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by: Franklin A. Robinson, Jr., December 2003


The cult of celebrity is not a 20th century phenomenon. In the latter part of the 19th century innovations in the use of photography as advertising spurned a new avenue of celebrity likeness-based souvenirs. Portraits of personalities from the stage who were previously portrayed in engravings and traditional portraiture were now available to an interested public in a more realistic and affordable form – the cigar/cigarette card included as an incentive in the purchase of a smoking product and cabinet photographs sold as souvenirs by theatrical promoters. These photographs depicted celebrities as well as scenes from plays in which they performed. They were avidly collected by a public interested in the personalities of minstrelsy, vaudeville and the legitimate theatre.

This collection was created, or acquired, by Daisy Templin (1874?-1956) of Alton, Illinois. Templin was an avid collector of Victoriana and filled the home (1605 Washington Avenue) of she and her brother, Roger P. Templin (1872?-?), with furniture, ceramics, bric-a-brac and all types of predominately Victorian ephemera. She wrote that “. . . whatever interested me I bought.” Her brother was a former wholesale grocery salesman in St. Louis, MO. By the time of her death, Templin had contemplated donating much of her collection to the Smithsonian Institution. Her collection was willed to her brother who donated a sizable portion of the collection (over 1,000 items) to the museum in 1958. The home she and her brother shared was demolished to make way for a shopping center in 1961.

Sources: NMAH Accession Files, #219034

Scope and Content

This is a collection of over 650 cigar/cigarette cards and cabinet photographs portraying actors (male and female) from the late 19th century (1868-1897). The collection is predominately composed of images of United States actors but there are some English and French performers as well. The collection is arranged alphabetically by the actor’s last name or title of the production or photograph. Unidentified photographs are unarranged. The collection is divided into three series: Series 1: CIGAR/CIGARETTE CARDS (n.d.) consist of small photo mechanical reproductions on thick paper given as incentives when buying a cigar or pack of cigarettes. These photographs portray almost exclusively female actors from the late 19th century. The cards were given away by the Admiral Tobacco, Columbus cigar companies and others. They are predominately black and white with a few color images. Series 2: CABINET PHOTOGRAPHS (1878-1897) are larger format photographic souvenirs. The bulk of the photographs are from San Francisco (Elite, Thors, L. Levin & Son) and Chicago (Morrison) photographers. There are also a number of images produced by New York (Falk, News Boy) and Utah (Sainsbury & Johnson) photographers and images from Boston (Elmer Chickering, Conly), Columbus, Ohio (Baker), Los Angeles (Dewey), and photographers in other U.S. cities. The images are usually portraits; some actors are in costume for a particular role. There are also production stills (images from theatrical productions). Some of the more prominent actors in this series are Lulu Glaser (1872-1958), Francis Wilson (1854-1935) and Georgia Cayvan (1858-1906). Autographed photographs are noted in the description. Series 3: MISCELLANEOUS (1868-1892) contains production stills, group images and unidentified images.


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Donated to the Smithsonian Institution, Museum of American History by Roger P. Templin in memory of his sister Daisy Templin in October 1958. A transfer from the Division of Cultural History, NMAH to the Archives Center, NMAH in April 2001. The collection was originally titled 19th Century Actress Photo Collection (Accession # 219034 Catalog # 59.789)

Container List

Box Folder




Ackerstrom, Ulie




Allen, Louise


Amber, Mabel


Amzi, Mlle.


Arthur, Julia


Ascenseur, Mlle. (two cards)


Bailey, Frankie


Bancker, Emily


Barlow, Lillie


Barner, Sadie


Barry, Katie


Bartlett-Davis, Jessie


Barton, Grace


Basco, Mlle.


Beaudet, Louise


Beaumont , Nellie


Bebsim, A.


Behr, Carrie



Bell , Laura Joyce


Benney, Miss


Bertram, Miss B.


Bertram, Miss


Besoin, Mlle.


Bianc, Mlle.


Biggar, Miss


Bilton, Flo


Bonehill, Bessie


Booth, Rachel


Boyd, Annie


Brandon , Florence (two views)


Breen, Carrie


Broughton, Phyllis


Bruce, Anna


Burdette, Lulu


Busby, Georgia M. (two views)


Butler , Miss



Cafferl, Mlle. (two cards)


Calhoun, Miss


Carlington, Mrs.


Carlisly, Mary


Carlton , Miss (two cards)


Cassati, Mlle.


Chalo, Mlle.


Chalot, Mlle.




Chester, Leslie


Cice, Mlle.


Cidene, Mlle.


Claire, Attalie


Clark, Mabel (two views)


Cline, Maggie


Clover, Amelia


Coe, Isabelle (two views)



Coe, Isabelle (2nd view)


Coe, Mlle.


Coleman, Clara


Collier, Louise Allen


Collier, Miss


Copley, Francis




Coural, Mlle.


Couralet, Mlle.


Crawford, Edith


Crocette, Mlle.


Crox, Elvia



Danville, Mlle. (two cards)


Darce, Mlle.


Desmond, Helen


Drayton, Blanche


Duke, Freddie


Durand, Miss


East, Miss


Eastlake, Miss


Eddy, Jennie


Essing, Louise (four cards, three views)




Elza, Mlle.


Emmett, Katie (two cards)


Everett, Irene



Fenton, Mabel


Cissy Fitzgerald (three views)


Fitzherbert, Mrs.


Ford, Blanche C.




Fuller, Loe


Fuller, Miss


Fuller, Mollie


Gardener, Jessie


Geduli, Mlle.


Geraldine, Mlle.


Gerard, Lucie, Mlle.


Gilbert, Allie (two views)


Gilroy, Mamie


Goetz, Mlle. (two cards)



Grenadine, La


Grey, Katherine


Guenin, Mlle.


Hall, A. Josie


Hall, Josephine


Hall, Josie


Hall, Pauline (two views)


Hamilton, Belle


Hamilton, Caroline


Harlow, Richard


Harvey, May


Hawley, Georgie


Hawthorne, Kate


Hazelton, Violet


Hill, Grace


Holloway, Elizabeth


Howard, Miss


Hughs, Mme.


Huntington, Agnes (1st view)



Huntington, Agnes (2nd view)


Hurned, Virginia




Irving, Isabelle


Jagot, Mlle. (two cards)


James, Cecille


Jansen, Marie


Jarbeau, Verona


Jarrau, Linda


Jarvis, Lee


Keene, Lillian (two cards)


Keinz, Miss


Kennedy, Lillian


Kirby, Sadie


Knight, George, Mrs.


La Grange, Mary


Lander, Henrietta


Langley, Grace


Launey, Louise



LeBey, Grace


Leslie, Belle


Lewis, Anna


Lewis, Annie (two views)


Leyton, Lillie


Linthicum, Miss




Lombard, Elsie


Major, Maud


Malten, Frl.


Manola (two views)


Mante, Mlle.


Markham, Lillian


Marsy, De


Mason, Miss


Maxwell, Laura (two views)


Meredith, Lettie



Merrille, Miss


Meyer, Milly


Miller, A.


Mohawk, Go-Wan-Go


Montague, Louise


Monvel, Mlle.


Moore, Decima


Moore, Laura


Morton, Dorothy


Mulle, Ida (two views)


Murdock, Daisy


Myrrha, Mlle.


Narett, Mlle.


Nelson, Miss


Nordrum, Mlle.


Olga, Mlle.


Pacurd, Mlle.


Page, Nellie (two views)



Panol, Mlle. (two cards)


Parker, Baby


Pixley, Annie


Pooyle, Lyllian


Pond, Edith


Praeger, Miss


Raige, Mlle.


Randall, Sallie


Ray, Charlotte




Renaud, Mlle.


Renwic, Miss


Ricci, Bertha


Rice, Fannie (two cards)


Robert, Mlle.


Robina, Miss


Robsen, May




Rordame, Mlle.


Rosi, Mde.



Rositi, Mlle. (two cards)


Ross, Hope


Rostelle, Marie


Rowe, Estelle


Royer, Mlle. (two cards)


Ruhende, Mlle.


Russell, Annie


Russell, Lillian


Sanderson, Sibyl


Sanie, Mlle.


Saracco, Elisa


Schell, Hattie


Seymour, Lottie


Simond, Mlle.


Sorel, Mlle.


Standish, Helen


Steading, Mlle.


Stetson, Ruth


Stevenson, M.


Sutherland, Rose



Sylvia, Miss


Tabor, Grace


Thibault, Mlle. (two cards)


Thodore, Gladys


Thompson, Anna




Thurgate, Lillian


Tighe, Evelyn


Tuesday, Little


Tyler, Odette


Tyson, Lillian


Uart, Kate (two views)


Virvian, Gladday



Waldron, May (three cards)


Wallace, Grace


Walsh, Blanche


Ward, Ruth


Warde, Emma (two views)


Weathersby, Emmie


Whitty, Gertrude


Williams, Flo


Wilson, Cad (two views)


Witt, Rose


Woodford, Miss


Wren, Lillian


Wright, Marie



Color A-Z


Batchelor, Miss


Bertram, Helen


Huntington, Agnes


Irving, Isabelle


Lewis, Annie


Omene, Miss


Robson, Stuart Mrs.


Rush, Isadore


Vassar, Queenie


Walsh, Blanche



Admiral (unnamed)



Admiral (unnamed)



Columbus (unnamed)






Arthur, Julia (March 1894)



Franklyn, Beth (inscribed)



Hall, Pauline (October 1893)



Unnamed (female)



Unnamed (female)



Unnamed (male)






Abbott, Emma


Adams, Maude (two views in The Butterflies, 1894)


Adams, Maude (July 1892)


L’Allemand, Pauline (as “Marguerite”, 1887)


Allen, Viola (two views, 1894)


Allen, Viola (with Miller, Henry in Liberty Hall, 1893)


Anderson, Mary


Armstrong, Sydney (1893)


Arnoldson, Sigrid (as “Nedda” in I Pagliacci, 1894)


Arthur, Julia (1894)


Bailey, female (1888)


Bancroft, Barton (autographed 1892)


Barnabee, H.C. (in Robin Hood, 1892)


Barrymore, Maurice (1892)


Bateman, Victory (autographed, October 31, 1892)


Bell, Digby (in Jupiter, 1892)


Bellew, Kyrle (three views, 1892)


Bellmont, Anna (signed, 1894)


Berg, Ellen (1892)


Bertram, Helen (1892)


Bertiny, Melle (1890)


Berolde, Judith (signed, 1892)


Bolland, Yves (1894)


Bond, Frederick (1887)


Booth, Hope


Boucicault, Dion (left) as “Conn The Shaughraun” with John Gilbert (1878-79)


Boucicault, Dion (ca. 1880, 1892)


Boucicault, Louise Thorndyke (1891)


Boyne, Leonard (1893)


Bowman, Fanny


Brandes, Mlle. (1889)


Brooke, Lady


Burroughs, Marie (three views, one dated 1892)



Burroughs, Marie (in Judah 1892)


Calhoun, Eleanor as “Hermione” (autographed October, 1894)


Calve, Emma (two views, 1891, 1894)


Cameron, Beatrice (in Don Juan (1892)


Carleton, W. T. (autographed 1892)


Carter, Mrs. Leslie (two views, 1891 and as “Miss Helyett” 1892)


Castleton, Kate (1892)


Cayvan, Georgia Miss (1893)


Cayvan, Georgia (in White Roses, 1892)


Cayvan, Georgia (1892)


Cayvan, Georgia (two views, 1890-1892)


Cayvan, Georgia (in Americans Abroad, 1893)


Cayvan, Georgia (two views, in The Amazons, alone and with Miss Tyree and Miss Florence, 1894)


Cayvan, Georgia (with Herbert Kelcy in Old Heads and Young Hearts, 1890)


Cayvan, Georgia (three views, one autographed, 1892-1893


Cheatham, Kitty


Clements, Miss (1892)


Clio (1893)


Coe, Isabelle (autographed, 1892)


Coffin, C. Hayden (three views, autographed September 1892, 1893, 1892)


Coffin, C. Hayden Mr. & Mrs. (1892)


Coghlan, Rose (1893)


Collins, Lottie Miss (1893)


Cutting, Robert L. Jr. (in My Official Wife, 1892)



D’Angelis, Jefferson (1891)


Darclee, (female, 1888)


Dare, Ada (in Sinbad, 1892)


Darlaud, Melle (1891)


D’Arville, Camille (two views, 1892, 1893)


Davenport, Edgar L. (1892)


Davenport, Fannie (La Tosca, 1891)


Davenport, Fannie (as “Cleopatra”)


Davenport, Harry (1892)


Dawray, Helen (1888)


Dawray, Helen (autographed October 10, 1879)


Davis, Jessie Bartlett with Bartlett, Josephine (1892)


Davis, Jessie Bartlett (1894)


Davis, Richard Harding (two views one dated 1894)


DeKoven, Reginald (1892)


Deluia, (female, 1894)


Dene, Dorothy Miss (as “Maude Deveson” 1889)


De Reu, Minnie (in Mme. Favart)


Dillon, Louise (1887)


Dixey, Henry E. (1892)


Dixey, Henry E. (in Adonis 1890)


Drew, John (two views, 1892, 1894)


Drew, John (as “Orlando”, December 1889)


DuMaurier (1894, “Died October 8, 1896”)



Eames, Emma (in Nozze di Figaro)


Eames, Emma (two views, one identified as Emma Eames Story, 1892)


Evans, Augusta J.


Fabris, Amanda (two veiws as Ermine in Ermine, 1894)


Fitzgerald, Cissy


Florence, Katherine (in The Amazons, 1894)


Florence, W. J. (as Sir Lucius O’Trigger, 1889)


Fox, Della


Fox, Della (in Chicago Hussars)


Fox, Della (two views The Little Trooper)


Fox, Della (in The Lady or the Tiger)


Fox, Della (as Paquita in Punjamdrum, 1893)


Fuller, Lou



Gale, Minna K. (1892)


Gallon, Germaine (1894)


Gerrish, Sylvia (1887)


Glaser, Lulu (7 views in Ermine, 1894)


Glaser, Lulu (two views 1892, 1893)


Glaser, Lulu (three views in The Lion Tamer, 1892)


Glaser, Lulu (three views, 1892)


Glaser, Lulu (autographed ?)



Glaser, Lulu (12”x7”)



Glover, Amelia (1890)


Gottschalk, Ferdinand (1894)


Grey, Katherine (two views, 1892 inscribed “Your true friend Kate Best”, 1893)


Grey, Katherine (with Grace Kimball, 1892)



Hall, Pauline (1892)


Hallen, Frederick (autographed?, 6/20/94)


Hanbury, Lily Miss (1890)


Harned, Virginia (two views with E. H. Sothern in Captain Letterblair, 1892)


Harned, Virginia (two views in Captain Letterblair, 1892)


Hart, Joseph (autographed “Joseph Hart of Hallent Hart”, 6/19/94)


Henley, E.J. (autographed, 1892)


Holland, Joseph (1893)


Holland, Joseph (in Judge and the Bugler, 1893)


Hopper, De Wolf (1890)


Hopper, De Wolf (with Edna Wallace Hopper in Panjandrum, 1893)


Hopper, De Wolf (with Della Fox in Panjandrum, 1893)


Howell, E.M. Mrs.


Hoyt, Caroline Miskel (two views, 1894)


Hume, Samuel James (June 14th, 1886)


Huntington, Agnes (as “Captain Therese”, 1892)


Huntington, Agnes (as “Paul Jones” 1890)


Irving, Henry (as “Cardinal Wolsey”)


Irving, Henry (1888)


Irving, Henry (as “Shylock”, 1880)


Jansen, Marie (in Delmonico’s at Six, 1893)


Jansen, Marie (in The Oolah, 1886?)


Jansen, Marie (in The Lion Tamer, 1892)


Jefferson, Joseph (1892)


Jefferson, Joseph (with Wm. J. Florence in The Rivals, 1889)


Juch, Emma Miss (1892)


Kelcey, Herbert (three views, one autographed, 1892-1893)


Kennedy, M.A. (1893)


Kendal, Mrs.



Labouriskay (female, 1892)


Lemoyne, W.J. (1892)


Lender (female, 1890)


Leonard, Agnes Miss


Lewis, Ada (autographed, from Tough Girl, 1890)


Lisas, (female 1891)


Love, Mabel


Lucea, Pauline


Lynton, Ethel (autographed, St. Louis, May 4th, 1886)


MacDonald, W.H. (in Robin Hood, 1892)


Magri, Count and Countess (SI Neg. 2001-3356)


Manola, Marion (1890)


Mansfield, Richard (1892)


Mansfield, Richard (as “Don Juan”, 1886)


Marlowe, Julia (in Cymbeline, 1892)


Marlowe, Julia (in The Hunchback, 1892)


Marlowe, Julia (1894)


Martens, Alexandrine Melle. (1886)


Martinot, Sadie (1894)


Massey, Blanche (The Gaity Girl, 1895)


Mayo, Eleanor (1894)


McDowell, Melbourne (as Antony in Cleopatra, 1892)


Milba, Mme. (as “Juliet”, 1894)


Miller, Agnes (1892)


Millward, Jessie (two views: autographed as “Julie” in A Man’s Shadow 1890, 1893)


Modjeska, Mme. (1894)


Morin, Pilar Mlle.


Morris, William (1892)


Nethersole, Olga (in Mama’s Girlhood Crush, autographed)


Nordica, Lillian (1894)


Otero (female, 1891)


Palmer, Minnie


Palotta, Grace (The Gaiety Girl, March 1895)


Paul, Eugenie


Plunkett, Charles (in The Merry Monarch, 1892)


Pomeroy, Louise


Potter, Mrs. (autographed Cora Urquhart Potter, 1894)


Potter, Mrs. (as “Charlotte Corday”, 1894)


Prince, Adelaide Miss (two views, 1892, 1894)



Ratcliffe, Edward J. (two views, 1893)


Ratcliffe, Edward J. (in The Grey Mare)


Ratcliffe, Edward J. (autographed, in Americans Abroad with Herbert Kelsey, 1893)


Rehan, Ada (as “Viola” in Twelfth Night)


Rehan, Ada (as “Rosalind”, 1893)


Rehan, Ada (in The Forresters, 1892)


Rehan, Ada (with M. Cande in Mme. Sans-Gene, 1894)


Rehan, Ada (in Twelfth Night, 1893)


Rehan, Ada (1893)


Rhea, (female, 1893)


Rice, Fanny (autographed, 1892)


Rice, Fanny (in A Jolly Surprise, 1892)


Ritter, (female, 1886)


Robson, May (Gloriana, 1892)


Robson, Stuart and child (1894)


Robson, May Waldron and child (1894)


Robson, Stuart (in The Henrietta, 1891)


Rosa, Patti


Rush, Isadore (1893)


Russell, Lillian (September 10th, 1892)


Russell, Lillian (two views, La Cigale, 1892


Russell, Lillian (two views, Girofle-Girofla, 1894)


Russell, Lillian (as The Grand Duchess, 1890)


Russell, Lillian (six views, 1892-1897)



Scott, C & Scott, Louise Eissi (autographed)


Seligman, Minnie (in My Official Wife, 1892)


Seligman, Minnie (1892)


Shannon, Effie (with E. J. Ratcliffe in Americans Abroad, 1893)


Shannon, Effie (two views 1892, 1893)


Shannon, Effie (with Mrs. Woolcott and Eugene Ormond in The Idler, 1890)


Sheridan, Emma V. (1890)


Silverburg, S. (as Bassano in The Merchant of Venice)


Sorel, Cecile (two views, 1894)


Sothern, E. H. (with Towland Buckstone and Tully Marshal)


Sothern, E. H. (in The Love Chase, 1887)


Sothern, E. H. (with dog, 1891)


Sothern, E. H. (with Rebecca Warren in Sheridan, 1893)


Sothern, E. H. (in Sheridan, 1893)


Sothern, E. H. (with C.B. Butterfield and Morton Selten in The Maister of Woodbarrow, 1890)


Sothern, E. H. (in The Highest Bidder, 1887)


Sothern, E. H.  (with Herbert Archer in The Highest Bidder, May 1887)


Sothern, Samuel (1894)


Sylviac (female, 1889)


Tempest, Marie (three views, 1894)


Tempest, Marie (in The Algerians, 1893)


Terriss, William (autographed, 1893)


Terriss, William (as “King Henry II” in Becket, 1893)


Terry, Ellen Miss (as “Portia”, 1880)


Thomas, Ambrose (“Died February 12, 1896”, 1888)


Tyler, Odette (two views, 1892)


Tyree, Bessie (1893)


Tyree, Bessie (in The Amazons, 1894)


Uart, Kate


Urquhart, Isabelle



Vickers, Mattie


Wakeman, Keith Miss (1894)


Wallis, Gladys


Webster, Lizzie


Whiffen, Mrs. (in White Roses, 1893)


Willard, Mr. (1892)


Williams, Fritz (in The Grey Mare,1892)


Williams, Fritz (autographed, 1893)


Wilson Cherubs (in The Lion Tamer, 1892)


Wilson, Francis (three views from The Devil’s Deputy, 1894)


Wilson, Francis (with Rhys Thomas in The Devil’s Deputy, 1894


Wilson, Francis (three views from The Lion Tamer, 1892)


Wilson, Francis (with Marie Jansen in The Lion Tamer, 1892)


Wilson, Francis (in The Oolah, 1892)


Wilson, Francis (in Ermine, 1893)


Wilson, Francis (1893)


Yerrance, Ida





Three Little Maids from School (from The Mikado)


The Mountibanks (uniden. female, October 1, 1892)


Old Heads & Young Hearts, Frohman’s Lyceum Co. Fritz Williams, Mrs, Whiffen, Nelson Wheatcroft, Georgia Cayvan, W. J. Le Moyne, Herbett Kelcey, Effie Shannon, E. J. Ratcliffe and Chrales Wolcott


Venus at the Bath


The White Fawn (unidentified female, 1868)





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