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Catalogue number:

"Spencer Browning & Rust LONDON"

radius 7.5 inches

This sextant was owned by Charles Francis Hall (1821-1871), and was probably with him on Aug. 30, 1871 when he arrived at latitude 82o11' N, the furthest northern point reached by an Arctic explorer to that date. Hall’s daughter Anna donated it to the Smithsonian in 1901. It has a brass frame. The silvered scale is graduated every 10 minutes from about -3o to about +155o and read by vernier with tangent screw and swinging magnifier.

The sextant box is marked: "Captain Halls Quadrant – To be given to his family" and "To the Honorable George M. Robeson, U.S. N., Secretary to the Navy" and "from William Reid." A Stackpole & Brother trade card is inside.

Ref: S. W. Crompton, "Charles Francis Hall," in American National Biography, Vol. 9, pp. 851-852.

C. H. Davis, ed., Narrative of the North Polar Expedition (Washington, D.C., 1876).

Further Information:

Spencer, Browning & Rust