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LeMat Revolver

LeMat Revolver

Date: about 1860
Catalog #: 207718    Accession #: 37097
Credit: Division of Military History and Diplomacy, National Museum of American History


Jean Alexander Francois LeMat (Inventor)

Jean Alexander Francois LeMat's gun had a 9 shot cylinder - three extra shots. He chambered it for .42 caliber, giving it a bit more punch than the .36 bullet used by Colt, though this did make getting bullets a bit more difficult. The suprise was the 10th shot, for which the LeMat revolver is most often remembered. LeMat put a second barrel under the normal .42 caliber barrel, and had the cylinder revolve around that barrel. The second barrel was a single shot .63 caliber 18 gauge shotgun, effectively a sawed off shotgun hidden in the middle of the pistol.

Dimensions / Weight

Dimensions: 6" H x 14" W x 1.75" D

Physical Description

LeMat revolver, .42 caliber with a nine-chambered cylinder. There is a second smoothbore barrel, .63 caliber, designed to fire buckshot.

General History

The LeMat revolver was a favorite of famous high-ranking Confederate officers, such as J. E. B. Stuart.


Country: United States
War: Civil War
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