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Michigan Island (Old Tower)

State: WI
Year established: 1857
Latitude: 46 deg 52 min 17 sec N
Longitude: 90 deg 29 min 49 sec W

Original construction:
Whitewashed conical rough stone (stucco) tower and dwelling; closed after one year

1869: repaired, refurbished, and reopened
1919: initial step to move light to a higher tower by relocating discontinued 1880 "Schooner's Ledge light" from Delaware River near Philadelphia; disassembled tower brought to Michigan Island in 1919 where it sat on the beach awaiting assembly for ten years.
1929: relocated 112-ft Schooner's Ledge tower assembled. Old tower darkened October 29, 1929.

1929: old tower deactivated; replacement skeleton style light tower automated in 1943

On the weblink, the two lights can be seen to stand a short distance apart.

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