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Braddock Pistol
Division of Armed Forces History, National Museum of American History

Braddock Pistol

Date: about 1750
Catalog #: 245168.126    Accession #: 245168
Credit: Division of Military History and Diplomacy, National Museum of American History


Gabbitas (Builder)

Dimensions / Weight

Dimensions: 14.5" H

Physical Description

English flintlock pistol, .71 caliber made by an English gunsmith named William Gabbitas. It bears the initials “E.B.” for Edward Braddock. The letter below incorrectly identifies Gabbitas as Spanish.

Specific History

Specific History
General Edward Braddock gave this pistol to George Washington. In 1777 Washington mislaid the gun. A letter was sent to Captain Charles Morley on July 2, 1777. It read: “Sir, His Excellency Gen. Washington desires you to look among his effects for a pistol which was mislaid or possibly lost. You will know it by being a large brass barrel and the lock of which is also of brass with the name of Gabbitas, the Spanish armorer, thereon. It has also a heavy brass butt. His Excellency is much exercised over the loss of this pistol, it being given him by Gen. Braddock, and having since been with him through several campaigns, and he therefore values it very highly."

William Gabbitas was actually a British gunsmith, Gabitas being an old Norman French name.


Country: United States
War: Seven Years War
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