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Pendulum Sextant

Catalogue number:
NASM 1957-632

"KEUFFEL & ESSER CO. / NEW YORK / 18446" and "U.S. NAVY N 405"

radius 6 inches

This is a standard marine sextant that was made around 1908 and later modified for aeronautical use. The modifications include a rapid release handle on the radius arm, and a bracket by the horizon glass that might have held a pendulum-type artificial horizon. Ernst G. Fischer, an instrument maker who spent most of his career with the U.S. Coast & Geodetic Survey, obtained patents on these features in the early 1920s. There is, in addition, an electric light over the divided arc, and a battery in the handle. The sighting telescope is missing. The National Bureau of Standards transferred this instrument to the Smithsonian in 1957.

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Keuffel & Esser
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