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Ansbach-Bayreuth Regimental Flag
Division of Armed Forces History, National Museum of American History

Ansbach-Bayreuth Regimental Flag

Date: 1775
Catalog #: 65765M    Accession #: 223705
Credit: Division of Military History and Diplomacy, National Museum of American History

Dimensions / Weight

Dimensions: 48" H x 50" W

Physical Description

This flag is made of white silk damask . One side features a wreath of a green palm and a laurel branch tied with pink ribbon around a crown with the letters M.Z.B. for Markgraf zu Brandenburg over date 1775. A scroll bears the motto, pro principe patria or for prince and fatherland. The other side bears the monogram S.E.T.C.A. Sincere et Constanter, Alexander, or truthfully and steadfastly, Alexander, which is motto of the Prussian order of the Red Eagle and the Margraves of Brandenburg-Ansbach-Bayreuth.

Specific History

This Ansbach-Bayreuth Regimental flag was surrendered at Yorktown, 19 October 1781. It was sent to the Continental Congress in Philadelphia as a trophy and is one of a few regimental trophy flags to survive.

General History

Defeated British and German troops refused to recognize the Americans as their victors, fixing their gaze on the French troops. When the French fife and drum corps played Yankee Doodle, the surrendering armies turned away and glared directly into the faces of the victorious Americans.


Countries: Germany, United States
State: Virginia
War: War of American Independence
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