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Vietnamese Cigarettes given to Prisoner of War

Vietnamese Cigarettes given to Prisoner of War

Catalog #: 2004.0083.17    Accession #: 2004.0083
Credit: Armed Forces History, Division of History of Technology, National Museum of American History


Quoc Duanh Tnakg Long, Hanoi Vietnam (Manufacturer)

Dimensions / Weight

Dimensions: 3" H x 2.5" W x 1" D

Physical Description

One pack of cigarettes (20 count) in a white box with blue trim. Contains Vietnamese writing, and graphic of soldier raising a flag on the cover.

Specific History

This pack of Vietnamese cigarettes were given to Captain William "Bill" Willson, U.S. Air Force, who was a Prisoner of War in Vietnam from December 22, 1972 until March 29, 1973.

General History

A Prisoner of War (POW) is someone who is captured and imprisoned by an enemy power during a time of conflict or war. The Geneva Convention in 1949 defined who was to be considered a POW and determined how they were to be treated. The policies brought forth by the Geneva Convention were based on the international humanitarian law, or laws of war.


Country: Vietnam
War: Vietnam conflict
Service: Air Force
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