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Personal Portraits Album

Click on any one of the images below to see it in greater detail and view available information about the image.

Photo of Mr. and Mrs. Parker Wesley, ca. 1930]. Photo of Mr. Elliot Rattley, ca. 1940 Photo of Mr. Richard Gross, ca. 1940
Photo of Miss Mary Ellen Melvin, ca. 1940 Photo of Lt. and Mrs. U.S. Ricks, ca. 1942-1945. Photo of Dr. G. H. Shumate, ca. 1940
Photo of Lt. Col. Robert L. Pollard and family, ca. 1942-1945 Photo of Five African American girls wearing ballet costumes and shoes, ca. 1948 Photo of Miss Lillian Turner
Photo of Mr. Cecil Phillips, ca. 1937-1938 Photo of Barbara Franklin, Secretary of Commerce, 1992

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