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Confederate Printing Press Proof Sheet

Confederate Printing Press Proof Sheet

Date: 1861
Catalog #: 2002.0007.0841    Accession #: 2002.0007
Credit: Numismatics, Division of Information Technology & Science, National Museum of American History

Dimensions / Weight

Dimensions: 9.4375" H x 7.75" W

Physical Description

Printed paper.

Specific History

Proof sheet of $50 and $100 notes printed in Richmond, Virginia, 1861

General History

The Confederate States of America considered themselves a new country governed by new laws. They needed a new Treasury and within months of the birth of that government, Confederate paper money was issued. Though never legal tender, these notes circulated throughout the south as such. Seventy different types of Confederate currency circulated over the next three years. The value of these issues quickly became deflated because of the massive amount printed. Many of the Southern states were wary of the financial situation of the Confederacy. The Confederate government allowed individual states to print their own money as a method of financing the war. Twelve of the thirteen Confederate States had their own circulating currency during the Civil War.


Country: United States
State: Virginia
War: Civil War
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