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Credits and Acknowledgments

Portraits of a City: The Scurlock Photographic Studio's Legacy to Washington, D.C. is made possible with generous support from the following organizations and institutions:

Save America's Treasures
Elihu and Susan Rose

Archives Center staff have provided administrative, logistical, processing, content preparation, and editorial support for Portraits of a City:

Jessica Branco
Vanessa Broussard
John Fleckner
David Haberstich
Reuben Jackson
Cathy Keen
Craig Orr
Alison Oswald
Kay Peterson
Deborra Richardson
Frank Robinson
Fath Ruffins
Wendy Shay
Susan Strange

The following individuals have also assisted with the physical processing of the Scurlock Photographic Studio Records collection, digital conversion tasks, content preperation, and Web resource design and development.

Rachel Bomberger
Lydia Bonacorda
Greg Colati
Sarah Cookingham
Erin Hawkins
Ted Hudson
Kelly Laas
Peter Lee
Millington Lockwood
Constance McKee
Elizabeth Sheehan

The Archives Center also appreciates the support of the National Museum of American History's Web team and Technology Services staff.

Dana Allen-Greil
Ben Bloom
Matt MacArthur

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