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              J.L. Flanagan and L.R. Rabiner, Eds., Dowden
              Hutchinson and Ross, Inc., Stroudsburg, 1973.
        CVC - consonant/vowel/consonant segments
        fem - female
        (I) - "Speech Synthesis for Phonetic and Phonological
              Models", I.G. Mattingly, CURRENT TRENDS IN LINGUISTICS,
              T.A. Sebeok, Ed., Vol 12, Mouton, the Hague, 1974.
        ICA - International Congress on Acoustics
     ICASSP - International Conference on Acoustics, Speech, and
              Signal Processing
        ips - inches per second
       JASA - Journal of the Acoustical Society of America
       JASJ - Journal of the Acoustical Society of Japan
        (K) - "Review of Text-to-Speech Conversion for English",
              D.H. Klatt, Journal of the Acoustical Society of
              America, 82.3, 737-793, Sept 1987.
        min - minutes
        sec - seconds
        sen - sentences
      SSSHP - Smithsonian Speech Synthesis History Project
 SSSHP 91.2 - SSSHP tape 91, 2nd speech sample
        syn - synthesis
    T80.4.6 - Tape from H.D. Maxey collection, 4th tape
              received in 1980, 6th speech sample on tape
        var - variations
         x2 - sample occurs twice
        -?- - unidentifiable word


       afcr - Air Force Cambridge Research Laboratories
       anth - Anthony, James; narrative
        bbn - Bolt Beranek and Newman, Inc.
        btl - Bell Telephone Laboratories
       camb - University of Cambridge
       cnet - Center National d'Etudes des Telecom.
        com - Computalker Consultants
       corn - Cornell University
        dec - Digital Equipment Corporation
       earl - Early Laboratories
        edi - University of Edinburgh
       eloq - Eloquent Technology, Inc.
        etl - Electrotechnical Laboratory
       four - Fourcin, Adrian J., narrative
       hask - Haskins Laboratories
       hert - Hertz, Susan R., narrative
       hist - History of the project
       hita - Hitachi, Ltd.
        ibm - International Business Machines Corp.
       indi - Indiana University
       jsru - Joint Speech Research Unit
       keel - University of Keele
       koba - Kobayasi Institute of Physical Research
       kurz - Kurzweil Computer Products, Inc.
       kyus - Kyushu Institute of Design
        lcp - Laboratoire de la Communication Parlee
        ler - Laboratoires d'Electronique et de Radioelectricite
       meij - Meiji University
       melp - Melpar, Inc.
        mit - Massachusetts Institute of Technology
       narr - Narratives, personal
        nec - Nippon Electric Company
        nrl - Naval Research Laboratory
        nsa - National Security Agency
        ntt - Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corp.
       poli - Polish Academy of Sciences
       rice - Rice, D. Lloyd, narrative
        rit - Royal Institute of Technology
        rrl - Radio Research Laboratories
       scrl - Speech Communication Research Laboratory
       spai - Ciudad University
       srde - Signals Research and Development Establishment
       tata - Tata Institute for Fundamental Research
         ti - Texas Instruments
       toho - Tohoku University
       toky - University of Tokyo
        tsi - Telesensory Systems, Inc./Speech Plus, Inc.
       ucla - University of California, Los Angeles
       ucol - University College London
       umic - University of Michigan
       ussr - Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
       votr - Votrax International, Inc.
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