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Ship Island Lighthouse

State: MS
Year established: 1853
Latitude: 30 deg 12 min 45 sec N
Longitude: 75 deg 33 min 48 sec W
Height above sea level: 76 feet

Original construction:
45-foot brick tower

1862: Extensive renovations made by Union soldiers after island's recapture
1886: square, pyramidal wooden tower replaced condemned original structure which collapsed in 1901
1971: steel skeleton tower erected 300 feet away to replace old wooden tower, which was destroyed by fire in 1972
2000: Replica of 1886 wooden lighthouse completed by "Friends of Gulf Islands National Seashore"

automated in 1947; active aid navigation; designated as "Ship Island Lighthouse"

Light characteristic:
flashing white every 10 seconds

adjacent steel skeleton tower light is designated as "Ship Island Light"

More information:
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