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Exhibition Self-Guide

A self-guide to The Price of Freedom: Americans at War

Use this guide to enhance your visit! It highlights the service and sacrifice of generations of American men and women, provides an exhibit overview, and directs you to activity stations in the exhibition. This document is in PDF format and requires Adobe Acrobat Reader.

For Visiting School Groups

The Museum invites students to connect with people, ideas, and events of the past through an exciting array of standards-based programs. Visit our School Visits page for more informaiton.

Gallery interpreters will be stationed throughout the exhibition and in a special interactive area in the War of Independence section on a regular basis

For In-Classroom Learning

The Price of Freedom: Americans at War teacher’s manual

High Bandwidth Teacher's Manual
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Low Bandwidth Teacher's Manual
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Supporting Videos and Individual Lessons

First Person Account: Lydia Post (WMV) Give Me Liberty! puppet show - Act 1
Give Me Liberty! puppet show - Act 2 Give Me Liberty! puppet show - Act 3

Section II - Wars of Expansion
Mexican-American War soldier print

PDFLesson 4: Conflicting Voices of the Mexican War (PDF)

First Person Account: Jose Maria Tornel y Mendivil, Mexican Secretary of War (WMV) First Person Account: George Ballentine, English volunteer for the United States (WMV)
First Person Account: Juan Batista Vigil y Alarid, acting governor of New Mexico (WMV) First Person Account: Ulysses S. Grant, American soldier (WMV)

First Person Account: Eugenia Phillips (WMV)
First Person Account: Louis Myers (WMV) First Person Account: William Christie (WMV)
First Person Account: Spotswood Rice (WMV)

Section IV - World War II
WW2 allied soldier photo

PDFLesson 9: Mobilizing Children (PDF)

World War II Cartoons (WMV)
World War II Overview: North Atlantic and North Africa (WMV)
European Theater during WWII (WMV)

World War I Overview (WMV) First Person Account: Hal Moore (WMV)
First Person Account: Fred Castleberry (WMV) First Person Account: Clarence Sasser (WMV)
Vietnam Documentary footage of the Huey (WMV)

Supporting Images and Worksheets

Supporting Materials (8.8 MB Zip)

Download creative and engaging strategies to help students learns how wars have been defining moments in both the history of the nation and the lives of individual Americans. For grades 5�12. These documents are in PDF format and require Adobe Acrobat Reader.


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