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Dry Card Compass

Catalogue number:

"JOHN R. ST JOHN. Inventor-Buffalo, N.Y. U.S.A. 1843" and "Lith. of E. Jones & G. W. Newman" and "128 Fulton St New York"

diameter 9.5 inches

In 1852, John Ransome St. John obtained an American patent for this mariner’s compass designed to determine local changes in magnetic variation. Although the instrument was complex and largely useless, it garnered a gold medal at the American Institute fair of 1849 and a Prize Medal at the Crystal Palace exhibition held in London in 1851.

Ref: Patent (#8,785) granted to John R. St. John on March 2, 1852.

"John R. St. John’s Variation Compass and Velocimeter," Transactions of the American Institute (1851): 204-205.

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