey Owens-Ford, Toledo, OH.

Community Cooperative! Business Industries Education Day. Teachers visit metal manufacturer. Lyon Metal Products, Co., Aurora, IL.

School of the Jeep!  Training U.N. peace keeping forces in Jeep repair and maintenance. Willys-Overland Plant, Toledo, OH.

The Tools of Surgery! Manufacturing surgical tools. House of Pilling, Philadelphia, PA.

RX for Delinquency: Pretzel-Bending! Police officers making pretzels to combat delinquency. Canton, OH.

Reel #7 (11/21/50) [RV 507.7]

Growing with the Nation! How the steel industry produces steel.

New Breaks for Old Timers! New jobs for old employees. Old Timers Department, Douglas Aircraft Corporation, Santa Monica, CA.

The Museum That Lives! The Living History Museum. Sturbridge Village, Sturbridge, MA.

Luxury Liner Nears Completion! Building the U.S. Liner Independence. Ship-building plant, Bethlehem Steel, Quincy, MA.

Leave it to the Kids! A playground for kids. Minneapolis, MN.

Reel #8 (11/28/50) [RV 507.8]

Westward America! American population and industries move west on Union Pacific Railroad; shipping livestock. CA.

Mechanical Male Digs Coal! Manufacturing a mechanical coal digging machine. Joy Manufacturing Company, Pittsburgh, PA. Barnes and Tucker Coal Co., Bakerton, PA..

Partners with Nature! How industry is working with nature to improve the environment; disposing of waste water in a forest. Irrigation. Frozen food processing. Seabrook Farms, Bridgeton, NJ.

Inventing for the Invalid! Inventor H. J. Rand and his motorized wheelchair. Bendix clothes washer. Disabled Veterans.

Drawing Board to Backboard! Manufacturing basketballs. Harlem Globetrotters featured. Spaulding Company, Chicopee, MA.

Reel #9 (12/5/50)

The Wonder Child of Show Business! Behind the scenes at TV filming. New York, NY.

Texas Hat Harvest! Harry Rolnick develops new industry in the South with his hat factory. Resistol Hat Factory, Dallas, TX.

The Blind Adventure! Telephone answering service started by a blind man. Stamford, CT.

Making Business for the Mint! Annual convention of vending machine operators. Chicago, IL.

Reel #10 (12/12/50)

Pipeline to the Big Town! Pipeline of natural gas from Rio Grande, TX to New York, NY.

Sawmaker for the World! Manufacturing saws. E.C. Etkins Co., Indianapolis, IN.

Factory Afloat! Catching and processing fish off the coast of Newfoundland.

Kitchen Kibitzers! Manufacturing kitchen utensils. Ekco Products Co., Chicago, IL.

Railroad in Style! California Zephyr luxury train. From Chicago, IL to San Francisco, CA.

Reel #11 (12/19/50) [RV507.11]

Moving the Earth! Moving gold-bearing ore, soil, and rock; continuous hauler and loader used in highway construction and mining. NV.

T.V. Trouble Shooters! Manufacturing televisions on assembly line. Teleking Manufacturing Company, NY.

Industry Mobilizers! Mobilizing industries. Standard Oil of Ohio. New refinery, Lima, OH. F.K.S. Ball Bearing and Roller Bearing, Philadelphia, PA. Geneva Steel Manufacturing Company. Lockheed Aircraft Corporation (Super Constellation), UT.

Copter Comes of Age! Helicopters from military to civilian.

Reel #12 (12/26/50)

Fabulous Fruitbasket! Soil conservation; environment. Canning pineapple; food industry. Hawaiian Pineapple Company, Honolulu, HI.

Seeing How We Do It! French industrialists take tour of Federal Telephone and Radio Company, Clifton, NJ.

Mammoth Mover! The 'Turnaton" mover made in Peoria, IL.

Playing Industry's Infield! Billy Johnson of New York Yankees runs his own Amoco service station in the off season. Baseball; sports.

Reel #13 [RV 507.13]

Harvest of Trees! Harvesting and re-seeding trees. Weyerhouser Co.

U.S. Chinaware into Lead! Manufacturing chinaware. Syracuse, NY.

Highways of Rubber! Manufacturing asphalt and rubber for streets and highways. United Rubber Company.

Freight Car of the Future! Unicell car for freight and refrigeration. Press Steel Co., Chicago, IL.

Sinker Science! Research and development. Mayflower Donut Company, Newark, NJ.

Reel #14 (1951) [RV 507.14]

Rubber of Our Own! Manufacturing synthetic rubber. Goodyear Rubber Co., Akron, OH.

Power for the West! Iron, steel, and coal industries. Power Light Co., Provo, UT.

Handle With Care! Packages for export and shipping. Pohl, Brooklyn, NY.

Boxes of Beauty! Manufacturing cedar chests. Alta Vista, VA.

Dream School! New modern school. New Canaan, CT.

Reel #15 (1/16/51)

Cable to Cuba! Lord Kelvin cable ship. Cable from Florida to Cuba. Communications.  Bell Laboratory, AT&T.

Treasure of the Deep! Mining ore in the Gulf of Mexico. Dow Chemicals, Freeport, TX.

Beyond the Pipeline! Propane gas. Rulane Gas Co., Charlotte, NC.

Carving a Career! Manufacturing ice sticks for winter fishing. Mora, MN.

Reel #16 [RV 507.16]

The Great Metal Mystery! Mining gallium. Joplin, MO.

The Tape with Muscles! Manufacturing filament tape. 3M Co., St. Paul, MN.

The Beauty 'Round Your Neck! Manufacturing neckties; apparel industry.

Doll House Deluxe! Doll house with heating and cooling system. Coleman Co., Wichita, KS.

New Scenes on the Old River! Diesel river boat. Jones and Laughlin Steel Corp., Pittsburgh, PA.

Reel #17 (1/30/51)

The Eager Beaver! Manufacturing waterproof truck (U.S. Army Truck). Reo Manufacturing Co., Lansing, MI.

New Life for Lebanon! Dressmaking; apparel industry. Lebanon, KY.

Furniture for Today! Manufacturing furniture. Johnson Carper Furniture Co., Roanoke, VA.

Teaching Tooth Care! Schools teach dental care to children. Walpole, MA.

Reel #18 [RV 507.18]

Mrs. America Serves Again! Women in defense aircraft production. Republic Aircraft, Long Island, NY.

King Cotton's Court! Cotton mills. Earwin Mills, Durham, NC.

Tower of Glass! Johnson Wax's building. Johnson Wax, Racine, WI.

Radiophone Keeps 'Em Rolling! Radioing between trains. Erie Railroad.

Reel #19 (2/13/51) [RV 507.19]

Man-made Plasma! Manufacturing synthetic plasma; blood supply. General Analine & Film Corp., Grasselli, NJ.

Trailers on the Trail! Manufacturing trailers; transportation.

Marvelous Mildred! Plastic coating to protect tools and instruments during shipping. Female inventor and businesswoman.

Molding Men of Tomorrow! Orphaned children at work and school. Milton Hershey Industrial School, Hershey, PA.

Reel #20 (2/19/51)

Industry's Island Frontier! Manufacturing clothes and candy; apparel and food industries. Ponce Manufacturing Company, PR.

Push-Button Weather! Manufacturing thermostats. Honeywell Co., Minneapolis, MN.

Taking the Tuna! Tuna fishing and canning; food industries in CA.

Radio Gets a Factory Job! Radio production control in manufacturing. Weatherhead Co., Cleveland, OH.

Reel #21 (2/27/51)

Pacific Airlift! Air freight. Seaboard and Western Air Line.

Fancy Fencing! Keystone fence manufacturing. Peter Sommer, Keystone Wire & Steel Co.

High Fashion Furniture! Manufacturing furniture. Drexel, High Point, NC.

Free Cash! Free money from Weimar Republic, Germany. Inflation dangers. Tarrytown, NY.

Reel #22 (3/5/51)

Six Thousand Partners! Automobile manufacturing and suppliers. Ford Motor Co. 

Klieglight on the Klothespin! Manufacturing clothes pins. Spencer Wood Products Co., Spencer, IN.

Rugged Research! Research and development for better cars. Armour Research Foundation, Chicago, IL.

You Name It We Got It! Doc Smith's General Store, Sebree, KY.

Reel #23 (3/12/51)

New Strides in Steel! Steel plant constructed to use iron ore from Venezuela. U.S. Steel Corp., Morrisville, PA.

Amazing Trail Blazer! Bushwhacker machine clears land for power lines. Cleveland Electric Illuminating Co., Ashtabula, OH.

Paperboard Progress! Turning waste paper, rags, and pulp into cardboard boxes. Victory Mills. United Board and Carton Corp., Thomson, NY.

Adaptable Omnibus! Making convertible buses for the military; Super-Freighter truck. Twin Coach Co., Kent, OH.

Industry's Apple a Day! Industrial preventive medicine. Health facilities for factory workers. Health Information Foundation. Merck & Co., Rahway, NJ.

Reel #24 (3/19/51)

Sixth Sense for Sailors! Radar on the high seas. Radiomarine Corp.

Nature's Own Design! Wallpaper design. Di-Noc Co., Cleveland, OH.

Drydock of the Air! Aircraft testing and overhaul. Lockheed Aircraft, Burbank, CA.

Classy Cleats! Rubber cleats for football at University of Texas-Austin. Wright Manufacturing Co., Houston, TX.

Reel #25 (3/26/51)

Record Refuge! Record keeping for national defense. U.S. National Bank, Portland, OR.

Contour in Silver! Silverware. Towle Manufacturing Co., Newburyport, MA.

Paris to Peoria! TWA airline from Paris to U.S. for fashion design. Making dresses for American women; apparel industry. Gracerte Dress Co.

Stress on Security! Security for defense. Bell Aircraft Corp., Buffalo, NY.

Reel #26 (4/2/51) [RV 507.26]

Getting the Brakes! Manufacturing brakes. Bendix Aircraft Corp., South Bend, IN.

Profits in the Bag! Recycling bags. S. and S. Bags and Burlap Co., Chicago, IL.

Hello America! Telephone system for U.S. ocean liner S.S. America.

Batter Up! Manufacturing Louisville Slugger baseball bats. Hillerich and Bradsby Co., Louisville, KY.

Reel #27 (4/9/51) [RV 507.27]

Living Up to a Name! Generating station off New Jersey coast.

Cracker Craftsmen! Manufacturing crackers. NABISCO, Portland, OR.

Doing the Daily Wash! Daily wash in industries. Detrex Corp. 

Heroes Haven! Disabled vets in industries. Jim Riover. Supreme Engineering Co., Los Angeles, CA.

No Reel #28

Reel #29 (4/24/51)

Vest Pocket AutoPilot! Manufacturing automatic pilots. Lear Aircraft Manu- facturing, Grand Rapids, MI.

Ice Cubes by the Millions! Manufacturing ice-making machine. H. Vogt Machine Co., Louisville, KY.

Frocks to Parachutes! Dress manufacturer makes parachutes for the military; apparel industry. Fashion Frocks, Inc., Cincinnati, OH.

A Town Reborn! Rejuvenation of Quoddy Village, suburb of Eastport, ME.

Reel #30 (4/24/ 51)

The War on Whiskers! Manufacturing razor blades. Gillette Co., Boston, MA.

Communications Centennial! Western Union.

Sawdust Saver! Using sawdust in building industries. Lumber company manufactures Wood-Crete, a new product. Eastern TX.

Flyrod Factory! Manufacturing fly rods; fishing. Cleveland, OH.

[This episode is followed by a U.S. Savings Bonds promotion]

Reel #31 [RV 507.31] (5/4/51)

Titan of Metals! Open-pit mining of titanium and iron. National Lead Co., Adirondack, NY.

Floor Show! Manufacturing linoleum. Congoleum-Nairn Co., Kearny, NJ.

Artists in Overalls! Manufacturing pianos. Baldwin Pianos, Cincinnati, OH.

Lawnmowing Made Easy! Remote control lawnmower. Portland, OR.

Reel #32 [RV 507.32]

Timber Skinners! Debarking logs using water under high pressure. Worthington Pump & Machinery Corp., Harrison, NJ.

Sculptures in Glass! Glass making (crystal). Steuben glass. Corning Glass, Corning, NY.

New Life for Old Metals! Recycling metal. Commercial Metal Co., Houston, TX.

Rambling Check Cashers! Mobile check cashing. Thillens, Inc., Chicago, IL.

Reel #33 (5/21/51)

Strength from the Soil! Manufacturing limestone for cement. Portland Cement Co., Alpena, MI.

Craft Therapy! Manufacturing furniture. Brandt Cabinet Works, Hagerstown, MD.

Housefly's Nemesis! Manufacturing insect screen cloth. National Plastic Products Co., Odenton, MD & Chicopee Manufacturing Corp., GA.

World's Best Known Baby! Manufacturing Baby Ruth candy bar. Curtiss Candy Co., Chicago, IL.

Reel #34 (5/24/51) [RV 507.34]

Opening New Horizons! Research and development for industries. Dupont Corp., Wilmington, DE.

Industrial Preparedness! Manufacturing cans. American Can Co., Brooklyn, NY.

Business Office Magician! Manufacturing cash registers and adding machines. Burroughs Adding Machine Co., Plymouth, MI.

Fashion Caravan! Fashion show for employees. Women's clothing; apparel industry. Hess Dept. Store, Allentown, PA.

Reel #35 (5/29/51)

The Quest for Cortisone! Manufacturing cortisone; pharmaceuticals. Upjohn Co., Kalamazoo, MI.

Tireless Hauler! Manufacturing industrial conveyer belts. B.F. Goodrich, Akron, OH.

Refractory Factory! Manufacturing fire bricks. General Refractories Co., Baltimore, MD.

The National Dessert! Manufacturing ice cream. Dixie Corporation.

Reel #36 (6/7/51)

Building for the Ages! Carving scenes for churches and religious events. American Seating Co., Grand Rapids, MI.

Pill Taking Made Easy! Manufacturing pills in capsules; pharmaceuticals. R.P. Scherer Corp., Detroit, MI.

Suit-able for Summer! Dresswear for summer; apparel industry. Goodall-Sanford Co., Sanford, ME.

Vanishing Craft! Cutting railroad cross ties by hand. Kentucky Woodlands National Wildlife Preserve.

Reel #37 (6/12/51)

The Need For Nickel! Mining nickel. International Nickel Co., Sudbury Basin, Ontario.

Pointers on Pencils! Manufacturing pencils. Eagle Pencil Co., New York, NY.

Hoisting the Big Ones! Manufacturing hoisting and lifting machines. Industrial Brownhoist Corp., Bay City, MI.

Golden Twilight! Four retired men. General Petroleum Co., Southern CA.

Reel #38 (6/20/51) [RV 507.38]

Horsepower for the Air Force! Manufacturing Allison aircraft engines. Indianapolis, IN.

Putting the Spark in Sparklers! Diamond cutting. Harry Winston Jewelers, New York, NY.

Canned Water! Canned water for lifeboats and national defense. Multiple Breaker Co., Boston, MA.

Creators of Communities! Bill Levitt, house builder; construction. Levittown, Long Island, NY.

Reel #39 (6/27/51)

Stretching Rubber! Scientists develop synthetic rubber. General Tire and Rubber Co., Akron, OH.

The Boss Gets Bossed! Annual stockholders meeting. Standard Oil Co., Linden, NJ.

The Portable Bridge! Manufacturing portable bridges for the military. Steelcraft Manufacturing Co., Rossmoyne, OH.

Tarzans of Industry! Tree removal services for telephone and electric companies. Asplundh Tree Expert Co., Jenkintown, PA.

Reel #40 (7/3/51) [RV 507.40]

Preparing a Nation's Breakfast! Manufacturing breakfast cereal. C.W. Post, Battle Creek, MI.

The Coal With Class! Mining coal for the steel industry. Floyd County, KY.

Sylacauga Saga! Weaving cotton; textiles. Avondale Mills, Sylacauga, AL.

Miniatures with a Mission! Manufacturing miniatures for defense. New York, NY.

Reel #41 (7/11/51) [RV 507.41]

The Age of Precision! Manufacturing machine tool parts. Cincinnati Milling & Manufacturing Co., Cincinnati, OH.

Progress in Pottery! Manufacturing chinaware. Lenox Manufacturing Co., Trenton, NJ.

California We're Here! Opening of soap manufacturing. Lever Brothers Manufacturing Co., Los Angeles, CA.

Torrent of Toys! Manufacturing toys. Renwall Manufacturing Co., Mineola, NY.

Reel #42 (7/18/51)

Moving a City to the Sea! A port city; shipping. Houston, TX.

Agriculture Mobilizes! Clover and alfalfa harvesters. New Idea Farm Equip. Co., Coldwater, OH.

Building Boots! Manufacturing rubber boots. U.S. Rubber Co., Naugatuck, CT.

Fences from the Forest! Cutting cedar posts for fences. Thunder Bay, MI.

New Job for the Copter! Transportation by helicopter. New England Helicopter Co., Hillsgrove, RI.

Reel #43 (7/27/51)

Airpower Starts Here! Manufacturing aircraft engines. Pratt and Whitney Aircraft Corp., East Hartford, CT.

Tailor for the Toilers! Manufacturing overalls and work clothes for industry and the military; apparel industry. H.D. Lee Co., Kansas City, MO.

Steel Store! Steel for industry. Brown-Wales Co., Cambridge, MA.

The All Time Best Sellers! Manufacturing Bibles. The American Bible Society. Translife World Publication Co., Cleveland, OH.

Reel #44 (8/13/51)

Open House! Open house for stockholders and customers. Maxwell House Coffee, General Foods, San Leandro, CA.

Fares Please! Johnson Fare Box Manufacturing Co., Chicago, IL.

Mop Up! Manufacturing. Stanley Home Products Co., Westfield, MA.

The Car of Tomorrow! The LeSabre, experimental automobile. General Motors.

Reel # 45 (8/10/51) [RV 507.45]

Music Making Miniatures! Manufacturing plastic harmonicas, bagpipes, concertinas, electric organs. Magnus Harmonica Corp., Newark, NJ.

Furniture from the Forest! Manufacturing white pine furniture. MI.

Strength from a Cocoon! Manufacturing liquid plastic to surround and protect military equipment for storage. R. M. Hollingshead Corp., Camden, NJ.

At Home on the Deep! Living on a houseboat used as a floating filling station; marina services. William Green family, NY Harbor.

Reel #45A (8/17/51) Special release about July 1951 Missouri Valley Flood

The Spirit of a City! Kansas City's damage and responses.

July--1951! Footage of flood.

Kansas City Comeback! Successful industrial rejuvenation.

Reel #46 (8/22/51)

Friend of the Firefighter! Manufacturing fire equipment and fire extinguishers. American-La France Foamite Corp., Elmira, NY.

Synthetic Soap! Manufacturing Surf Soap. Lever Brothers, Los Angeles, CA.

Shower Stylists! Manufacturing hand-painted shower curtains. Styletone, Inc, Chicago, IL.

Bottling Southern Sunshine! Dairying in the Southern states. Foremost Dairies, Jacksonville, FL and Shadow Lawn Dairy Farm, Duval County, FL.

Reel #47 (8/31/51) [RV 507.47]

Food for America's Future! Manufacturing baby food. Gerber, Fremont, MI.

Concrete with the Bends! Testing concrete beams. Austin Co., Cleveland, OH.

Public Transit Centennial! Transportation planning. San Antonio Transit Co., San Antonio, TX.

Air Power in Miniature! Manufacturing miniature engine models for experimental work. Herkimer Tool & Model Works, Herkimer, NY.

Reel #48 (9/7/51)

Babes in the Woods! 4-H summer camp; children. Simpson Logging Co., Panhandle Lake, WA.

Striving for Safety! National Safety Council recognition. Heating and plumbing equipment. American Standard, Louisville, KY. 

The Vital Junior Partner! Manufacturing tubes for air conditioners and refrigeration systems for defense. Swan Engineering Co., Bloomfield, NJ.

Serving Those Who Served! Disabled veterans. Bulova School of Watchmaking, Woodside, NY.

Reel #49 (9/17/51)

Caution on the Concrete! Transportation safety. Low cost housing for workers. McLean Trucking Co., Winston-Salem, NC.

Carpet Capital! Mohawk Carpet and Rug Company, Mohawk Carpet Mill, Amsterdam, NY.

Scraping for Scrap! Scrap metal collecting and pressing. A. Shaw Company, Cleveland, OH.

Sleek, Trim and Sturdy! Manufacturing boats and engines. Chris Craft Corp., Algonac, MI.

No Reel #50 (4/21/51)

Reel #51

Masters of Time! Manufacturing watches. Elgin National Watch Co., Elgin, IL.

Faster Plaster! Building with plaster; spraying technique. Cleveland, OH.

Candy craft! Manufacturing sweets. W. S. Schrafft and Sons, Boston, MA.

Glamour Tour! Businesswomen tour New York City. Members of Sigma Alpha Sigma, sorority of "white collar girls." New York, NY.

Reel #52 (10/5/51) [RV 507.52]

Integrity United! Furniture manufacturers exhibit wares. Grand Rapids, MI.

Watchband Wizardry! Manufacturing watchbands. Speidel Corp., Providence, RI.

New Broom! Manufacturing corn brooms. Century Broom, Mattoon, IL.

Foundation of Freedom! Constitution Day festivities. Celebrities joining festivities. Elmira, NY.

Reel #53 (10/12/51)

Serving Up Safety! Manufacturing safety equipment. Mine Safety Appliances Co., Pittsburgh, PA.

Papermen's Paper! Publication of "The Log" by workers for workers of Champion Paper and Fiber Co., Hamilton, OH.

History Under Glass! Heat-treated glass for preserving historic documents. Libby-Owens-Ford Glass Co., Toledo, OH.

Ink, Inc.! Manufacturing ink. One of the largest producers of ink in the United States. Sun Chemical Corp., Clearing, IL.

They Tan As They Toil! Overhead lighting provides sunshine for employees. Westinghouse Electric Corp., Chicago, IL.

Reel #54 (10/18/51)

Career in Chemicals! Manufacturing and testing drug chemicals and fire extinguishers. Ansul Chemical Co., Marinette, WI.

Rope Yarn! Making hemp rope. Columbia Rope Co., Auburn, NY.

Adventures in Aluminum! Manufacturing aluminum. Kaiser Chemical and Aluminum Plant, Spokane, WA.

Back to School - At Fifty! Continuing education. Wittenberg College, Springfield, OH.

Reel #55 (10/26/51) [RV 507.55]

Careers in Business! Recruiting and training for career in linoleum sales. Armstrong Cork Co., Lancaster, PA.

Wonder Wax! Manufacturing wax for industry. Big Bend, TX.

Campaign Cleanliness! Manufacturing soap and toilet articles. Colgate-Palmolive-Peet Co., Kansas City.

Miss Veep! Manufacturing fire controls for military weapons and low water cutoff valves. Woman executive. Newark Controls Co., Bloomfield, NJ.

ReeI #56 (11/2/51)

Oilmen for a Day! Houston students visit Hughes plant. Hughes Tool Co., Houston, TX.

Cleaning with Class! Developing the vacuum cleaner. Hoover Co., North Canton, OH.

Seminar For Executives! Annual seminar. National Association of Manufacturers, Lake Placid, NY.

Hoisters of Oysters! Harvesting oysters. Long Island, NY.

Reel #57 (11/9/51) [RV 507.57]

Caterers to Combat Men! C-rations for military; food industry. Flotill Products Co., Stockton, CA.

Surface for Service! Manufacturing Textalite (plastic). General Electric Plant, Coshocton, OH.

Machine Age Underground! Manufacturing rock shovels. Eimco Manufacturing Co., Salt Lake City, UT.

Top Speed Turnaround! The "Queen of Bermuda" in port. Fast turnaround of cruise ship passengers and cargo. New York, NY.

No Reel #58 (11/19/51)

Reel #59 (11/23/51) [RV 507.59]

Priority Production! Processing uranium for shipment to Atomic Energy Commission in Oak Ridge, TN. Vitro Chemical Co., Salt Lake City, UT. 

Efficiency Minus Exertion! Manufacturing hoists and lift trucks. The Yale & Towne Manufacturing Co., Philadelphia, PA.

Precision at Play! Manufacturing erector sets; toys. A.C. Gilbert Co., New Haven, CT.

Mr. Tozzi and His 4 Cent Ring. Manufacturing small aluminum ring for R.C.A. Tozzi Manufacturing Co., Bayonne, NJ.

Reel #60 (11/30/51)

Treasure Hunt! Searching for scrap metal to recycle. Manufacturing steel. B. D. Eisendrath Tanning Co. of Racine; Manufacturing Association of Racine, Racine, WI.

Underground City! Mining rock salt under the streets of Detroit. Salt used in chemical processing, meat packing, and snow removal. International Salt Co., Detroit, MI.

Manchester Medicine Man! Industrialist reopens textile mills after receiving bank loan; installation of new textile manufacturing equipment. Amoskeag Cotton & Woolen Mills, Manchester, NH.

Signs of the Times! Making and maintaining signs with flashing lights called "spectaculars" on Broadway's Great White Way. Molding neon glass tubes. RKO Palace sign showing Judy Garland's stage show. Artkraft-Strauss Sign Co., New York, NY.

Reel #61 (12/10/51) [RV507.61]

Understanding Through Trade! Port activities at International House of Trade, World Trade Development, New Orleans, LA.

A Perfect Match! Manufacturing matches. Diamond Match Co., Oshkosh, WI.

Decreasing Danger! Safety work program. Stockham Valves and Fittings Co., Birmingham, AL.

Mother's Helper! Women workers using day-care center; children. Sylvania Electric Co., Brookville, PA.

Reel #62 (12/12/51) [RV 507.62]

Aluminum-American Style! Manufacturing aluminum for industry. Harvey Machine Co., Torrance, CA.

Squeeze Play! Manufacturing plastic bottles. Plax Corp., West Hartford, CT.

New Life for the Land! Putting farmland back into production. Missouri Valley.

The Picture Age! Manufacturing photographic film and cameras. Ansco Manufacturing Co., Binghamton, NY.

Reel #63 (12/18/51)

Texas's Pet Cat! Catalytic cracking plant. Petroleum. Gulf Oil Co., Port Arthur, TX.

Making the Shoe Fit! Manufacturing shoes. The Brown Shoe Company, St.Louis, MO.

Package of Progress! Manufacturing packaging for food. Milprint, Inc., Milwaukee, WI.

The Knight of the Roof! Armory exhibiting artistry of steel craftsmen. Worcester Pressed Steel Co., Worcester, MA.

Reel #64 (12/20/51)

That They May Fly! Manufacturing propeller blades. United Aircraft Plant, Hartford, CT.

Forest Footnote! Lumber industry. Crosby Forest Products Co., Picayune, MS.

Serving Uncle Sam! Manufacturing ironing tables and gasoline cans for the military. Geuder, Paeschke & Frey Co., Milwaukee, WI.

Full Time Pastime! Manufacturing bubble gum. Fleer's Gum, Philadelphia, PA.

Reel #65

Friend in Need! Glassmaking company has policy to replace any window broken while playing ball. Sports, children. F.C. Russell Co., Cleveland, OH. 

Bettering the Brew! Making coffee in an automatic coffeemaker, the Coffeematic; food industry. Landers, Frary & Clark Co., New Britain, CT.

Outgoing Cargo! American shipping industry on NY waterfront. New York, NY.

Food By Fast Freight! Restaurant serves food on toy train running between kitchen and the counter. St. Louis, MO.

Reel #66 (1/8152) [RV507.66]

Tinplate By the Ton! Manufacturing tin plate for tin cans. Weirton Steel Plant, WV.

Shopping in the Kitchen! Housewares. Fuller Brush Co., Hartford, CT.

Diamonds Are a Digger's Best Friend! Manufacturing diamond core bits for drilling and mining. Christensen Diamond Products Co., Salt Lake City, UT.

Teamwork After Hours! Manufacturing gears and high speed gear drivers after work hours. Falk Corp., Milwaukee, WI.

Reel #67 (11/16/52)

Bullets and Blood! Manufacturing bullets and steel casings. Twin Cities Arsenal. Federal Cartridge Co., New Brighton, MN.

Vendors of Vision! Manufacturing lenses, microscopes, and optical equipment. American Optical Corp., Southbridge, MA.

Tricks with Treats! Manufacturing chocolates and other candy. NY.

Career in the Sky! Stewardesses (flight attendants) in training; working women. American Airlines Stewardess School, Chicago, IL.

Reel #68 (1/22/52) [RV507.68]

Of Men and Metal! Malleable iron for casting. Albion Malleable Iron Co., Albion, MI.

Pressure Pack! Processing and sealing coffee cans under pressure; food industry. Chase and Sanborn Coffee Plant, Hoboken, NJ.

Hobby Help! Manufacturing skillsaws and other power tools. Skillsaw Corp., Chicago, IL.

Fairyland, U.S.A.! Children's theme park; entertainment. Lakeside Park, Oakland, CA.

Reel #69 (1/28/52)

The "Solar" System! Manufacturing solar aircraft. Solar Aircraft Co., San Diego, CA.

The Big Role for Rock! Manufacturing gypsum for construction industry. National Gypsum Co., Clarence Center, NY.

Setting The Standards! Safety testing for industry. Underwriters Laboratories, Inc., Chicago, IL.

A Share in the Future! Story of boy who bought a share in Erie Railroad Company.

Reel #70 [RV507.70]

Salvaged Skills! Manufacturing automobile controls and precision instruments. Leeds and Northrup Co., Philadelphia, PA.

Man-made Stone! Asbestone, asbestos and cement, used in building industrial products. New Orleans, LA.

Cooking With Gas! Manufacturing ovens; appliances. Magic Chef Inc., St. Louis, MO.

Industrial Miniatures! Junior Achievement, Houston, TX.

Reel #71 (2/15/52) [RV 507.71]

Black Diamonds! Manufacturing carborundum and man-made diamonds. Carborundum Co., Niagara Falls, NY.

Waste Not, Want Not! Recycled clothes using used wool; textiles.

Unsinkable Boat! Manufacturing an unsinkable boat. Continental Copper & Steel Ind., Perth Amboy, NJ.

Everyday Art! Calendar painting by Norman Rockwell in Arlington, VT. Brown & Bigelow, St. Paul, MN.

Reel #72 (2/21/52)

Mines Above Ground! Scrap metal for recycling. Processing used metal for Youngstown Steel and Tube Company. Youngstown Iron and Metal Co., Youngstown, OH.

A Lesson For Teachers! Teacher visits industry for Business Education Day. Houston, TX.

Ring Job! Manufacturing piston rings. Ramsey Corp., St. Louis, MO.

Workhorses of the Harbor! Tug boats in harbor. New York, NY.

Reel #73 (2/28/52) [RV 507.73]

The Electrical Team! Manufacturing electric household appliances and equipment. Electrical Association of Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA.

Sawmaking Savvy! Manufacturing cutting tools. Simonds Saw & Steel Co., Fitchburg, MA.

Walk, Don't Run! Manufacturing foolproof fire alarm. Edwards Co., Norwalk, CT.

Courage Plus! Fred Vant Hull, a sports broadcaster with polio.

No Reel #74 (3/7/52)

Reel #75 (3/12/52)

Steel for Oil! Manufacturing steel parts for oil industry. Emsco Derrick & Equipment Co., Houston, TX.

Duping Ducks! Manufacturing rubber duck decoys for hunting; sports. Deeks, Inc.,

Salt Lake City, UT.

General's Own General! Manufacturing steel and steel lockers for the military. General Steel Products Corp., Flushing, NY.

Making Old Friends in a Hurry! Helping newcomers know the neighborhood; community life. New Neighborhood League, Canton, OH.

Reel #76 (3/20/52)

Beating the Weather! Instruments for flying DC-6 United Airlines plane from Los Angeles, CA to Chicago, IL. Instrument landing systems.

Machines that Make Machines! Mechanical aptitude testing. Pre-employment physical examination. Training machine for tool makers. Warner and Swasey Co., Cleveland, OH.

Industrial "Angels!" Ideas for new products. Invention advice; label-on-tape. Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing; Kodak.

Old Country Career! Carving wooden shoes by hand for dancers. Holland, MI.

Reel #77 (3/26/52)

Citrus Saga! Harvesting oranges. Agriculture; food industry. Minute Maid Orange Juice, Plymouth, FL.

Pliers Aplenty! Manufacturing pliers. Drop Forge & Tool Corp., Utica, NY.

Coinslot Cleaner! "Valeteria" Dry Cleaner. U.S. Hoffman Machinery Corp., Cleveland, OH.

Factory of the Future! Manufacturing chain saws, engines, and aircraft parts. McCulloch Motor Corp., Los Angeles, CA.

Reel #78 (4/2/52)

Exploration Underground! Electronic equipment used by geologists and engineers searching for oil. Schlumberger Well Surveying Corp., Houston, TX.

Precision by the Ton! Potassium sulfate manufacturing. J.T. Baker Chemical Co., Phillipsburg, NJ.

Keeping Saws in Shape! Manufacturing filers, grinders, and sharpening tools. Foley Manufacturing Co., Minneapolis, MN.

Super Secretary! A one-woman secretarial service; entrepreneur. Chicago, IL.

Reel #79 (4/7/52)

A Harness for Niagara! Hydroelectric power. Niagara Mohawk Power Corp., Niagara Falls, NY.

Precision Printer! Printer of stocks, bonds, and stamps. Security Banknote Co., Philadelphia, PA.

Creative Chemistry! Manufacturing paints, chemicals, and synthetic materials. Reichhold Chemicals, Detroit, MI.

Heroes in Pastry! Manufacturing Heroe cookies; food industry. Burry Biscuit Corp., Elizabeth, NJ.

Reel #80 (4/16/52) [RV 507.80]

Two Wheel Triumph! Manufacturing bicycles. Sports; children. Westfield ManufacturingCo., Westfield, MA.

Spark of Life! Processing raw wheat germ. Kretschmer Corp., Carrollton, MI.

Hearing for the Deaf! Manufacturing hearing aids. Sonotone Corp., Elmsford, NY.

Goodbye Skids! Taking skids out of skidding. Gyro Slide Control device for automobiles. Safe-T-Auto Stabilizer Co., Los Angeles, CA.

Reel #81 (4/21/52)

Paragon of Plywoods! Harvesting redwoods. Hammond Lumber Co., Eureka, CA. Processing redwood into plywood. M and M Woodworking Co., Portland, OR.

Building Boilers! Manufacturing cast-iron boilers. H.B. Smith Co., Westfield, MA.

Pathways in the Sky! Manufacturing navigation controls. Narco Omnigator.  National Aeronautical Corp., Ambler, PA.

Meet a Heel! Manufacturing rubber heels and soles for shoes. O'Sullivan Rubber Corp., Winchester, VA.

Reel #82 (4/30/52)

New Power for Iron Horse! The first gas turbine electric motor built by General Electric for Union Pacific Railroad.

Suppliers of Sleep! Manufacturing mattresses and box springs. Kentucky Sanitary Bedding Co., Louisville, KY.

Getting the Point! Manufacturing phonograph needles. Permo, Inc., Chicago, IL.

10,000 Rubber Fingers! Manufacturing skidless, puncture-proof tires. B.F Goodrich Plant, Akron, OH.

Reel #83 (5/8/52)

Sub-Zero Service! Testing machinery and motors in an arctic chamber. Stewart and Stevenson Services, Inc., Houston, TX.

Birthdays Stop at Ninety! A ninety-year-old man is skilled woodcarver; senior citizens.

Louisville Chair Co., Louisville, KY.

Picture of Precision! Contour projector for gauging accuracy. Metal made into machine parts; tooling. Eastman Kodak Co., Rochester, NY.

Dolls That Dance! Manufacturing marionettes; woman-owned business. Toys. Cottage industry owned by Miss Hazel Rollins, Kansas City, MO.

Reel #84 (5/14/52)

Progress in Pipe! Manufacturing and fabricating steel pipe. Benjamin Shaw Co., Wilmington, DE.

Fishing With Glass! Manufacturing fishing rods. Horrocks-Ibbotson Co., Utica, NY.

Keeping a Nation in Stitches! Manufacturing sewing machines; apparel. White Sewing Machine Corp., Cleveland, OH.

Power Lawn-Cutter Unlimited! A lawn-cutting business started by a boy.

Reel #85 (5/21/52) [RV 507.85]

Tall Corn Craftsmen! Town built by a washing machine company is home of world's largest washing machine company. Maytag, Newton, IA.

35,000,000 Customers! Disabled American veterans produce miniature license plates for motorists' key rings. Idento Tags, Cleveland, OH.

Fast Growing Industrial Infant! Manufacturing glass fiber products and lighting. Gustin Bacon Manufacturing Co., Kansas City, MO.

Organdy Steps Out! New fabric, organdy, receives treatment called Heberlein process. Rainwear and umbrellas made from this textile; apparel industry. New York, NY.

No Reel #86

Reel #87 (8/8/52)

Men of Iron! Open-pit mining in Minnesota and Chile. U.S. Steel Corporation's Oliver Iron Mining Co.

The Cleveland Plan! Manufacturing modular houses. Exan-Homes, Inc., Cleveland, OH.

Merchandising by Machine! Manufacturing vending machines. Coin operated units. Vendo Co., Kansas City, MO.

Highway Vacuum Cleaner! Highway cleaning in CA by Director of Highways. Good Roads Machinery Co., Minerva, OH.

Reel #88 (6/11/52)

Story of a Switch! Manufacturing a switch for the United States Navy. Capitol Machine and Switch Company, Danbury, CT.

Greetings! Manufacturing birthday and greeting cards. Hallmark Cards, Inc., Kansas City, MO.

World's Toughest Sandwich! Manufacturing bullets and engines using steel and copper alloy. American Clad Metals Co., Carnegie, PA.

Things Are Popping! Starting a popcorn business; food industry. Duluth, MN.

Reel #89 (6/23/52)

Setting Fires for Safety's Sake! Testing and setting fires. Factory Mutual Laboratories, Norwood, MA.

Breakfast for Billions! Manufacturing oatmeal. Quaker Oats, Cedar Rapids, IA.

Waterproof Workhorse! Manufacturing six-by-six trucks for military use. General Motors Corporation.

Take Your House Along! Manufacturing portable homes; trailers. Pressed Steel Car Co., Chicago, IL.

Reel #90

Still the Richest Hill! Mining copper ore at the copper capital of the world. The Anaconda Copper Mining Co., Butte, MT.

Miles of Birch! Production of birch veneer. Penokee Veneer Co., Mellen, WI.

Betty's in Business! Manufacturing wind-up toys. B. and A. Wilson, A.B.C. Products, Los Angeles, CA.

New Assignment for the Electron! Electron gun used in building trades and cabinetry; construction. Reeve Electronics, Inc., Chicago, IL.

Reel #91

City of Gloves! Glove manufacturing; apparel industry. Gloversville, NY.

Watermelon Bank! Storing watermelon juice for victims of nephritis; pharmaceuticals. Little Rock, AR.

Something's Cooking! Dream kitchen items; housewares. Washington Steel Products, Tacoma, WA.

Welcome Neighbor! Factory's pro-community policies enter neighborhood. Reliance Electric & Engineering Co., Cleveland, OH.

Reel #92

Jets For the Navy! Making the F-9-F Panther, the Navy carrier jet fighter. Grumman Aircraft Engineering Corp., Bethpage, NY.

Scale Story! Using plastic and aluminum to make scales. Pelouze Manufacturing Co., Evanston, IL.

Twentieth Century Apprentices! Local industries, labor unions, and educators cooperate in apprenticeship program. Vocational Trade High School, Springfield, MA.

Beyond the Water Main! Manufacturing water pumps. F. E. Myers and Brothers Co., Ashland, OH.

Reel #93 (7/23/52)

Granite for Grandeur! Cutting granite in Vermont. Barre, VT.

Heat from the Soil! Manufacturing heat pumps for heating and cooling. Muncie Gear Works, Muncie, IN.

New Find for Foundaries! Manufacturing casting and molding. Cooper Alloy Foundry Co., Hillside, NJ.

Refresher Course! Training stewards for cruises; tourism. U. S. Maritime Service Training School, Brooklyn, NY.

Reel #94 (7/29/52) [RV 507.94]

Tree to Trade! Processing trees into lumber. Long-Bell Lumber Co., WA.

Powered By Light! Manufacturing light meters. Western Electrical Instrument Corp., Newark, NJ.

Talking It Over! Open house of businessmen and women. Chamber of Commerce, Dayton, OH.

Provider of Props! Manufacturing and building animated props for exhibits and theaters. Messmure & Damon Co., New York, NY.

Reel #95 (8/1/52) [RV 507.95]

Forging Speed for the Jets! Manufacturing blades for jet aircraft engines. Steel Improvement and Forge Co., Cleveland, OH.

Use and Discard! Manufacturing paper cups. Lily Tulip Cup Corp., Augusta, GA.

King of Knives! Manufacturing knives. Russell Harrington Cutlery Co., Southbridge, MA.

Relaxing Like Royalty! Habirshaw Athletic Club for employees. Phelps Dodge Copper Products Corp., Yonkers, NY.

Reel #96 (8/4/52)

Cargo Plane Deluxe! Manufacturing the C-97, a cargo plane for U.S. Air Force. Boeing Aircraft Corp., Seattle, WA.

Turning Out Tamales! Manufacturing and canning tamales; ethnic foods. Walker's Austex Chile Co., Austin, TX.

Oscar, Average Man! A lifesized model of human body used in designing automobiles. Ford Motor Plant, Dearborn, MI.

Financial Genius! Manufacturing cash registers. National Cash Register Co., Dayton, OH.

Reel #97 [RV 507.97]

Clearing the Air! Electronic air purifying unit cleaning the air at Children's Hospital, Pittsburgh, PA. Museums and libraries use air purifiers. Trion, Inc., McKees Rock, PA.

Plastic Age Anniversary! Manufacturing and fabricating polyethylene and polyesterene housewares. Injection molding. Rogers Plastic Corp., West Warren, MA.

The Super-Cementers! Oil well cementing for more productive oil wells. The Halliburton Oil Well Cementing Co., Duncan, OK.

Horns Aplenty! Manufacturing automobile horns. Women assemblers. Cattle calling horn. Jubilee Manufacturing Co., Omaha, NE.

Reel #98 (8/18/52)

New Hope For The Soil! Manufacturing Krillium, a soil improver. Monsanto Chemical Corp., St. Louis, MO.

Beauty in the Bag! Manufacturing luggage. Schwayder Brothers, Denver, CO.

Riding High! Manufacturing machine tools. Women crane operators. Bullard Co., Bridgeport, CT.

For Lovers of Lobster! Lobster fishing and packaging; food industry.

Reel #99 (8/27/52)

Servicing the Sleepers! The Pullman Coach Co., Chicago, IL.

Fashion For Fisticuffs! Manufacturing boxing equipment. Everlast Sporting Goods, New York, NY.

Speaking for the Sponsor! Production of TV commercials. Alexander Film Co., Colorado Springs, CO.

Business with Pleasure! Southern girls harvesting tobacco in CT.

Reel #100 (8/27/52)

Scooters Come of Age! Manufacturing motor scooters. Cushman Motor Works, Lincoln, NE.

Doctors of Design! Design firm designed and furnished a house completely in plastic. Designing for synthetic materials. Lippincott and Margulies, Scarsdale, NY.

Landmarks for Lawyers! Shepherd's citations. Guides to laws and past legal cases. Colorado Springs, CO.

Artists in Glass! Stained glass. Jacoby Art Glass Works, St. Louis.

Reel #101 (9/12/52) [RV 507.101]

Locking in the Lubricant! Manufacturing oil-bearing seals. National Motor Bearing Co., Redwood City, CA.

Pre-Fabs in Production! Manufacturing pre-fab houses; construction. Harnischfeger Corp., Milwaukee, WI.

The Big Chill! Manufacturing commericial refrigerator containers and refrigerator equipment. Hussman Co., St. Louis, MO.

Teen-age Road-E-O! Teenage driving contest. Jr. Chamber of Commerce and Liberty Mutual Insurance Co., Washington, DC.

Reel # l02 (9/22/52)

New Conquests in Communications! Television network relay system. The Bell System.

Rubber Craft! Manufacturing V-belt. Gates Rubber Co., Denver, CO.

Carriage Trade! Manufacturing baby and doll carriages. Children; toys. Welsh Baby Carriage Manufacturing Co., St. Louis, MO.

With This Ring! Manufacturing wedding rings. Matrimony; jewelry. J. R. Wood and Sons Co., New York, NY.

Reel #103 (9/26/52) [RV 507.103]

Chemicals from Corncobs! Manufacturing chemicals from corncobs. Quaker Oats, Omaha, NE.

A New Way of Living! New approach to city and community planning. Park Forest, IL.

Air Conditioned Motoring! Automobile air conditioning. Frigikar, Dallas, TX.

In the Bag! Manufacturing paper, textile and plastic bags. Bemis Bag Co., St. Louis, MO.

Harold Pratt's Travels! Ice cream salesman commutes to MA daily; food industry. Haddonfield, NJ.

No Reel #104

Reel #105 (10/9/52)

New Role For Wood! Manufacturing plywood, particle board, and wood veneers. U.S. Plywood Corporation, Anderson, CA.

Small-Fry Finery! Manufacturing baby clothes; apparel industry. William H. Carter Co., Needham Heights, MA.

Mail Bus! A rolling Post Office bus. Chicago, IL.

Beauty in Boots! Manufacturing cowboy boots. H.J. Justin and Sons, Fort Worth, TX.

Reel #106 (10/20/52)

Family Car of the Air! Manufacturing airplanes. Cessna Plant, Wichita, KS.

Staple Theory! Manufacturing staples; office supplies. Bostitch Plant, Westerly, RI.

Metal by the Mile! Manufacturing silver, steel, copper, and brass into microscopic thiness. American Silver Co., Flushing, NY.

Number Nine Rolls Again! Rock Island Railroad celebrates its centenary by running from Chicago to Joliet, IL.

Reel #107 (10/27/52)

Wooden Ships for Iron Men! Building wooden ships for U.S. Navy. Mine sweepers. Boothbay Harbor, ME.

Industrial Open House! Industrial manufacturing fair. Cleveland, OH.

Salt of the Earth! Mining salt. Carey Salt, Hutchinson, KS.

Loom Service! Spinning and weaving textiles at home; apparel industry. Hand Skill Loom, Inc., Woonsocket, RI.

Reel #108 (11/3/52) [RV 507.108]

The Pier That Went for a Cruise! New pier floated down river. New York, NY.

Harvester of the Future! Seed company. Northup King and Co., Minneapolis, MN.

Salvaging Mileage! Rebuilding military trucks. A.C. F. Bruill Motors Co., Philadelphia, PA.

Tips on Chips! Manufacturing potato chips; food industry. Bartlett Food Production Co., Wichita, KS.

Reel #109 (11/11/52) [RV 507.109]

Super Shovel! Manufacturing power shovels. Marion Power Shovel Co., Marion, OH.

Making Washes Whiter! Manufacturing bleach; laundry. Hi-Lex Co., St. Paul, MN and Denver, CO.

Starting Fire to Prevent Forest Fires! Training for firemen. Oregon Petroleum Industries Committee, Portland, OR.

Grandma's Methods. Bread baking; food industry. Pepperidge Farm, Inc., Norwalk, CT.

Reel #110 (11/20/52) [RV 507.110]

New Aura in Donora! Cleaning the environment; converting pollutants into reworkable solids. U.S. Steel Corp., Donora, PA.

Mechanizing the Hand Tool! Powered hand tools. The Porter Cable Machinery Co., Syracuse, NY.

Problem a Day! Scientific think tank works on industrial problems. Midwestern Research Corp., Kansas City.

Jet Powered Flying Windmill! American Helicopter Company, Manhanttan Beach, CA.

Reel #111 (11/26/52)

Bringing Out the Brimstone! Mining and processing sulphur. TX and LA.

Specializing in Steel! Manufacturing steel plates; steel fabrication. Watkins, Inc., Wichita, KS.

Suited for Swimming! Manufacturing swim suits. The "Jantzen swimming girl;" apparel industry. Jantzen Manufacturing Co., Portland, OR.

Plexiglass Freight Car! Manufacturing plexiglass freight car for safety testing. Union Pacific Railroad.

Tiffany of Wood! Manufacturing cabinets of foreign and domestic wood, veneer and plywood. Monteath Lumber Co., Bronx, NY.

Reel # 112 (12/2/52) [RV 507.112]

Aircraft Cookie Cutter! Developing and manufacturing aircraft parts. Wyman-Gordon Co., North Grafton, MA.

Towels by the Ton! Manufacturing paper towels. Brown Paper Co., Berlin, NH.

Tinning Tuna! Processing and canning tunafish. Star-Kist Food Inc., Terminal Island, CA.

Saddle Story! Manufacturing saddles. Hamley and Co., Pendleton, OR.

Reel #113 (12/9/52)

New Speed for the Subs! Manufacturing diesel engines for submarines of U.S. Navy. General Motors Corp., Cleveland, OH and Seaporcel Metals, Long Island City, NY.

Paper Plus! Processing wax paper. Western Wax Paper Co., San Leandro, CA.

Making Good With Make-up! Manufacturing cosmetics. Fuller Products Co., Chicago, IL.

Bovine Buffets! Cattle feeding operation. Phoenix, AZ.

Reel #114 (12/16/52)

Power Plant with Pull! Manufacturing and casting locomotives. Fairbanks Morse Engine Div., Beloit, WI.

Potent Potash! Mining potash. Potash Company of America, Carlsbad, NM.

Packages of Trees! Christmas trees. Halvisin Trees, Inc., northern MN.

Ideas for Sale! Research and development of new products. New Products Research Corp., Boston, MA.

Reel #115 (12/19/52)

Long Road to the Sky! Testing and modifying airplanes for the Air Force. Grand Central Aircraft Corp., Tuscon, AZ.

Organizing the Parade! Making of "Industry on Parade" - filming, post production, distribution. Johnson and Johnson Baby Products Co., NJ and G. W. Johnstone Corp.

Factories Can Be Beautiful! Making factories attractive for workers; surgical dressing manufacturer. Johnson and Johnson, New Brunswick, NJ.

Flies That Fool! Manufacturing fishing flies. L. L. Bean Co., Freeport, ME.

Reel #116 (12/24/52)

Down Goes Mud, Up Comes Oil! Oil well supplies. Mud Control Laboratories, Oklahoma City, OK and Magnet Cove Barium Co., Malvern, AR.

Cleopatra Never Had It So Good! Manufacturing water heaters and tanks. Trageser Copper Works, Maspeth, NY.

Big Wheel! Manufacturing motorcycles. Indian Motorcycle Co., Springfield, MA.

The Vanishing Dinner Pail! Catering service for factories. Slater System, Inc., Philadelphia, PA.

Reel # 117 (1/5/53) [RV 507.117]

Road to Progress! Constructing new streets and roads. Batavia, NY.

Technique for Training! Training aids for U.S. Air Force; military. Technical Training Aids, Inc.

Putting Water Where It's Wanted! Manufacturing fire hydrants. Waterous Co., St. Paul, MN.

Tuneful Toys! Manufacturing musical toys. Mattel Corp., Inglewood, CA.

Reel #118 (1/12/53)

Sand Springs Story! Charles Page's home for widows and orphans. Sand Springs, OK.

The Ancient Meets the Modern! Manufacturing butane table lighters. Evans Case Co., North Attleboro, MA.

Conquest of Copper! Mining and processing copper. Magma Copper Co., Superior, AZ.

Sharing Our Savvy! Sharing industrial knowledge with other countries; industrial and engineering exchange program. Worthington Corp., Harrison, NJ.

Reel #119 (1/19/53) [RV 507.119]

Goodbye Goo! Developing and manufacturing teflon. Dupont, Wilmington, DE.

Factory Farm! Tanks for oil industry and use on Black Angus cattle farm. Tulsa, OK.

Classroom With Class! Building better classrooms; schools. Stanford University, Palo Alto, CA.

Restaurants by the Roadside! Howard Johnson's restaurant; tourism. Brockton, MA.

Reel #120 (1/22/53)

Off the Backs of Men! Manufacturing cranes, hoists, and power shovels. Harnishfeger Corp., Milwaukee, WI.

Pressure Negatives! Manufacturing vacuum tubes and pumps. Consolidated Vaccum Corp., Rochester, NY.

Making the Mark! Labelling and marking company. Markem Machine Co., Keene, NH. 

Sculptress of Safety! Woman artist designs snow tire patterns. Firestone Tire & Rubber Co., Akron, OH.

Reel #121 (1/28/53) [RV 507.121]

Bauxite Build-up! Mining bauxite, for aluminum, in Jamaica. Reynolds Metal Co., Richmond, VA.

Measured by the Atom! Manufacturing beta-ray gauges that use atomic radiation for accurate measurements. Tracerlab, Boston, MA.

Industry in the Spotlight! Putting on industrial shows. Dramaturgy, Inc., Cleveland, OH.

Serving God and Man! Box manufacturing plant employs workers aged sixty and over; senior citizens. Incorporating religion into factory life. Plymouth Co., Plymouth, IN.

Reel #122 ( 2/15/53)

Coal Mining Down on the Farm! Open-pit mining or surface mining. Pittsburgh and Midway Coal Mining Co., KS.

Envelope Enterprise! Manufacturing envelopes; office supplies. Sheppard Envelope Co., Worcester, MA.

The Tilt-Up Techniques! Building new factories with tilt-up techniques; construction. Barrett & Hile, San Francisco, CA.

Saga of the Sardine! Sardine fishing and canning; food industry. ME.

Reel #123 (2/18/53) [RV 507.123]

Life From a Bottle! Red Cross blood bank. Processing whole blood into plasma. Cutter Laboratories, Berkeley, CA.

Concrete That's Cool! New concrete processes. York Construction Co., York, PA.

Where Kings are Customers! Manufacturing specialty automobiles, ambulances, and hearses. Hess and Eisenhardt Manufacturing Co., Cincinnati, OH.

Surface Party! Geological surface team. Carter Oil Co., Yuma Basin, UT.

Reel # 124 ( 2/26/53)

Company Clinic! Health clinics for employees. Manufacturing electrical control equipment and motor controls. Allen Bradley Co., Milwaukee, WI.

Gassing Up! Manufacturing gasoline pumps. Gilbert & Barker Manufacturing Co., West Springfield, MA.

Caring for Currency! Armored car service. Brinks, Inc., Chicago, IL.

In the Clover! Processing four leaf clovers into good luck charms. Daniels Clover Specialty Co., St. Petersburg, FL.

Reel #125 (3/5/53) [RV 507.125]

Serving by Observing! Military aircraft watch for foreign aircraft. Volunteers for Ground Observer Corps, Peoria, IL.

Light On! Traffic and highway lighting. Broadway Maintenance Co., New York, NY.

Taking Pain Out of Painting! Manufacturing paint rollers. E-Z Paint Co., Milwaukee, WI.

Styles in the Aisles! Modeling in the aisles for women factory workers; apparel industry. Fashion Frocks, Inc., Cincinnati, OH.

Reel # 126 (3/12/53)

Exploring by X-Ray! Manufacturing X-ray tubes. X-Ray Dept., General Electric Co., Milwaukee, WI.

Check-up for Connie! Overhauling aircraft. Eastern Airlines, Miami, FL.

Skinning Spuds! Peeling potatoes for consumers; food industry. Sno-Spuds, Inc., Cleveland, OH.

Dynasty of Dolls! Manufacturing glamorous high fashion dolls for girls and boys. Terri Lee Dolls, Apple Valley, CA.

Reel # 127 (3/19/53)

Emblem of Integrity! Manufacturing emblems. American Emblem Co., Utica, NY.

Window Dressing! Display and window dressing. Walter E. Zemitzsch Co., St. Louis.

Leather with Allure! Manufacturing leather for upholstery. NJ.

Woman on Her Way! Inventing by a housewife. Industrial Plastics, Inc., Cleveland, OH.

Reel #128 (3/26/53)

Breath of Life! Portable respirator consists of light plastic shell. J. J. Monaghan Co., Denver, CO.

Sound Systems for Scholars! Manufacturing amplifiers and public address systems for schools. Electronic devices. David Bogen Co., New York, NY.

Manufacturing Macaroni! Making macaroni and spaghetti; food industry. Prince Macaroni Co., Lowell, MA.

Goodbye Grass! Manufacturing power mowers. RPM Manufacturing Co., Lamar, MO.

Reel #129 (4/12/53)

Craft Facts! Popular Mechanics magazine on how to build things including motorized wheelchairs. Chicago, IL.

Making Information Flow! Billing system for Wanamakers Department Store. Visi-Record Inc., Copiague, NY.

Weavers of Wire! Manufacturers of wire and screens. Ludlow Saylor Wire Co., St. Louis, MO.

Houses of the Highway! Manufacturing trailers and trailer homes. Trailor Coach Manufacturers Association, Houston, TX.

Reel #130 (4/9/53)

Ropes of Steel! Manufacturing wire rope. E. H. Edwards Co., San Francisco, CA.

Fabricating Fiber! Manufacturing fiber boxes and paper. Continental Diamond Fibre Co., Bridgeport, PA.

Decorative Dummies! Manufacturing mannequins; apparel industry. American Fixture & Manufacturing Co., St. Louis, MO.

Payload Control! Centralized control system for United Air Lines, Denver, CO.

Reel #131 (4/16/53)

Sealskin Story! Processing seal skins on Pribiloff Islands, AK. Fouke Fur Company, St. Louis, MO.

Steering Power! Manufacturing power steering control. Gemmer Manufacturing Co., Detroit, MI.

Powdered Metallurgy! Metal in powder form. Kwikset Lock Co., Anaheim, CA.

Hitting the Tanbark Trail! A small circus; animals. Entertainment. Mills Brothers Circus, Greenville, OH.

Reel #132 (4/23/53)

Loads Of Limestone! Limestone quarry; limestone used in the manufacture of steel. U.S. Steel Corp., Rogers City, MI.

Sap to Syrup! Processing maple syrup; food industry. Webster Products Co., Jefferson, NH.

Sculpted in Soap! Manufacturing figurines in soap for children. Allen B. Wrisley Co., Chicaco, IL.

Forming the Uniform! Manufacturing band and school uniforms; apparel industry. Uniforms by Ostwald, Staten Island, NY.

Reel #133 (4/30/53)

College for Craftsmen! Hobart School of Welding, Troy, OH.

It All Adds Up! Manufacturing adding machines and precision instruments. Clary Multiplier Corp., San Gabriel, CA.

Bric-a-Brac Research! Research with common gadgets. General Electric Research Laboratory, Schenectady, NY.

Jet Boat! Manufacturing hypo-jet boats and marine engines. Kermath Manufacturing Co., Detroit, MI.

Reel #134 (5/7/53)

Secrets of the Crankcase! Oil for crankcases. Atomic energy in industrial research. Standard Oil Research and Development Laboratory, Richmond, CA.

Everything But the Yodel! Manufacturing and processing Swiss cheese; food industry. Sugar Creek Dairy Co., OH.

The Back of the House! Behind the scenes at world's largest hotel. The Conrad Hilton Hotel, Chicago, IL.

Ideas for Export! Company sends magazines overseas to spread American ideas; publishing. American Express Co.

Reel #135 (5/14/53) [RV 507.135]

Seven Mile Snapshot! Manufacturing lenses and photo equipment. Bell and Howell Co., Lincolnwood, IL.

Gooberville, USA! Peanut factory; food industry. Tom Houston Peanut Co., Columbus, GA.

New Defense Against Fire! Thomas Edison Research Laboratory for Fire Detection, West Orange, NJ.

Hollywood's Strangest Factory! Manufacturing electro-medical and electro-surgical machinery and scientific apparatuses. Fictional machines for Hollywood films. Dallons Laboratories, Hollywood, CA.

Reel #136 (5/21/53)

The War on Polio! Manufacturing polio serum; pharmaceuticals. E. R. Squibb and Sons, New Brunswick, NJ.

Two Thousand Years! Manufacturing pottery and dinnerware. Gladding McBean & Co., Glendale, CA.

A Sandwich, a Salad and a Solution! Conference of businessmen. Shipping and transportation on the Great Lakes. Ore & Coal Exchange, Cleveland, OH.

Introduction to Industry! Factory on campus. Students work through college. Roberts Wesleyan College, Chili Center, NY.

Reel #137 (5/28/53)

Out of the Scrap--and Back In! Recycling used shell casings for the military. Electric Steam Radiator Corp., Paris, KY.

Building Boy-Proof Pants! Pants and work clothes with rubber-enforced knees; apparel industry. Blue Bell Corp., Greensboro, NC.

To Color, Protect and Preserve! Manufacturing varnish, lacquer, paint and shellac. Southern Varnish Corp., Roanoke, VA.

Reel #138 (6/4/53)

Printing Without Type! Electronic type and graphics equipment; photon typesetter machine. Graphic Arts Research Foundation, Cambridge, MA.

Pageant of Plastics! Plastic industry; jewelry. Bakelite Co., Bound Brook, NJ.

Prospecting With a Vacuum Cleaner! Recycling waste gold and making fountain pens. Schaeffer Pen Co., Fort Madison, IA.

Truckers Retreat! Retreat for truck drivers; transportation. Mason and Dixon Trucking Co., New Market, VA.

Reel # 139 (6/11/53) [RV 507.139]

Doctor Atom! Radioactive gold for medical research. Abbott Research Laboratory, Chicago, IL, and Oak Ridge, TN.

Beneficial Bacteria! Yogurt making; food industry. Dannon Milk Products, Long Island City, NY.

Boxes, Cartons and Cases! Manufacturing paperboard and paper boxes. Old Dominion Box Co., Charlotte, NC.

Proof of the Pudding! Testing automobiles. General Motors Autoproving Ground, Detroit, MI.

Reel #140 (6/18/53) [RV 507.140]

Transcendent Transitor! Manufacturing transistors. Raytheon Co, Waltham, MA.

The Old Meets theNew! Manufacturing synthetic fabrics in combination with natural fibers. Schwarzenbach Huber Company, Front Royal, VA.

Spotlight on the Supermarket! Supermarket warehouse. The Dixie Home Stores, Greenville, SC.

Literature for Little Ones! Printing children's books. Western Printing and Lithographing Co., Poughkeepsie, NY.

Reel #141 (6/24/53) [RV 507.141]

Tin Cans to Jet Planes! From manufacturing tin cans to aircraft parts. Continental Can Co., Coffeyville, KS, and Terminal Island, CA

Challenging King Cotton! Poultry raising; agriculture. J. D. Jewell, Inc., Greenville, GA.

Stocking Story! Manufacturing stockings; apparel industry. Women workers get free manicures. Davenport Mills, Chattanooga, TN.

Windfall for the Wayfarer! Hotel reservation services; tourism. Denver Room Service, Inc., Denver, CO.

Reel #142

Incubating a Career! Training at Burgard Vocational High School. Bell Aircraft Corp., Buffalo, NY.

All in the Family! Family business. Vickers Petroleum Corp., Wichita, KS.

Mechanics of a Manicure! Manufacturing manicure accessories and tools. Schneital Brothers Co., Newark, NJ.

Transplanting the Tweetsie! Restoration of old-time railroad. Shenandoah Central Railroad, Shenandoah, VA.

Reel #143 (7/7/53) [RV 507.143]

Retirement in the Afternoon! Living in semi-retirement in Florida. Curt G. Joa, Inc., Sheboygan Falls, WI and Lake Wales, FL.

Lens-making Modernized! Manufacturing glasses and lenses. Bausch and Lomb, Inc., Rochester, NY.

Titan of Trucks! Manufacturing trucks for mining. Henderickson Motor Truck Co., Lyons, IL.

World's Fair Tulsa Style! Oil industry. Tulsa, OK.

Nursery in the Factory! Daycare for working mothers. Fulton Bag and Cotton Mill, Atlanta, GA.

Reel #144 [RV 507.144]

Plastics Go Underground! Manufacturing plastic pipe. Tennessee Eastman Co., Kingsport, TN.

Self-made Yachtsmen! Do-it-yourself boat building. Ladd Built Boats Co., Stockton, CA.

Growers of Gems! Manufacturing industrial gems. Linde Air Products Co., East Chicago, IL.

Magnetic Medicine! Magnets used in medical treatment. General Electric and Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA.

Reel #145 (8/13/53)

A Paradise That Pays! Making Tabasco Sauce; food industry. Mining salt; oil drilling. The International Salt Co. and Humble Oil Co., Avery Island, LA.

Railroad Research! Manufacturer of railway equipment displays products. Atlantic City, NJ.

Makers of Murals! Manufacturing photographic murals. The Film Art Company, Miami, FL.

Brownie Come Home! Breeding Boxer dogs and selling puppies. The Amerbrit Kennels of Hempstead, Hempstead, NY.

Reel #146 (7/30/53)

Wonder Grass! Grass farm; new breed of grass for sod. Summit Hall Turf Farm, Gaithersburg, MD.

Community Crafts! Manufacturing bedspreads; textiles. Cabin Craft Inc., Dalton, GA.

Creation of a Canoe! Canoes made of western red cedar. Old Town Canoe Manufacturing Co., Old Town, ME.

A Honey of a Business! Beekeeping; honey. Food industry. Bessonet Bee Farm, Donaldsonville, LA.

Reel #147 (7/31/53) [RV 507.147]

Factory Farm! Scientific farming; testing seeds. Delta and Pine Land Co., Scott, MS.

Summertime Skiing! Manufacturing water skis; custom molded plywood. Ply-Curves, Inc., Grand Rapids, MI.

The War on Pests! Termite and pest control company. Orkin Exterminating Co., Atlanta, GA.

Motoring of the Future! RCA experimental car model. David Sarnoff Research Laboratory Center, Princeton, NJ.

Reel #148 (8/6/53)

A Friend Indeed! Development of first non-commerical TV station; educational television. Donors: Mr. and Mrs. Roy Cullen. University of Houston, Houston, TX.

Parade of Progress! Parade of progress in industry. General Motors Corporation.

Caretakers of Our Teeth! Researching dental care. Bristol-Myers, Hillside, NJ.

Making Haste With the Waste! Collecting and recycling waste paper. Benner Box Co., Miami, FL.

Reel #149 (8/ /53) [RV 507.149]

Building a City! Suppliers of construction materials, including pre-cast concrete, sand, gravel, crushed stone and ready-mixed concrete. Material Service Corp., Chicago, IL.

Service That's Cool! Cool air pumped into cars at service stations while gasoline is pumped. Continental Oil Company, TX.

Dream Job! Bob Lawrence gets paid for roller skating; manufacturing roller skates. Winchester Roller Skate Co., New Haven, CT.

Mulch from Moss! Processing Spanish moss into mulch for use in gardens. L.M. Joffrion Co., bayous of LA.

Reel #150 (8/27/53)

460 Degrees Below Zero! Consulting industrial research engineering. Arthur D. Little Co., Cambridge, MA.

Exporting an Idea! India considers Dairy Queens; food industry. Dairy Queen, Long Island, NY.

Putting on the Pressure! Manufacturers of oilfield equipment including Ball and Gate valves. Cameron Iron Works, Houston, TX.

Manufactured Menagerie! Manufacturing toy animals made of rubber. Woman inventor. Bain Factory, Peterborough, NH.

Reel #151(9/3/53)

Vision Without Sight! John Hayes built company after losing eyesight; food industry. Fanny Farmer Candy Co., Bedford, MA.

Behind the Brick! Making bricks. Glen Gery Shale Brick Corp., Harrisburg, PA.

Soap from the Sea! Processing kelp for use in manufacturing soap and shampoo. Soil Renewal Products Co., Depoe Bay, OR.

Marsh Buggy! Amphibious vehicle used to carry tools in Louisiana swamps and bayous. Andrew Cheramie Company, LA.

Reel #152 (9/10/53)

The Popular Pickle! Processing cucumbers into dill pickles; food industry. Aunt Jane's Foods, Inc., Creswell, MI.

Changing the Cast! Casting molds for rockets, bazookas, and shells. Norwalk Lock Company, South Norwalk, CT.

The Oyster and the Egg! Processing oyster shells to provide calcium for poultry. Houston Shell Builder Plant, Houston, TX and Galveston Bay, TX.

Workmen of the Cloth! Course in industrial management relationships. Divinity students learn by working in steel mills and on railroad gangs. Boston University School of Theology, Boston, MA.

Reel # 153 (9/17/53) [RV 507.153]

Columns of Light! Manufacturing fluorescent lamps. Sylvania Electric Products, Inc., Danvers, MA.

Wedding of the Fibers! Synthetic fibers; blending of dynel and wool. Textiles.

Rice A-Plenty! Processing rice. American Rice Milling Co., Crowley, LA.

Books for the Blind! Books in Braille. American Printing House for the Blind, Louisville, KY.

No Reel #154 (9/24/53)

Reel #155 (10/1/53)

Elusive Aluminum! Bauxite mining; processing aluminum. Bauxite, AR.

Building a Battery! Manufacturing batteries. Gould National Battery Co., St. Paul, MN.

Trackless Train! Manufacturing earth moving equipment and trackless trains. R. G. LeTourneau, Longview, TX.

With an Eye on the Future! Fishing school for children. Manufacturing fishing supplies and equipment. Wright and McGill, Denver, CO.

Reel #156 (10/8/53) [RV 507.156]

Before the Concert! Making pianos. Steinway and Sons, Long Island, NY.

Fingers That Cannot Feel! Mechanical graspers delicate enough to grasp an egg without breaking. General Mills, Minneapolis, MN.

Gathering the Grapes! Harvesting grapes for juice; food industry. Welch's Grape Juice, Springdale, AR.

Country Club Factory! Country club built by and for workers. Diamond Alkali Co., Houston, TX.

Reel #157 (10/15/53) [RV 507.157]

Reading the Mind of a Machine! Manufacturing digital computer systems. Young workers making computers. Remington Rand, Inc., Philadelphia, PA.

Increasing Nature's Riches! Growing alfalfa for food substances. Nutrilite Alfala Farms, Hement Valley, CA.

Transplanted Neighborhood! Moving neighborhood for new highway; urban renewal. J. W. Hartshorne Co., Long Island, NY.

Behind the Bow and Arrow! Ben Pearson; manufacturing bows and arrows. Sports. Pine Bluff, AR.

Reel #158 (10/22/53)

And Two Straws! Processing and bottling soft drinks. Coca-Cola, Atlanta, GA.

Throuqh the Mill! Timber cutting and processing into lumber. Reseeding. Crossett Lumber Co., AK.

Switch Hitter! Manufacturing automobile and plane parts. Conversion from military to civilian production and back. General Motors, Kansas City.

Science of the Soil! Preparing land for farming and cattle feeding. Idea Cement Co., Laporte, CO.

Reel #159 (10/29/53)

Limestone in the Limelight! Cutting limestone used for facing on houses. Indiana Limestone Co., Bedford, IN.

Supermarket in the Home! Watkins products (including spices) delivered to the house. Watkins, Winona, MN.

Quick Trip! Manufacturing brake drums; using scrap metal. Wheland Foundry, Chattanooga, TN.

Shrimp Boat's A-Coming! Catching and processing shrimp in the Gulf of Mexico. TX.

Reel #160 (11/5/53) [RV 507.160]

Converts to Capitalism! Manufacturing refrigerators. Celebrating American capitalism over communal living. Amana Society, Amana, IA.

Learning the Facts About Forks! Training to use fork lifts. Clark Equipment Co., Battle Creek and Jackson, MI.

Power Under Control! Manufacturing Delta power tools. Rockwell Manufacturing Co., Tupelo, MS.

Mrs. Schaible's Mirrors! Minuscule mirror research. General Electric Laboratory, Schenectady, NY.

Reel #161 (11/12/53) [RV 507.161]

Going Up! History and engineering of elevators. Otis Elevator Co., Yonkers, NY.

Doc Seron's Sagacity! Manufacturing eyeglass holders. Joliet, IL.

Yard-size Tractor! Manufacturing "Yard Hand" tractor. Hiller Engineering Corp., Emeryville, CA.

Sweet Stuff! Manufacturing sorghum molasses. Songster's Sorghum Mill, KY.

Reel #162 (11/19/53)

Behind the Druggist! Pharmacists. Apothecary in Williamsburg, VA and Rexall Drug Co., Los Angeles, CA.

School for Bankers! Training for bank employees. National City Bank of New York.

Putting Color in Our Lives! Silkscreening on textiles. Castle Creek Prints, Inc., Washington, NJ.

Wagon Works! Manufacturing wagons. Huntingburg Wagon Works Co., Huntingburg, IN.

Reel #163 ( 11/26/53)

They Do Our Shopping! Auctioning fruit. The Brown and Seccomb Fruit Auction, New York, NY.

Gearing Up a Nation! Making gears. Western Gear Works Manufacturing Co., Los Angeles, CA.

Hidden Talent! Electronic aircraft equipment. United Control Corp., Seattle, WA.

Squeeze Aboard! Manufacturing miniature trains. Miniature Train Corp., Rensselaer, IN.

Reel #164 (12/3/53)

It's the Berries! Processing cranberries; food industry. National Cranberry Association Plant, Hanson, MA.

On the Map! Published maps and notes for safety of American air traffic. Captain E. P. Jepperson and Co., Denver, CO.

Product with a Pull! Permanent magnets. Indiana Steel Products Co., Valparaiso, IN.

Artistry in Industry! Display of home furnishings produced by American companies. Designers: A. F. Arnold and Joseph Zalewski. Printer: Davis-Delaney. Museum of Modern Art, New York, NY.

Reel #165 (12/10/53) [RV 507.165]

Lights, Action, Camera! Manufacturing cameras for American motion pictures. Mitchell Camera Corp., Glendale, CA.

Introduction to Sound! Making hearing aids and acoustic instruments for medical research. Maico Co., Minneapolis, MN.

In the Screws! Manufacturing screws. Continental Screw Co., New Bedford, MA.

Hunters' Retreat! Game shooting; sports. Marshall Field and Co., IL.

Reel #166 (12/16/53)

Filling the Facts! Processing microfilm for storage in old mine at Iron Mountain in NY. American Microfilming Service, New Haven, CT.

Pushing Out the Pipe! Manufacturing seamless steel pipe for oil fields. Colorado Fuel and Iron Corp., Pueblo, CO.

Crutch Craft! Manufacturing crutches and lawn furniture. Henniker Crutch Co., Warner, NH.

New Parts for Antiques! Collecting auto parts, surplus tanks, trucks, and other used parts. Northwestern Auto Parts, Minneapolis, MN.

Reel #167 (12/22/53)

Springtime Is Anytime! Manufacturing springs. Torrington Manufacturing Co., Torrington, CT.

The Carillon Meets the Electron! Manufacturing carillons for churches. Maas-Rowe Carillons, Los Angeles, CA.

History of a House! Legal record of property; Great Fire of 1871. Chicago Title and Trust Co., Chicago, IL.

Sitting Bull's Last Stand! Peter Meindl, a German woodcarver, making cigar store wooden Indians. NH.

Reel #168 (12/29/53)

Preparing for Disaster! Manufacturing cots and stretchers for disasters. Simmons Machine Tool Co., Albany, NY.

Timely Tiles! Using silkscreen process to apply designs to ceramic tiles. Pacific Tile and Porcelain Co., Paramount, CA.

Twinkling Textiles! Processing aluminum for tarnish-proof thread and yarn; apparel industry. Metlon Corp., NY.

Franklin's Comeback! A non-profit organization rejuvinates mill town. Franklin Developments, Franklin, NH.

Reel #169 (1/6/54)

No Medal for Walter! Smoke meter to monitor smoke and smog. Keystone Wire and Steel Co., Peoria, IL.

Shaping the Chapeau! Making women's hats in Manhattan's garment district; apparel industry. Lilly Dache Salon and Beechhurst Hats, Inc. New York, NY.

In the Race! Manufacturing miniature precision racer bearings. Miniature Bearing Co., Keene, NH.

A Business is Born! Manufacturing stuffed animals for children. Two women parishoners started business. St. James Episcopal Church, Albion, MI.

Reel #170 (1/13/54) [RV 507.170]

Pride of Nashville! Astronomical telescope. Arthur J. Dyer Observatory, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN.

Designed from the Inside! Railroad workers redesign main repair shops. Chesapeake and Ohio Railway, Huntington, WV.

Artistry in the Factory! The art of the silversmith. Gorham Manufacturing Co., Providence, RI.

Sapolin Paints! Research and experimentation result in formulas for specialized paints. Sapolin Paints, Inc., Brooklyn, NY.

No Reel #171 (1/20/54)

Reel #172 (1/27/54) [RV 507.172]

Coaxing Along the Avocado! Tour of the eastern avocado region. Harold E. Kendall Nurseries, Goulds, FL.

Glass Craft! Hand-blown glass. Blenko Glass Co., Milton, WV.

Shopping Shift! Designing suburban shopping centers. Architect: Lothrop Douglass, Yonkers, NY.

Playground in the Aisles! Recreation during lunch hour; employees play games in factory aisles. North American Aviation, Los Angeles, CA.

Reel #173 (2/3/54)

Easier Rolling on the Rails! Manufacturing bearings for freight cars. The Timkin Co., American Car and Foundry Co., Huntington, WV.

Furniture of the Future! Cardboard furniture. Dallas Smith Corp., Indianapolis, IN.

Down to the Bare Metal! Designing and building mechanical washers for animal cages and other metal parts. Metalwash Machinery Corp., Elizabeth, NJ.

Building in the Bounce! Manufacturing rubber basketballs; sports. Voit Rubber Corp., Los Angeles, CA.

Reel #174 (2/10/54) [RV 507.174]

Supplies for the Scientist! Educational science materials. Ward's Natural Science Establishment, Rochester, NY.

Judgment Day! The cutting of fruit and vegetables judged by fellow canning workers; food industry. Canners League of California, San Francisco, CA.

Timer of Tools! "Toolometer" monitors wear and tear on tools electronically. Cross Co., Detroit, MI.

Miniature Menagerie! Manufacturing rubber dolls and animals. Rempel Manufacturing Corp., Akron, OH.

Reel #175 (2/17/54)

X-ray on the Spot! Manufacturing portable X-ray unit. Picker Corp., Cleveland, OH.

Practice Drill! Training for oil industry. Sowela Vocational Technical School, Lake Charles, LA.

On Guard! Weekend security guards; protection for industry. General Plant Protection Co., CA.

Fascination of a Factory! Dutch businessmen examine American factory methods in production of resilient flooring and carpets. Armstrong Cork Corp.

Reel #176 (2/24/54) [RV 507.176]

Scientists of Tomorrow! Manufacturing toy chemical and biological sets for children. Porter Chemical Co., Hagerstown, MD.

The Big Lift! Manufacturing industrial tongs. Heppenstall Co., Pittsburgh, PA.

Guidance for Greenhorns! Manufacturing patterns and plans for do-it-yourself projects. Easi-Bild Patterns Co., Pleasantville, NY.

John Q. Public, Movie Mogul! Home movies; adding credits and editing. Telefilm, Inc., Hollywood, CA.

Reel #177 (3/6/54)

Picture Pronto! Uses and reasons behind instant photography. Polaroid Corp., Cambridge, MA.

Eating Cotton! Manufacturing raw cottonseed oil. Wesson Oil and Snowdrift Plant, New Orleans, LA.

Chain Craft! Manufacturing chains. Round Woodhouse Chain Manufacturing Co., Trenton, NJ.

In the Old Tradition! Making bagpipes; musical instruments. William Wallace, Sacramento, CA.

Reel #178 (3/13/54)

Finger on the Future! Creating mock-ups, models, templates of new cars. Engineering new automobile models. Studebaker Corp., South Bend, IN.

Reno Keeps Rolling! Nonprofit organization builds skiing facilities outside Reno. Reno Ski, Reno, NV.

Convenient Coal! Coal dispensing machinery; truck removes ashes. Barrows Coal Co., Brattleboro, VT.

Science in the Suds! Research laboratory for laundry. Fabrics tested for color fastness. American Institute of Laundry, Joliet, IL.

Reel #179 (3/18/54)

Bags by the Billion! Manufacturing paper bags. Union Bag and Paper Co., Savannah, GA.

Long Distance Engineering! Designing and constructing test models of oil refineries. Dismantling and crating models for shipment. The Fluor Corp., Los Angeles, CA.

Yeast by the Yard! Producing yeast for bread; food industry. Anheuser-Busch, St. Louis, MO.

Getting the Green Light! Manufacturing and installing traffic lights. Crouse-Hinds Co., Syracuse, NY.

Reel #180 (3/27/54)

World News Center! Print and broadcast journalistic processes. National Press Club, Washington, DC.

To Make a Desert Bloom! Large scale irrigation. Johnston Pump Co., Pasadena, CA.

Part of the Team! Making and refrigerating butter; interdependance between industries. Hoosier Cardinal Corp, Evansville, IN.

It's the Nuts! Machines break shells and remove kernels from black walnuts; food industry. Hammons Products Co., Stockton, MO.

Reel #181 (4/13/54)

Petroleum Progress! Petroleum refining process. Lion Oil Co., El Dorado, AR.

Copying Without Carbon! Manufacturing carbonless carbon paper. National Cash Register Co., Dayton, OH.

A Town Is Born! Mining town; developing community through industry. Anaconda Copper Co., Weed Heights, NV.

Worth the Candle! Manufacturing candles. Will and Baumer Candle Co., Syracuse, NY.

Reel #182 (4/10/54)

Growing on Granite! Crushing granite for poultry food supplement and soil conditioning. Hybro-tite, Stone Mountain, Lithonia, GA.

Security in Steel! Manufacturing electronic security systems, safes, and safe deposit doors. Mosler Safe Co., Hamilton, OH.

Memphis Moves Ahead! Reclaiming waste land; environment. Memphis, TN.

Zipper Zealots! Manufacturing zippers. Conmar Products Corp.,Newark, NJ.

Reel #183 (4/17/54)

For a Firmer Footing! Manufacturing hardwood floors. E. L. Bruce Co., Memphis, TN.

Daredevil Diner! Men who rivet metal beams and girders for skyscrapers. Schacht Steel Construction Co., Hillside, NJ.

Snapshot Story! Photo development. Stanley Photo Service, St. Louis, MO.

Country Cure! Ellis Henry's smokehouses and country-cured ham; food industry. KY.

Reel #184 (4/24/54) [RV 507.184]

Wandering Laboratory! Testing equipment at sea. Sperry Gyroscope Co., Great Neck, NY.

Handicraft of Hawaii! Making trays and tables of Hawaiian woods. Woods of Hawaii Co., HI.

Radiators of Glass! New heating system using glass. Blue Ridge Glass Corp., Kingsport, TN, and Titeflex, Inc., Springfield, MA.

Automatic Office! Company president's office in modern building. Eliot Springs Cotton Mills, Fort Mill, SC.

Reel #185 (4/28/54)

Elusive "Molly'! Mining molybdenum. Climax Molybdenum Co., Climax, CO.

Walls of Wood! Manufacturing fine wood that can be handled like wallpaper. Mengel Co., Louisville, KY.

Cutting Up in New England! Newsclipping service. The New England Newsclip Service, Boston, MA.

Wall Street Moves to Main Street! Brokers' offices on buses owned by brokerage firm. Merrill, Lynch, Pierce, Fenner, and Blane, New York, NY.

Reel #186 (5/4/54)

Wood Lore! Yale School of Forestry on location. Crossett Lumber Co., Crossett, AR.

Sail Saga! Making and repairing sails. White Stag Co., Portland, OR.

Doctors of Design! Consulting firm redesigns automatic nailing machine. Designers for Industry, Cleveland, OH.

Retiring to a New Career! Rock Cornish Game Hens bred by retired businessman Jacques Makowsky; poultry. Pomfret Center, CT.

Reel #187 (5/12/54) [RV 507.187]

Carrying the Cars! Transporting cars by auto carriers. National Association of Auto Transportation Co. Flint, MI.

Shoes for the Stars! Manufacturing ballet toe shoes; dance. Capezio Co.

United in the Spring! Manufacturing electrical insulation. Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company, St. Paul, MN.

Builders of Bats! Manufacturing plywood baseball bats. Joe Engel Co., Chattanooga, TN.

Reel #188 (5/18/54) [RV 507.188]

Working for a Welcome! Building a new cellulose plant; wood products. Rayonnier, Inc., Jessup, GA.

Tagged Out! Manufacturing paper tags. Dennison Manufacturing Co., Framingham, MA.

Spigots Without Spatter! Making modern aerated faucets; plumbing. Union Brass and Metal Co., St. Paul, MN.

Every Man a Rembrandt! Manufacturing painting sets with numbers; hobby. Palmer Paint Co., Detroit, MI.

Reel #189 (5/26/54) [RV 507.189]

Bark, but No Bite! Manufacturing blank grenades and mines for military training. Monarch Manufacturing Co., Fort Worth, TX.

Perennial Pleaser! Manufacturing ice cream cones; food industry. Crispo Cake Cone Co., St. Louis, MO.

Washing without Water! Manufacturing waterless cleanser for industry. Soap, synthetic cleansers, skin cream, lotion. Sugar Beet Products Co., Saginaw, MI.

Gems in the Dust! Housewife makes jewelry out of coal. Harlan County, KY.

Reel #190 (6/2/54)

15,000,000 Years Underground! Mining and manufacturing diatomite products. Johns Manville Co., Lompoc, CA.

Succeeding with Savvy! Small autoparts company survives by ingenuity alone. Wohlert Corp., Lansing, MI.

Mill on a Ranch! Flour mill on ranch; brown bread made from cottonseed hulls. Food industry. Silver Spur Ranch, TX.

Stamp Story! Stamp collectors buy and sell at auction. H. R. Harmer, Inc., New York, NY.

Reel #191 (6/9/54)

Pipe from a Centrifuge! Manufacturing cast-iron pipe by centrifugal casting. Cast Iron Pipe Research Association, Birmingham, AL.

Wrestling with Wrinkles! Auto body repair shop. Unger and Wilhelm.

Photographed in Electricity! Dry electrostatic photographic process. Battelle Memorial Institute, Columbus, OH.

Craftsmen of the Carousel! Manufacturing merry-go-rounds for amusement parks. Arrow Development Co., Mountain View, CA.

Reel #192 (6/15/54) [RV 507.192]

Advancing with the Atom! Radioactive isotope laboratory and plant mutation project. University of Michigan Radiation Laboratory, Ann Arbor, MI.

Versatile Plastic! Manufacturing cast plastic materials, including marbelized colored plants. Marblette Corp., Long Island, NY.

More Power to the Householder! Manufacturing snow shovels and power lawn mowers for small yards. Jacobsen Manufacturing Co., Racine, WI.

Taking Stock! Shareholders' meeting for Matson Lines held on board flagship Lurline.

Reel #193 (6/22/54)

Grandpa 's First Car! Automobile museum. Thompson Products Auto Album, Cleveland, OH.

A Break for Coffee! Processing and packaging coffee; food industry. Nestle Co., Freehold, NJ.

Twentieth Century Apprenticeships! Trade school (apprenticeship) for electrical work. Washington Water and Power Co., Spokane, WA.

Wiser than the Owl! Research laboratory for animal behavior. Animal Behavior Enterprise, Hot Springs, AR.

Reel #194 (7/3/54)

To Give Us More Miles! Testing gasoline mileage in automobiles using Mobil gasoline. American Automobile Association. From Los Angeles, CA to Sun Valley, ID.

Academy for Artists! Correspondence education for artists. Art Instruction, Inc., Minneapolis, MN.

Fabricated Firewood! Manufacturing Presto logs from sawdust for firewood. Weyerhauser Timber Co., Longview, WA.

Hospitality, Old Style! Resort hotel specializes in hospitality; tourism. Treadway Inns, Cape Cod, MA.

Reel #195 (7/7/54)

City of Oil! World's first oil well. Quaker State Oil Co., Titusville, PA.

Very Special Customers! Manufacturing orthopedic shoes for sport and dress; apparel industry. Field and Flint Co., Brockton, MA.

Water Out of the Air! Manufacturing silica gel compound. Davison Chemical Corp., Baltimore, MD.

Timed by the Camera! Camera measures speed of moving objects during sporting events. Beckman and Whitely, Inc., San Carlos, CA.

Reel #196 (7/13/54)

Big Boy! Railroading through the Rockies on the Big Boy steam locomotive. Union Pacific Railroad, Cheyenne, WY.

Pictures in the Air! Fax machines used for news distribution; office equipment. International Wire Service.

Precision Aplenty! Manufacturing watches and clocks. U.S. Time Corp., Waterbury, CT.

Junior Bankers! Educational banking with teenage employees. Bank of Belmont Shores, East Long Beach, CA.

Reel #197 (7/20/54) [RV 507.197]

Motoring on High! Aerocar. Making an automobile into an airplane. Moulton Taylor, Longview, WA.

Recipe for Reassurance! Safety and health testing. Haskell Laboratory for Toxicology and Industrial Medicine, E. I. DuPont de Nemours, Newark, DE.

Soak, Don't Sprinkle! Manufacturing lawn sprinklers. Scovill Manufacturing Co., Waterbury, CT.

Music Makers of Tomorrow! Children's orchestra. New England Conservatory of Music, Boston, MA.

Reel #198 (7/26/54)

Saving the Scraps! Using metal scraps to make new parts. Lukens Steel Company, Coatesville, Pennsylvania.

America's Most Popular Game! Manufacturing bowling pins and equipment.  Brunswick-Balke-Collender Co., Muskegon, MI.

What's in a Grind! Manufacturing abrasives. Grinding wheels and sandpaper. Norton Manufacturing Co., Worcester, MA.

Stacking Them Up! Parking cars with automated garage and car compartments. Pigeonhole Parking, Los Angeles, CA.

Reel #199 (8/7/54)

Lumber Lab! Research laboratory. Western Pine Association, Portland, OR.

House of Spice! Spices; food industry. Employee-run Junior Board of Directors. McCormick & Co., Baltimore, MD.

Design of Door! Designers and engineers of doors; construction. International Steel Co., Evansville, IN.

Learning Life by Living It! A place of work for troubled adolescents. George Junior Republic School, Dryden, NY.

Reel #200 (8/14/54) [RV 507.200]

Sweet Ship! Processing sugar cane and shipping it on Matson Line. Hilo Sugar Plantation, HI.

To the Victor! Manufacturing trophies; sports awards. L.G. Balfour Co., Attleboro, MA.

Portable Offices! Manufacturing portable offices. Arnot-Jamestown, Division of Aetna Steel Products Corp., Jamestown, NY.

Yachting Ashore! Manufacturing mobile homes called "land yatchs." Travel; tourism. Saginaw Manufacturing Co., Saginaw, MI.

Reel #201 (8/21/54) [RV 507.201]

Transporting an Inferno! Manufacturing cinder pots for molten waste. Mackintosh-Hemphill, Midland, PA.

Power Steering for the Tractor! Manufacturing power steering for tractors. Dunbar Kapple, Geneva, IL.

On Behalf of the Birds! Manufacturing bird feeders, houses, and accessories. Hyde Bird Feeder Co., Waltham, MA.

Saving Young Lives! Bicycle safety program for children. Manufacturing men's toiletries and hair curlers. Mennen Co., Morristown, NJ.

Reel #202 (8/28/54)

Shares in the Future! Employees receive shares in company. Sun Oil Co., Philadelphia, PA.

Fur-making in the Home! Do-it-yourself trend; apparel industry. Harry Jay Treu, furrier, New York, NY.

Class Ring! Making class rings; jewelry. Herff-Jones Co., Indianapolis, IN.

Architects of Goose Pimples! Manufacturing amusement park rides. Safety testing. Eyerly Aircraft Co., Salem, OR.

Reel #203 (9/4/54) [RV 507.203]

The Sturdy Sweepers! Constructing wooden mine sweepers. Bellingham Shipyards, Bellingham, WA.

Easy Move! Transporting household goods. Allied Van Lines, Mt. Kisco, NY.

Versatility of the Magnet! Using the magnet in industry. Motors, cranes, and electric controls. Stearns Magnetic Corp., Milwaukee, WI.

Farming Under Water! George Herndon, retired entrepreneur, and his goldfish hatchery. Ruddels Mill, KY.

No Reels #204-210

Reel #211 (10/30/54)

Pennsylvania Manufacturing proplusion cans for home use; aerosols. Crown Cork and Seal Co., Philadelphia, PA.

Oregon Manufacturing diving boards. Swimming; sports. S. R. Smith Co., Portland, OR.

Utah Manufacturing raw rubber, both synthetic and natural. Thermoid Western Co., Nephi, UT.

Indiana Chickens raised in abandoned limestone mine; food industry. Martin Hatchery, Ramsey, IN.

Reel #212 (11/6/54)

Washington Echo sounder used to check Puget Sound depths. Honeywell Marine Equipment, Minneapolis, MN.

Wisconsin Manufacturing miniature toy cars from automobile blueprints. Product Miniature Company, Milwaukee, WI.

Hawaii Vanda orchids sent to CA; horticulture. Hawaii, HI.

Ohio Churches in trailers for migratory workers; religion. National Council of Churches of Christ in America, Givens, OH.

Reel #213 (11/13/54)

California Hollywood recording studio; making phonograph records. Capitol Records, Hollywood, CA.

Pennsylvania Manufacturing saws. Henry Disston and Sons, Philadelphia, PA.

Massachusetts Manufacturing codfish and other glues; office supplies. Le Page's, Gloucester, MA.

Illinois Man shows films to sick children. International Harvester Co., Chicago, IL.

Reel #214 (11/20/54)

Massachusetts Reenactors at first iron works built in the Western Hemisphere on Saugus Creek in Massachusetts, 1645. Restored by American Iron and Steel Institute, MA.

Utah Processing carbon dioxide into dry ice for use at soda fountains and in fire extinguishers. Carbon Dioxide & Chemical Co., Wellington, UT.

Washington Manufacturing "mechanical pack horse" used to transport camping equipment. Merry Manufacturing Co., Edmonds, WA.

Maryland Processing crabs in packing plants on eastern shore of Maryland; African American women workers. Food industry. Crisfield, MD.

Reel #215 (11/27/54)

Ohio Manufacturing electronic organs. Baldwin Piano Co., Cincinnati, OH.

Maryland Processing shell into button blanks. B. Schwanda and Sons, Denton, MD.

Minnesota Making canned and frozen chow mein. Chung King Foods, Duluth, MN.

New York Manufacturing "Bird-e-vict" to frighten birds. Making answering machines and portable tape recorders. Mohawk Business Machines Corp., Brooklyn, NY.

Reel #216 (12/4/54)

Wisconsin Ship-building and diversified manufacturing. Manitowoc Co., Manitowoc, WI.

Connecticut Manufacturing typewriters. Underwood Typewriter Co., Hartford, CT.

Washington Manufacturing prefabricated log cabins. Austin & Erickson Co., WA.

Iowa Management and labor councils. Maytag Manufacturing Co., Newton, IA.

Reel #217 (12/11/54) [RV 507.217]

Missouri New home design around central air conditioning by Carrier Corp. Oak Estates, St. Louis, MO.

Connecticut Manufacturing brushes. The Fuller Brush Co., Hartford, CT.

Illinois Watch-making and designing school. Elgin National Watch Co., Elgin, IL.

Washington Dyeing art learned by Mr. and Mrs. G. Barber while teaching in Indian schools; textiles. Barber's Handweaving Shop, Bellingham, WA.

Reel #218 (12/18/54)

Wisconsin Insurance company policies cover heavy construction projects. Mutual of Wausau Insurance, Wausau, WI.

Oregon Manufacturing fork trucks and lifting equipment by Hyster Co., Portland, OR and used by Old Colony Paint & Chemical Co., Los Angeles, CA.

Utah Making guns. Easton Rifle and Tool Co., Salt Lake City, UT.

Connecticut The oldest little red schoolhouse in the country. Woodstock, CT.

Reel #219 (12/25/54) [RV 507.219]

New York Researching new breeds of flowers; horticulture. Jackson and Perkins Research Laboratory, Newark, NY.

Utah Manufacturing crystal used in naval equipment. King Laboratory, Inc., Salt Lake City, UT.

New Jersey Manufacturing machines to make cardboard products. Langston Manufacturing Co., Camden, NJ.

Iowa Better Homes and Gardens test kitchen; cooking. Meredith Publishing Co., Des Moines, IA.

Reel #220 (1/1/55) [RV 507.220]

Venezuela Modern industrial and agricultural technology. Introduced by Creole Petro Corp., Maracaibo, Venezuela. Economically linked to Iowa Manufacturing Co., Cedar Rapids, IA.

Washington Manufacturing aircraft for crop-dusting. Central Lamson Corp., Yakima, WA.

Missouri Brick making. A. P. Green Firebrick Co., Mexico, MO.

Indiana Making masks for Halloween and masquerade parties; children. Bayshore Industries, Inc., Elkton, MO.

Reel #221 (1/8/55)

New Jersey Manufacturing electric hands for disabled individuals. Lionel Corp., Irvington, NJ.

Hawaii Growing and processing Kona coffee; food industry. Island of Hawaii, HI.

Ohio Manufacturing hydraulic pumps to supply fuel and de-icing fluid to aircraft. Romec, Division of Lear, Inc., Elyria, OH.

Alabama Cobweb paintings; woman artist. Mrs. Anne Clopton, Huntsville, AL.

Reel #222 (1/15/55)

Iowa Manufacturing electronic equipment for use on land, sea, and air. Collins Radio Co., Cedar Rapids, IA.

Massachusetts Fourteen-year-old girl as teenage tycoon. Rosalind Moger, Boston, MA.

Pennsylvania Joel Woolman, milk man; dairy products. Supplee-Wills-Jones Milk Co., Philadelphia, PA.

Utah Exploring industrial center on outskirts of city. Salt Lake City, UT.

Reel #223 (1/22/55) [RV 507.223]

New York The principle of suspending glass walls; architectural design. Manufacturers Trust Co., New York, NY.

Missouri Cleaning, drying, mixing, and storing grain; agriculture. Elam Grain Elevators, St. Louis, MO.

Ohio Making year round air conditioners. C. A. Olsen Manufacturing Co., Elyria, OH.

Washington Making salmon sausage called Samolony; food industry. Williams Brothers, Bellingham, WA.

Reel #224 (1/29/55) [RV 507.224]

California Supplying pure water through private industry. San Jose Water Works Co., San Jose, CA.

Missouri Manufacturing safety equipment for power companies. A.B. Chance Co., Centralia, MO.

Ohio Laminating plastic and formica for do-it-yourselfers. Formica Co., Cincinnati, OH.

New York Home baked beans processed in New York; food industry. Grandma Brown's Baked Beans, Mexico, NY.

Reel #225 (2/5/55) [RV 507.225]

Missouri Developing dwarf apple tree; agriculture. Stark Brothers Nurseries and Orchards Co., Louisiana, MO.

California Camera takes photographs of people cashing checks; security. The Richardson Camera Co., Burbank, CA.

Maryland Manufacturing night flares for stalled cars, trains, and trucks. Fusee, Inc., Easton, MD.

Utah Headwear for infants; apparel industry. Tiny Tot Bonnet Co., Provo, UT.

Reel #226 (2/12/55)

New Jersey First motion picture studio. Thomas Edison Museum, West Orange, NJ.

Ohio Manufacturing glass products. Anchor-Hocking Glass Corp., Lancaster, OH.

Wisconsin Manufacturing television electronic parts and printed circuits. Globe Union, Inc., Milwaukee, WI.

Missouri Recreation for children in community. Northwestern Bank, St. Louis, MO.

Reel #227 (2/19/55)

Illinois Manufacturing wooden barrels. Pioneer Cooperage Co., Chicago, IL.

New York Soil-resistant carpet. Mohawk Carpet Mills, Amsterdam, NY.

Washington Automated fish processing plant. Smith Cannery, La Conner, WA.

Michigan General Motors celebration used closed-circuit television to reach 50 cities. Theater Network Television, Flint, MI.

No Reel #228

Reel #229 (3/5/55) [RV 507.229]

Kansas Changing conditions on American farms; agriculture. Topeka, KS.

Florida Flying from Miami International Airport to Latin America; travel. Miami, FL.

New York Hearing aids built into eyeglass frames. Otarian, Dobbs Ferry, NY.

Illinois Pancake skillet machine; cooking. Quaker Oats Company, Chicago, IL.

Reel #230 (3/12/55) [RV 507.230]

Illinois Mail order catalogue production. Sears, Roebuck & Co., Chicago, IL.

Pennsylvania Manufacturing chocolate candies. Hershey Chocolate Corp., Hershey, PA.

Utah Manufacturing new equipment for laundry industry. Western Laundry Press Co., Salt Lake City, UT.

Ohio Drive-in restaurant with electronic controls to deliver orders from car to kitchen. The Explorers' Restaurant, Columbus, OH.

Reel #231 (3/19/55) [RV 507.231]

Pennsylvania John Stamy's electrified dairy farm. Newville, PA.

Oklahoma Petroleum industry campaigns against air pollution. John Zink Co., Tulsa, OK.

Missouri Manufacturing polyethylene plastic containers for food products; storage. Central States Paper and Bag Co. and Hunter Packing Co., St. Louis, MO.

Illinois Intravenous feeding; medicine; hospitals. Abbott Pharmceutical Laboratories, North Chicago, IL.

Reel #232 (3/26/55)

Missouri Manufacturing vending machines designed to handle perishable foods. Vendo Company, Kansas City, MO.

Massachusetts Manufacturing DevCon plastic-steel mixture. Chemical Development Co., Danvers, MA.

Kentucky Marketing research by Stewart Dougall and Associates, New York. General Electric, Louisville, KY.

Hawaii Growing, marketing, and processing Macadamia nuts; food industry. Honokaa, HI.

Reel #233 (4/2/55)

Nebraska Manufacturing refrigerator components and manhole covers. Paxton-Mitchell Co., Omaha, NE.

New York Manufacturing contact lenses; vision. Obrig Laboratories, New York, NY.

Florida Decorator fabrics from unlikely materials. Vic-Roth Weavers, Miami, FL.

Oregon Manufacturing vehicle called "Sno-cat." Tucker Sno-cat Corp., Medford, OR.

Reel #234 (4/9/55)

California Manufacturing Pogo plane that can take off or land anywhere. Consolidated Aircraft Corp., San Diego, CA.

Maryland Manufacturing frit for ceramics. Pemco Corp., Baltimore, MD.

Oregon Traffic school for drivers of Pacific Telephone and Telegraph Co., Portland, OR.

Illinois Strip farming leaving patches of submarginal land provides food and cover for game birds. Environment; hunting. Olin Mathieson Chemical Corp., IL.

Reel #235 (4/16/55) [RV 507.235]

Texas Process of milling rice; food industry. Converted Rice, Inc., Houston, TX.

Pennsylvania Incorporating safety guards into power tools. Dewalt, Inc., Lancaster, PA.

Mississippi Making sewer pipes. W. S. Dickey Clay Manufacturing Co., Meridian, MS.

Washington Vertically opening Venetian blinds. Norco Metal Products Co., Seattle, WA.

Reel #236 (4/23/55)

Oregon Laminating process makes small strips of lumber into beams. Kiln-dried lumber. Timber Structures, Inc., Portland, OR.

Illinois Making old railroad tracks into everything from garden furniture to tractors. Recycling. LaCiede Steel Co., Madison, IL.

Utah Making vacuum tubes. Eitel-McCullough, Inc., Salt Lake City, UT.

Florida Hydroponics, farming in water. Flagler Hydroponics, Miami, FL.

Reel #237 (4/30/55) [RV 507.237]

Washington Hanford atomic operations program run by General Electric. Atomic safety program. Atomic Energy Commission, Richland, WA.

Indiana Research and development laboratories for railroad cars. Pullman Standard Car Manufacturing Co., Hammond, IN.

Texas Electronic control of flow values in oil and gas wells. Magnetic Industries, Inc., Houston, TX.

Pennsylvania Retired nurse raises goats and develops milking business; food industry. Waynesboro, PA.

Reel #238 (5/7/55)

Mississippi Manufacturing lounge chairs. Stratolounger, Inc., Okolona, MS.

Utah Processing paraffin. Sure Seal Corporation, Bountiful, UT.

Missouri Making electric transformers. Wagner Electric Corp., St. Louis, MO.

Oregon Mrs. Wendling patents the Ease Off baby spoon; woman inventor. Portland, OR.

Reel #239 (5/14/55) [RV 507.239]

Louisiana Use of atomic energy for industrial X-rays. Gamma Industries, Inc., Baton Rouge, LA.

Maine Making turnbuckles. Thomas Laughlin Co., Portland, ME.

California On board oil tanker "F. S. Bryant;" shipping. Standard Oil, Richmond, CA.

Ohio Manufacturing shuffleboard equipment. Dimco-Grey Co., Dayton, OH.

Reel #240 (5/21/55)

Texas Mud is pumped into oil well during drilling. Baroid Division of the National Lead Co., Houston, TX.

Washington Immersion suits for downed Navy fliers; military. JenCel-Lite Corp., Seattle, WA.

Nebraska Portable bins for handling bulk materials; shipping. Tote System, Inc., Beatrice, NE.

Maine Packing live lobsters and fresh seafood for shipping; food industry. Saltwater Farms, Damariscotta, ME.

Reel #241 (5/28/55)

Georgia Blind workers making the B-47 Stratojet bomber save taxpayers money. Disabled employees; military. Lockheed Aircraft Corp., Marietta, GA.

New Hampshire Power saw on aluminum shaft. Brushmaster Saw, Inc., Keene, NH.

Oklahoma Skelly Agriculture Achievement Awards provide public acclaim to American farmer. Shelly Oil Co., Tulsa, OK.

Washington Ivan Haglund built restaurant business and aquarium. Fish and fishermen. Seattle, WA.

Reel #242 (6/4/55)

Georgia Manufacturing grit for poultry, pigment for paint, and aggregate for roofing. Georgia Marble Co., Tate, GA.

Oregon Nut-cracking by electricity; food industry. Northwest Nut Growers, Portland, OR.

Louisiana Manufacturing paper from residue of cane stalks after sugar removed. Valentine Pulp and Paper Co., Lockport, LA.

Pennsylvania Manufacturing Flexible Flyer sleds; children. S. L. Allen and Co.,

Philadelphia, PA.

Reel #243 (6/11/55)

Oklahoma How maps of underground geological strata are made. The Century Geophysical Corp., Tulsa, OK.

Oregon Processing fish into fish sticks; food industry. Columbia River Packers Association, Astoria, OR.

Kansas Manufacturing farm machinery and general contracting equipment. Midwestern Industries, Inc., Wichita, KS.

New York Nurses run mobile clinic for workers. Women workers; medicine. Turner Construction Co., New York, NY.

Reel #244 (6/18/55)

Maine Potatoes from Maine transported to New York Mercantile Exchange and sold; food industry.

Oregon Manufacturing the "Drive-it," a nail-driving gun used in home construction. Powder Power Tool Corp., Portland, OR.

Ohio Manufacturing men's cotton underwear; apparel industry. BVD Company, Inc., Piqua, OH.

South Carolina Manufacturing concrete pipe. Company run by two women. Wallace Concrete Pipe Co., Columbia, SC..

Reel #245 (6/25/55) [RV 507.245]

New York Checking, adjusting, and servicing "Stratocruiser" (plane) before take off. Northwest Orient Airlines, New York, NY.

Washington Manufacturing price tags and fasteners for plastic packaging bags. Kwik-Lok Corp., Yakima, WA.

Georgia Manufacturing anhydrous ammonia. Southeastern Liquid Fertilizer Co., Albany, GA.

Oregon Combination boat and auto trailer invented by Dwight Johnson. Medford, OR.

Reel #246 (7/2/55)

New York Manhattan's waterfront, Pier 57. Shipping to Latin America. Grace Line, New York, NY.

Virginia Making ready-mix spoon bread; food industry. Lindsey Robinson and Co., Roanoke, VA.

Massachusetts Gold bullion made into gold-fill used in jewelry. Gold Filled Manufacturers Association, Attleboro, MA.

Georgia Manufacturing shower doors. Do-it-yourself installation. Shower Door Co. of America, Atlanta, GA.

Reel #247 (7/9 /55)

Massachusetts Manufacturing atomic clocks. Professor Zacharias at MIT's Research Laboratory of Electrons. National Company, Inc., Malden, MA.

Georgia Manufacturing ball point pencils that never need sharpening; liquid lead. Scripto, Inc., Atlanta, GA.

California Manufacturing a pump to move solids without direct contact; food processing. San Francisco Western Machinery Co., San Francisco, CA.

Mississippi Construction of trench silo; fodder for cattle. African American employees. Agriculture. Taylor Machine Works, Louisville, MS.

Reel #248 (7/16/55)

Alabama Conservation and modern timber farming. W. T. Smith Lumber Co., Chapman, AL.

Pennsylvania Processing beryl ore into pure beryllium. Beryllium Corp., Reading, PA.

Ohio Manufacturing arc-welding machines. Do-it-yourself. Lincoln Electric Co., Cleveland, OH.

Massachusetts Manufacturing electrically driven conveyor belts for moving coal. J.C. Corrigan Co., Boston, MA.

Reel #249 (7/23/55) [RV 509.249]

Georgia Six towns along the Chattahoochee River in Georgia and Alabama operate schools, hospitals, and public services. All dependent on textile mills. West Point Manufacturing Co.

New York Automation in garment center; apparel industry. Judy Bond, Inc., New York, NY.

Pennsylvania Hot extrusion of carbon-steel billets. Glass as lubricant for high temperature steels. Jones & Laughlin Steel Corp., Pittsburgh, PA.

California Manufacturing components for model railroad kits; hobby. Pacific Screws Products, San Francisco, CA.

Reel #250 (7/30/55)

Pennsylvania Lehigh University students employed in production of metals. Bethlehem Steel, Bethlehem, PA.

New York Manufacturing electronic equipment such as televisions and shipping to customers. General Electric, Syracuse, NY.

Georgia Rock-wool made into insulation; construction. Munford Co., Altanta, GA.

California San Francisco cable cars and miniature cable car production. Small cable cars used as clothes racks. William Sanford Exhibits.

Reel #251-Reel #502


Revised: September 10, 2001