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Box Folder Name of Company Location Number
1 1 Aetna Rubber Works Boston, Massachusetts 5277
    Alexander Bradley & Dunning's Iron Works Syracuse, New York 4974
    American Carpet Lining Works Watertown, Massachusetts 6198
    American Carpet-Lining Company Watertown, Massachusetts 5788
    American Corset Company New Haven Connecticut 7765
    American Electric (Wire) Works Providence, Rhode Island 8616
    American Net & Twine Company Factory East Cambridge, Massachusetts 6219
    American Rubber Company Works Cambridge, Massachusetts 7316
    American Rubber Works Cambridge, Massachusetts 10,496
    American Screw Company Hartford, Connecticut 5492
    Anchor Tape & Webbing Company Northampton, Massachusetts 4323
    Androscoccin Mills Lewiston, Maine 3601, 3602
    Ansonia Brass & Copper Company Brass Mill Ansonia, Connecticut 7521
    Ansonia Brass & Copper Wire Mill, Company Ansonia, Connecticut 7523
    Ansonia Brass & Copper Co., Lamp Fixtures & Wire Covering Shops Ansonia, Conn. 7524
1 2 Armstrong, F. Suspenders Bridgeport, Conn. 7868
    Ashaway Line & Twine Company Hopkinton, Rhode Island 7687
    Atlantic Cotton Mills Lawrence, Massachusetts 5073
    Atwater Hardware Manufacturing Company Plantsville, Connecticut 4674
    Atwood, Orlo & Son, Silk Mill New London, Connecticut 8486
    Bag Mill, Numbers 2 & 3 Lewiston, Maine 3602
    Bailey's Jewelry Factory Attleboro, Massachusetts 3261
    Barton & Fanton Manufacturing Company Danbury, Connecticut 3088
    Beebe's Lucius Building Lynn, Massachusetts 10,187
    Belding Brothers & Silk Mill Company Rockville, Connecticut 9788
    Belding Brothers & Silk Mill Company Northampton, Massachusetts 6047
    Belding Brothers & Company Silk Mill Rockville, Connecticut 3182
    Berkshire Glass Works Lanesboro, Massachusetts 9000
    Billings & Spencer Company Hartford, Connecticut 11,260
    Billings & Spencer Company Hartford, Connecticut 3674
    Bliss, L. C. & Shoe Manufactory Company Brockton, Massachusetts 7887
    Boston & Sandwich Glass Company Sandwich, Massachusetts 8835
    Boston Belting Co. Boston, Massachusetts 3794
    Boston Elastic Fabric Company Chelsea, Massachusetts 4679
    Boston Rubber Company Works Chelsea, Massachusetts 9320
1 3 Boston Rubber Shoe Company    
    Boston Rubber Shoe Company   3589
    Boston Rubber Shoe Company Malden, Massachusetts 4172
    Boston Rubber Shoe Company Malden, Massachusetts 6786
    Boston Rubber Shoe Company Melrose, Massachusetts 8640
    H. S. Bradford & Co.'s Knitting Mills Bennington, Vermont 3655
    Bradley & Hubbard Manufacturing Company Meriden, Connecticut 6731
    Bradley Manufacturing Company Syracuse, New York 4519
    Brainerd & Armstrong Company New London, Connecticut 10,343
    Brainerd & Armstrong Company New London, Connecticut 8440
    Bridgeport Brass Company Bridgeport, Connecticut 8589
    Bridgeport Brass Works East Bridgeport, Connecticut 3991
    Bristol Brass & Clock Company Forrestville, Connecticut 4872
    Bridgeport Corset Factory Bridgeport, Connecticut 5304
    Bridgeport Lock Manufacturing Company Bridgeport, Connecticut 5027
    Bristol Brass & Clock Company    
    Burner Department Forrestville, Connecticut 6888
    Bradford, H. S. & Co.'s Knitting Mills Bennington, Vermont 3655
    Bristol Brass & Clock Company Rolling Mill Bristol, Connecticut 4875
1 4 Brown Brothers Waterbury, Connecticut 6351
    Brown Cotton Gin Company Works New London, Connecticut 10,339
    Brown Cotton Gin Company New London, Connecticut 6828
    Campbell Knitting Mill Bennington, Vermont 11,016
    Candee, L. & Company Shoe Manufactory New Haven, Connecticut 8432
    Candee, L. & Company, Rubber Boot and Shoe Manufactory New Haven, Connecticut. 4381
    Canfield Rubber Company Bridgeport, Connecticut 8610
    Cape Ann Oil Clothing Manufactory E. Cambridge, Massachusetts 6228
    Carver Cotton Gin Company E. Bridgewater, Massachusetts 8120
    Ceo. A. Jones' Clock Works Bristol, Connecticut 4879
    Chapman Manufacturing Company Meriden, Connecticut 7968
    Charles Parker Iron Spoon Works East Meriden, Connecticut 4915
    Chelsea Jute Mills New York , New York 4979
    Cheshire Manufacturing Company West Cheshire, Connecticut 4863
    Coburn Shuttle Company Lowell, Massachusetts 9369
    Collender's, H. W. Billiard Factory Stamford, Connecticut 838
    Collins Company Collinsville, Connecticut 4403
    Columbia Rubber Works Jennings, & Auger Bits Chester, Connecticut 8171
    Conant Thread Works North Providence, Rhode Island 3067
    Connecticut Valley Manufacturing Company Essex, Connecticut 7875
1 5 Connecticut Web Company Bridgeport, Connecticut 11,172
    Corbin's, P. F. Hardware Works New Britain, Connecticut 3239
    Cowles, C. & Company, Hardware New Haven, Connecticut 10,205
    Crofut, Henry & Company Fur Hat Manufactory Danbury, Connecticut 3077
    Crofut & Knapp South Norwalk, Connecticut 5581
    Crofut & Knapp South Norwalk, Connecticut 4398
    Crofut & Knapp, Hat Factory Lower Shop South Norwalk, Connecticut 4918
    Crofut, White & Peabody Fur Hat Manufactory Danbury, Connecticut 5333
    Davis Sewing Machine Works Watertown, New York 8179
    Day's Rubber Works Seymour, Connecticut 5347
    Derby Silver Company Huntington, Connecticut 4216
    Derby Silver Company Birmingham, Connecticut 7051
    Domestic Needle Company Middleboro, Massachusetts 4477
    Duguid & Wells, Saddlery Hardware Factory Syracuse, New York 7829
1 6 Eagle Cotton Gin Company Bridgewater, Massachusetts 11,155
    Eagle Square Works S. Shaftbury, Vermont 6551
    Earle, T. K. Manufacturing Company Worcester, Massachusetts 7583
    Eureka Silk Manufacturing Company Middlesex Connecticut 9887
    Fairfield Rubber Company Fairfield County, Connecticut 9576
    Fiskville Mill Scituate, Rhode Island 5756
    Florence Sewing Machine Company Northampton, Massachusetts 4322
    Forest City Sugar Refinery; Maine Beet Sugar Company Portland, Maine 6460
    Frank Wilkinson Manufacturing Company Tariffville, Connecticut 11,276
    Franklin Rubber Company Franklin, Massachusetts 7789
    Gilbert's Little Falls Starch Works Little Falls, New York 7867
    Gilbert's, C. Buffalo Starch Factory Buffalo, New York 8150
    Glen Cove Manufacturing Company Glen Cove, New York 7617
2 1 Glenlyon Dye Works Saylesville, Rhode Island 9426
    Gong Bell Manufacturing Company and E. Hampton Bell Company E. Hampton, Connecticut 8098
    Goodman, B., Manufacturing Company Bridgeport, Connecticut 8903
    Goodyear Manufacturing Company Naucatuck, Connecticut 5346
    Goodyear India Rubber Glove Manufacturing Company New Haven Connecticut 10,565
    Goodyear Metallic Rubber Shoe Company Naucatuck, Connecticut 4422
    Goodyear Rubber Clothing Works Naucatuck, Connecticut 4423
    Goodyear Rubber Company Middlesex County, Connecticut 9617
    Goodyear's I. R. "Coat Shop" Naugatuck, Connecticut 6949
    Goodyear's India Rubber Glove Manufacturing Company, Shoe Shop Naugatuck, Connecticut 6864
    Goodyear's Metallic Rubber Shoe Company New Shop New Haven County, Connecticut 9811
    Goodyear's Metallic Rubber and Shoe Company Naugatuck, Connecticut 8286
    Goodyear's Metallic Rubber Shoe Company Upper Mill Naugatuck, Connecticut 8287
    Gossamer Rubber Clothing Co., I. M. & W. H. Conant South Framingham, Massachusetts 6463
    Grafton Cotton Mill Sanford, Maine 2749
    Green Mountain Knitting Mills, Nos. 1 and 4 Bennington, Vermont 3657
2 2 Hall, Elton & Company's Works Wallingford, Connecticut 5302
    Hammond & Knowlton, Silk Mill Putnam, Connecticut 7733
    Hayward Rubber Company Colchester, Connecticut 7754
    Hemingway, M. & Sons, Silk Company Watertown, Connecticut 4199
    Herbert & Rapp Company Brockton, Massachusetts 9140
    Holmes & Edwards Silver Company Bridgeport, Connecticut 8676
    Holmes, Booth & Hayden Manfa   6690
    Hotchkiss, G. M. Company West Haven, Connecticut 9112
    Household Sewing Machine Company Cabinet Works Providence, Rhode Island 8391
    Howe Machine Company's Works Bridgeport, Conn. 5304
    Howe Scale Company Rutland, Vermont 5886
    Humason & Beckley Manufacturing New Britain, Connecticut 3228
    Humason, Beckley & Company New Britain, Connecticut 3543
    Index Map of New Britain Hartford County, Connecticut 3224
2 3 International Starch Company Buffalo, New York 8201
    Jenkins Manufacturing Company E. Braintree, Massachusetts 8895
    Jennings & Griffin Manufacturing Company Yalesville, Connecticut 8186
    Jones, Lamson & Company's Machine and Repair Shops Windsor, Vermont 4773
    Jones, Lamson & Company or Spinning Mill Upper Windsor, Vermont 4774
    Judd Manufacturing Company New Haven, Connecticut 3682
    Kellogg Steam Power Company Saunders' Silk Mill Pittsfield, Massachusetts 3612
    Kohn's Novelty Weaving and Braiding Works Hartford, Connecticut 3675
    Laconia Mills Biddeford, Maine 3501
    Lamson & Goodnow Manufacturing Company Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts 10,371
    Lane Manufacturing Company Waterbury, Connecticut 7650
    Langdon, Batcheller & Company Bridgeport, Connecticut 9737
    Lawrence Mills Lowell, Massachusetts 5072
2 4 Lee, Carter & Company Knitting Mill Needham, Massachusetts 3434
    Lees Manufacturing Company Westport, Connecticut 8318
    Leonard Silk Company Warehouse Point, Connecticut 3835
    Lewiston Bleachery & Dye Works Lewiston, Maine 7299
    Lignoid Manufacturing Company Newburyport, Massachusetts 6623
    Ludlow Manufacturing Company Ludlow, Massachusetts 3218
    Lyman Mill, J. P. & J. G Ray Woonsocket, Rhode Island 4358
    Malleable Iron Works New Britain, Connecticut 3226
    Mallory, Wheeler & Company Lock Works New Haven, Connecticut 4878
    Mallory & Son, E. A. Danbury, Connecticut 7212
    Mallory & Son, Hat Factory Danbury, Connecticut 4001
    Mallory & Sons Danbury, Connecticut 11,158
    Maltby, Stevens & Curtis Company Birmingham, Connecticut 6404
    Marlborough Silk Mill Marlborough, Connecticut 10,834
    Mayer, Strouse & Company Corset Factory New Haven, Connecticut 6577
2 5 Mechanical Fabric Company Providence, Rhode Island 10,844
    Meriden Britannia Company Meriden, Connecticut 4698
    Meriden Cutlery Company Meriden, Connecticut 5700
    Meriden Flint Glass Works Meriden, Connecticut 4549
    Meriden Silver Plate Company Meriden, Connecticut 6546
    Merrimac Hat Factory Amesbury, Massachusetts 5250
    Metropolitan Rubber Works Reading, Massachusetts 9438
    Middletown Plate Company Middletown, Connecticut 7429
    Middletown Rubber Works Middletown, Connecticut 4545
    Miller Brothers Cutlery Company Meriden, Connecticut 6423
    Morison & Hutchinson, Shirt Factory Norwalk, Connecticut 5784
    Morse Twist Drill Machine Company New Bedford, Massachusetts 3072
    Moswansicut Manufacturing Company Providence County, Rhode Island 9741
    Mt. Anthony Knitting Mill, G. Rockwood & Company Bennington, Vermont 6422
    Mt. Washington Glass Company New Bedford, Massachusetts 10,287
    Mt. Washington Glass Company Works New Bedford, Massachusetts 9273
    National India Rubber Company Bristol, Rhode Island 7644
    National Rubber Company Bristol, Rhode Island 7644
2 6 National Thread Company Mansfield Hollow, Connecticut 7913
    New England Glass Company E. Cambridge, Massachusetts 7408
    New England Pin & Silk Company Winsted, Connecticut 7762
    New Haven Web Company Hamden, Connecticut 8082
    New Home Sewing Machine Company Orange, Massachusetts 8260
    New York Belting & Packing Company Newtown, Connecticut 4839
    New York Mills, American Dairy Salt Company Syracuse, New York 4948
    New York Net & Twine Company East Haddam, Connecticut 7976
    Newell Bros. Manufacturing Company Springfield, Massachusetts 5508
    Nonotuck Silk Company New Mill Leeds, Massachusetts 6764
    Nonotuck Silk Mill Leeds, Massachusetts 3471
    North & Judd Manufacturing Company New Britain, Connecticut 10,125
    North & Judd Manufacturing Company New Britain, Connecticut 9271
    North & Judd Manufacturing Company New Britain, Connecticut 3233
    North & Stanley, Hooks & Eyes, New Britain, Connecticut 3238
    New Britain Bank Lock Company    
    North Star Mill, George Bradford and Sons Bennington, Vermont 3656
    Norwich Cutlery Company Norwich, Connecticut 10,306
3 1 Osborne & Cheeseman Brass Rolling Mills Shelton, Connecticut 7690
    Oswego Starch Factory Oswego, New York 4012
    Palmer Carpet Company Palmer, Massachusetts 4086
    Pameacha Manufactory Crittenden & Company Wilcox Middletown, Connecticut 6590
    Para Rubber Shoe Company S. Framingham, Massachusetts 7256
    Para Rubber Shoe Company S. Framingham, Massachusetts 7256
    Parkers Spoon Shop Yalesville, Connecticut 3027
    Peck, Stow & Wilcox Company East Berlin, Connecticut 4522
    Peck, Stow & Wilcox Edge Tool Shop Southington, Connecticut 8183
    Peck, Stow & Wilcox Hardware Works Southington, Connecticut 3723
    Peck, Stow & Wilcox Hardware Works Southington, Connecticut 4180
    Peck, Stow & Wilcox, Bolt Works Southington, Connecticut 4862
    Peck, Stow & Wilcox Factory Kensington, Berlin, Connecticut 7607
    Pepperell Mills Biddeford, Maine  
    Phoenix Foundry & Machine Company Syracuse, New York 7830
3 2 Platt Brothers & Company Waterbury, Connecticut 7960
    Platt Brothers & Company Buttons Waterbury, Connecticut 7960
    Plume & Atwood Manufacturing Company Waterbury, Connecticut 6818
    Plume & Atwood Manufacturing Company Thomaston, Connecticut 3994
    Reed's, F. E., Machine Shop Worcester, Massachusetts 8801
    Revere Rubber Company Chelsea, Massachusetts 8364
    Robinson Chilled Plow Company Syracuse, New York 4499
    Rogers, C. & Brothers, Silver-Plated Ware Meriden, Connecticut 7430
    Royal River Manufacturing Company Yarmouth, Maine 5547
    Rugg Manufacturing Company West Cheshire, Connecticut 3827
    Tuttle, F. R. Tannery and Currying Shop St. Salem, Massachusetts 8000
    Sackett Manufacturing Company Wallingford, Connecticut 8083
    Saco Water Power Machine Company Biddeford, Maine 3502
    Sanderson & Brothers Steel Works Syracuse, New York 4655
    Sawyer ,H. M. & Son's Oil Clothing Manufactory East Cambridge, Massachusetts 10,577
    Seamless Rubber Company New Haven, Connecticut 6410
    Secor Sewing Machine Company W. Stratford, Connecticut 4328
3 3 Sessions, John H. & Son, Hardware Works Bristol, Connecticut 7276
    Sessions, John H. & Son Hardware Works Bristol, Connecticut 9294
    Seymour Manufacturing Company Seymour, Connecticut 7518
    Shelton Brass Hardware Company Birmingham, Connecticut 8185
    Shelton Company Birmingham, Connecticut 7052
    Simpson Nickel Silver Company Wallingford, Connecticut 7273
    Simpson, Hall, Miller & Company Britannia Works Wallingford, Connecticut 6568
    Southwick's, H. A., Sheepskin Tannery Essex County, Massachusetts 10,688
    Spring Brook Knitting Mill Bennington, Vermont 9079
    Spring Perch Company & Bridgeport Elastic Web Company Bridgeport, Connecticut 8016
    Spring Perch Company Bridgeport, Connecticut 3691
    Springfield Silk Mill Springfield, Massachusetts 8629
    Stanley Rule and Level Company New Britain, Connecticut 3234
    Stanley Works New Britain, Connecticut 3225
    Stanley Works New Britain, Connecticut 5602
    Star Pin Company & Derby Rubber Company Shelton, Connecticut 10,127
    Star Shirt Factory Bridgeport, Connecticut 9080
3 4 Stearns, E. C. & Company Syracuse, New York 8099
    Stevens, J. & E. Company Cromwell, New York 4228
    Stevens, J. & E. Company Cromwell, New York 9226
    Stone Mill, T. W. Park Estate North Bennington, Vermont 2967
    Suffolk Glass Works South Boston, Massashusetts 3725
    Swift, Courtney & Beecher Company New Haven, Connecticut 6014
    Syracuse Iron Works Syracuse, New York 8164
    Tapley's, George W. Buildings Springfield, Massashuetts 9791
    Thomson, Langdon & Company Corset Factory Bridgeport, Connecticut 7806
    Thorndike Manufacturing Company Lowell, Massashuetts 6754
    Tower's, A. J. Oiled Clothing Factory Boston, Massachusetts 8828
    Tremont & Suffolk Mills Lowell, Massashusetts 5052
    Turner & Seymour Manufacturing Company Wolcottville, Connecticut 3828
    Turner's, A. G. Silk Mill Windham County, Connecticut 9769
    Tuttle Rubber Works; McIntosh Dye Work; Deane Pump Works Holyoke, Massashusetts 6748
    Tyer Rubber Company Andover, Massashuetts 6011
    Union Glass Company Somerville, Massashuetts 7639
    Union Hardware Company Wolcottville, Connecticut 3829
    Union Manufacturing Company New Britain, Connecticut 3235
3 5 Union Wadding Company N. Providence, Rhode Island 3069
    U. S. Watch Company Waltham, Massachusetts 10,921
    Victor Sewing Machine Company Middletown, Connecticut 3797
    Valentine's, A. B. Knitting Mill Bennington, Vermont 7394
    Valentine's, A. B. Knitting Mill Bennington, Vermont 3129
    Vermont Cotton Mill N. Bennington, Vermont 6419
    W.G. & A. R. Morrison Company Buildings Willimantic, Connecticut 9775
    Wallace & Company Brass Works Ansonia, Connecticut 8289
    Wallace & Sons Brass Works Ansonia, Connecticut 4204
    Wallace & Sons Brass Mill Ansonia, Connecticut 6175
    Wamsutta Mills New Bedford, Massashuetts 4329
    Weaver-Terry Fabric Manufacturing Company Westport, Connecticut 8319
    West Haven Buckle Company West Haven, Connecticut 3843
    Whitman, Churchill & Alden Brockton, Massashuetts 6627
    Wilcox Silver Plate Company Meriden, Connecticut 7642
    Wilimantic Silk Company St. Mill Mechanic Norwich, Connecticut 10,267
3 6 Williams Manufacturing Company Plattsburg, New York 7385
    Willimantic Linen Company, No.2 Mill Willimantic, Connecticut 5279
    Wilson Sewing Machine Company lingford, Connecticut 7772
    Winsted Edge Tool Works West Winsted, Connecticut 10,231
    Winsted Silk Company West Winsted, Connecticut 9751
    Winthrop St. Copper Works, Crocker Brothers & Company Taunton, Massashuetts 3074
    Woonsocket Rubber Company Works, Woonsocket, Rhode Island 4041
    Woonsocket Rubber Company Works, Millville, Massachuetts 7465
    Worcester Carpet Company Worcester, Massachuetts 7549
    Worcester Corset Company, T. C. Bates Worcester, Massachusetts 7569
    York Manufacturing Company Soco, Maine 3536
    York Manufacturing Company Soco, Maine 8361

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